Charlize Theron / Paul Simon
November 4, 2000

Opening Statements
I have seen almost all of Charlize Theron's movies, and have loved all of them. The Cider House Rules and Reindeer Games were my favorites. Now, I found out tonight that Calista Flockhart will be hosting next week. Now, I have about every Ally McBeal on tape, so I am really excited about seeing her next week. Anyway, the election is coming up, so I guess we all expected to see a lot about Bush and Gore, and there wasn't as much as I thought that it would be, but I guess Sunday's special will take care of that.

Glimpse of Future: Bush
This is what I envisioned life would be like if Bush won, but at least America wouldn't be boring. Anyway, Will once again played Bush great, and I like the ostrich. I wonder how Bush would handle high-pressure situations. It was a short opener sketch, but a decent one to start.
Grade: B

Charlize looks great, doesn't she! I love when Tracy plays the race card, on people especially Lorne, and it was clever to consider Charlize an African American. Tracy should get more play than he does, because he can be really funny.
Grade: B+

Total Request Live
What a horrible sketch to start with. Jimmy's impression was okay, but we've seen it before. Is Maya Rudolph pregnant or just fat? She should not have worn that outfit. I hated the whole Destiny's Child type band, and it was just long and stupid. I almost left in the middle of this sketch, it sucked so much.
Grade: D-

Glimpse of Future: Gore
I was wondering how they would have Gore and Clinton in the same sketches, and I guess now we know. Anything with Clinton is funny, and it was a good pick-up from the last sketch.
Grade: B

Blair Witch Parody
Chris Kattan saved this sketch period. The idea was stupid, but Chris Kattan made me laugh a whole lot. Charlize's character was dumb as was this sketch's concept. Also, Horatio's appearance made it a little more comical.
Grade: C

Mr. T Cartoon
I loved the first Mr. T cartoon last year, and this one was funnier. Tracy does a great impression. I am gonna give this cartoon a good grade, so quit your jibba-jabbering.
Grade: A-

Marilyn Monroe Sketch
The idea for this sketch was interesting, and Will's character was funny, and Charlize looked good again. It least the show is keeping me awake so far.
Grade: B-

Paul Simon Performing
He has a nice voice, and I enjoyed listening to him sing.

Weekend Update
Jimmy Fallon messed up a lot tonight. First of all, Rachael's whole wedding thing was very stupid and dumb. Next, the new guy Hugh or something was better, but still sucked. Come on, the writers of the show can think of funnier stuff than this can't they. My mind was drifting through this, so I don't have a lot to say about it. It wasn't very good though.
Grade: C-

Mr. Peepers
I love Mr. Peepers sketches. Chris is so lucky to be all over Charlize like that. I was laughing a lot in this sketch, and it was nice to see them do a sketch that dealt with a well-known character. I love the whole apple bit, when he humps everything. Overall best sketch, so far.
Grade: A+

Glimpse of Future: Nader
Funnier than both Bush and Gore. When pigs fly and when hell freezes over is when Nader will be President if any of you missed the funny joke, which made me laugh, and that was about all I needed.
Grade: A

Paul Simon Auditions
I love Chris Kattan's and Chris Parnell's gay dancers so much. They were so funny in the Britney Spears episode and did not let me down again. It was so good to see them dance again, like totally.
Grade: A-

Robert Goulet Does Rap
This was so funny. They had Will doing Robert Goulet singing rap songs. It was so funny to hear Will say nigga, I was on the floor laughing, literally. This was very funny, and I will definitely watch it again.
Grade: A+

Paul Simon Performing
Again, nice performance, very talented.

Buena Vista Social Club
I think Horatio's character was good, but the sketch was short and the punchline wasn't that funny. They could've ended the show with something a little funnier than this, I think. It wasn't that bad, though.
Grade: C

Final Comments
Overall, a funny show tonight. The weak points included the MTV sketch, and the Weekend Update. I really look forward to next week, though.

Best Sketch of the Night- Robert Goulet does Rap and Mr. Peepers
Worst Sketch- MTV
Person of the Night- Chris Kattan (For the dancers, Blair Witch, and Mr. Peepers)

Acknowledgements- Kevin and Greg G. For their helpful comments on the sketches.

Episode Review written by David R.

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