Charlize Theron / Paul Simon
November 4, 2000

OVERVIEW - Charlize Theron is really hot. She was also very good in the movie Cider House Rules last year. As far as Paul Simon goes , I dont know much about his music. I thought this was 2000 and not 1983 though. I was really hoping for a good show this week after what I felt was a below average show when Dana Carvey hosted 2 weeks ago. Here goes.

COLD OPENING - I thought this was a pretty good sketch. It has been said before, but it is worth mentioning again how great Will's George W. Bush impression is. Hilarious when he was hiding under the desk. If he wins, which he very well may ( I am voting for him) i dont know who they are going to have play Dick Cheney, probably Darrell Hammond. Also the time of this sketch seemed perfect, not to long, but not to short.

-- I have to admit after denouncing the new opening and music, it is starting to grow on me a little bit.

MONOLOGUE - Just average really. It turned out Tracy wasnt really lying...he didnt have alot to do in the show this week. But what else is new. I have seen better, but I have seen a hell of alot worse.

TOTAL REQUEST LIVE - Gemini Twin is no Seven Degrees Celcius. Celcius is the dumbest 30 degrees is hot. Anyways, Ana Gasteyer looked real out of place in this group. It seemed like they put a lot of practice into this sketch during the week. Jimmy Fallon does a good Carson Daly. I just kind of thought this sketch wasnt all that funny.

GORE AS PRESIDENT - Pretty Funny. Watching my tape, it just hit me that one of those parts had to be taped. I didnt really even think about it when I saw it at first. Gore is so boring and bad. I hope he doesnt win.

- I am going to the show next week...and I just found out that Calista Flockhart is the host. I am sort of disappointed, I was hoping for someone better. I didnt really have anyone in mind, I dont know what she could possibily do that is funny. Well I am still excited to go though.

BLAIR WITCH TOUR - It has been a long while for these 2. I think the last time was in the Christina Ricci episode. Chris Kattan was hilarious in this sketch. The whole idea of the tour was a pretty good premise. It was funny I thought.

CARTOON - MR T. - I thought this was really funny. Even better than the one they did last year. I hope they do this again this year. It is great when Mr. T messes up his sayings. Great Job. The cartoons have been drasticaly better than last year.

JOE AND MARYLIN - Charlize Theron did a really good Monroe. Jimmy Fallon sounded more like Jimmy Stewart than Joe Dimaggio. Of course what would a sketch with Jimmy Fallon be without him starting to laugh, which of course he did. Horatio, Chris Kattan, Will = Very Lucky in this sketch. I didnt think this was all that funny, but the list of people that had slept with her at the end was pretty funny, and yes Kennedy was on there.

PAUL SIMON - Alright I guess. I still think they could have found someone newer, but it is a change of pace. This has been a weak musical year so far I think. I cant really grade it.

WEEKEND UPDATE WITH JIMMY FALLON AND TINA FEY - This update started off pretty strong with the Bush jokes, which even I can laugh off. Rachel Dratch is horribile and why was she out so early in Update? Jimmy started laughing of course. The Playstation 2 comment was timely. Playstation 2 is unbelievable. I am about sick of Tina Fey's commentaries as well. I cant tell if Jimmy really messed that joke up about the White House renovation or if that was planned. I dont think Jimmy can pull off that messed up hair look on Update like Colin Quinn could. The whole part with Hugh Fink was out of nowhere..I kind of want to see Kevin Brennan again, but there has been reports his name hasnt been in the credits this year, but im not sure about that one. I thought this Update was terribile the first time i watched it, but after seeing the tape it wasnt as bad as I intially thought. However, after the surprsing good debut of this duo, it has been a downward spiral since.

BEDTIME STORIES WITH MR PEEPERS - This seems pretty late in the show for Mr. Peepers. Peepers has always been one of my favorite characters. How does Chris Kattan not laugh. Charlize Theron is so hot. This was a pretty good sketch.

RALPH NADER AS PRESIDENT - You knew this was coming. This one wasnt as good as the first two tonight. I didnt really understand the whole thing with the pigs.

PAUL SIMON TRYOUTS - I have never been a big fan of these sketches. Theyve done it with Sting and Britney Spears. This one wasnt very funny. The time Chris Kattan tried out for Sting was the best of these. I kind of forgot that Paul Simon would probably be in a sketch. This too was not as bad when I watched it on tape.

ROBERT GOULET - I dont know he is, so I probably missed any joke here. Will looked funny anyways. Sorry I cant give any insightful commentary here.

PAUL SIMON - This song was alright I guess. I do like his song "You can call me Al."

CUBAN SINGERS - Not bad at all for a filler sketch at the end of a show. Jerry Minor is evolving into the new Tracy Morgan, by only appearing about one time every show. The thing with Will being the "dumbass in the red tie" was funny. This sketch was more than decent.

OVERALL - This show was slightly above average I would have to say. Paul Simon looked like a midget in the credits. He was noticably smaller than anyone else. It seemed like there was more sketched than usual tonight. I cant wait until next week when I go to the show in better be damn good.

SKETCH OF THE NIGHT - Mr. T Cartoon, Cold Opening
WORST SKETCH OF THE NIGHT - Ralph Nader as Presdient

Episode Review written by Ben Keeler

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