Charlize Theron / Paul Simon
November 4, 2000

No time for chit-chatting, I'm getting straight to my review...

{Sketch}A Glimpse of our Possible Future (which doesn't apply for me)-George
W. Bush
Funny, but not funny ha ha.
Grade: C-

Not to sound dykey or something similar but Charlize Theron is nice looking.
And she's kinda funny.
Grade: C+

This made me laugh three times, and three times only.
Grade: C+

{Sketch}A Glimpse of our Possible Future-Al Gore
Funny, but not funny ha ha. (Deja vu?)
Grade: C

{Sketch}Marla & Cody's Blair Witch Tour
Ha ha. Blair Witch sucks and making fun of the Blair Witch makes them suck
even though I giggled a bit.
Grade: C

{Cartoon}The all new Adventures of Mr. T
Not what I was expecting out of a cartoon on that certain Saturday.
Grade: C+

{Sketch}An excert from The Hero's Life
Comments: N/A
Grade: D

{Musical guest}Paul Simon
Whoa, musical time warp. Remember when this guy USED to be famous?
Grade: F

{Weekend Update}
Hey Jim, screw up some more and you might get that big promotion you've
dreamed of.
Grade: B (the highlight of my evening)

{Sketch}Bedtime Stories
Also funny but not as funny as Jimmy screwing up.
Grade: B-

{Sketch}A Glimpse of our Possible Future-Ralph Nader
I laughed.
Grade: C-

{Sketch}The DiMarrco Brothers
They just don't dance like they used to.
Grade: C-

{Sketch} the Robert Goulet thing (don't remember what it's called)
Grade: D-

{Musical Guest}Paul Simon
The only reason Paul was popular was because of the name that came after his
Grade: F

{Sketch}Buena Vista Social Club
This confused me a bit.
Grade: C-

Thank you for the cartoon.
Final grade: C

Ooh Calista Flockhart, you people spoil us.

Episode Review written by Jessica Morris

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