Mena Suvari / Lenny Kravitz
January 20, 2001

This is my first time writing a review for the show so bare with me. So if you approve or agree with the comments I have written then *thank you very much* but if you don't then I guess it's alrite but these are my opinions anyway--nothin personal ok?

[OPENING] -- "The 42nd President"
I'm sure gonna miss Hammond impersonating Bill Clinton. He did such a remarkable job acting like him. Honestly, out of all the election/presidential-related openings that has appeared on Saturday Night Live this season, this was my favorite. I just started cracking up so much when he kept sayin: "you just go and suck it!" Especially when he had Clinton's Arkansas accent all perfect. Hammond's so good at that, that's what I love about him. He's great doing famous personalities! What was also funny was when Ferrell walked in as "Dubya" and, was of course, acting like a dumb loser that he is, showing Clinton his singing bass. I've seen alot of those at those cheap bargain stores for $10 and they crack me up all the time. So...that's all I gotta say about this one.
Grade: A

[MONOLOGUE] -- "A-Mena Beauty"
I'm not a Suvari fan but she played a pretty interesting role on American Beauty. I thought this was real funny having her dream about Ferrell, Shannon and Morgan with all the rose petals. Hey, did you notice Ferrell wearing his Spartans costume? What was that all about? Were they going to do a Spartan sketch?...Minus Cheri Oteri being present. What made me crack up even more was when Lorne Michaels started having the same dream but instead of it being Suvari surrounded by petals it was Morgan. That was unexpected but hilarious.
Grade: A

[COMMERCIAL] -- "Gatorade"
I just don't know about this one. It didn't make me laugh--even at least chuckle. I wasn't impressed with it. So far, the only commercial I've liked from this season was when Parnell was acting like a dog. I just couldn't breathe when I saw that one!
Grade: D

Rudolph and Suvari acted pretty good in this sketch. They got the whole 'attitude thang' goin on! "If you put up a fight, you ain't gettin on the flight!" -- you go, girl! Minor also did well. He was quite funny as a gay dude. The three of them worked well on this sketch. Kravitz was also unexpected. I didn't read the sketch spoilers so I didn't know he would appear on any of the skits but it's all good cause I liked it.
Grade: B

[SHOW] -- "Reno's Dance Party"
I've never seen the previous Dance Party sketches they had of Reno so I had no idea what this was about but Ferrell always does a wonderful job keeping the audience entertained. Clinton appearing was interesting. I didn't think he would. The last dance was short but alrite. I was wondering if they were gonna kiss but nevermind. That was funny though when he got distracted by another girl and left with her. Suvari looked like a little kid. She totally fit her character right but when Reno was talking with her I didn't really laugh at anything. The real Janet Reno was also unexpected but was also hilarious. I wondered if a Celebrity Deathmatch thing would be happening but it didn't. Oh well.
Grade: B

I never liked the Tom Green one they did. I thought that was so dumb but I did enjoy it when they were on Weekend Update on the season premiere and Eminem was there rapping the old-style way with them. That was actually kinda cute. I expected this to be boring...and it was in the begining but Sanz's moustache was a distraction--it was a hilarious distraction. It was cute and funny when he was pouting his lips just to keep it from falling. It was actually funny when Suvari came in as Aaron Carter. I don't listen to his music but I have a little sister who loves him so I've heard of his songs. She didn't really do a good job singing/rapping or whatever she was doing but it's all good, I laughed anyway.
Grade: A-

[TOON] "Ex-Presidents"
This barely entertained and amused me which didn't surprise me since I don't really enjoy any of the cartoons they show. Was the ballots suppose to be Gore? It took me awhile to get that but if it was that was funny. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman but I will f*** you up!" cracked me up alot! Clinton's costume was just kinda distracting though. I also thought the BoyzIIMen performance was real cute and funny. The expressions and gestures of the presidents amused me alot.
Grade: B-

[SKETCH] -- "Wake Up Little Susie"
Morgan did alot of sketches this episode. That's good since I haven't seen him alot and he's quite funny but will never beat the adoration I have for Tim Meadows. I didn't really enjoy this one that much. This was just like some cheesy soap opera and I just don't like those overly dramatic/people in coma episodes. Plus, the ending kinda dragged out. I was like: what?
Grade: D

[WEEKEND UPDATE] -- Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey
Fallon and Fey make a good team. I REALLY enjoy seeing Fallon onscreen doing his sketches and Fey does an excellent job as the head-writer and anchorwoman. A woman controlling the rest of the writers...I give her alot of respect on that! She was hilarious speaking in 'spanglish.' That was actually pretty good. The 'Sentence 2 Life' bit was weird though. "Just go back to sleep" wasn't funny to me. Neither was Fallon dancing as "Dubya." I did crack up when Ferrell came on as Jacob Silj. "Oh my god!!" Hehehe...he's so funny. "We're loud, we're proud, so get used to it!" The Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson thing almost made me fall asleep though. Minor broke the ice though when he started singing tunes but that was about it. Wasn't this Weekend Update real long? It's like they took 15 minutes to inform everything.
Grade: C

I'm not a fan of Lenny Kravitz but I do like his song 'Again.' It's overplayed though but it's still a nice song. I love the chorus because it's so smooth. The lyrics are just sweet I guess. Didn't he date Natalie Imbruglia? I just felt like bringing that up. If he looked a little more feminine and had a huskier voice, he'd look like Macy Gray. Maybe that was too harsh--ok--I'm sorry Mr. Kravitz! I did think his shirt was pretty colorful--very vintage-like.
Grade: A

[SHOW] -- "Veronica & Co."
This It was just not funny. Shannon's accent was real annoying and boring. Suvari really has that childish, young look. She could easily pass for a 15 or 16 year old but not a 12 year old, especially with that much make-up. Ferrell looked like Fabio but with facial hair. Like eww...why would Veronica every date him!? Overall...I wanted to sleep!!! Parnell did wake me up for the ending. When Val Kilmer hosted I liked him doing those robotic moves and I also enjoyed him in this one but he was the only one I liked in this sketch.
Grade: F -- I just didn't even laugh in this one!

[SKETCH] -- "Audtions"
The DeMarco Bros.!!! I sorta like them. They're not really funny but I laugh anyway cause of the stupid dances they make. So hate me if you think it's illegal to like overly happy/gay brothers but they're so hilarious in a strange way. I was way happy seeing them on. Kattan and Parnell wore some...nice short shorts...but it's all good, it wasn't that short anyway. The 'Fly Away' dance was kinda childish cute. The 'American Woman' one was hilarious until that whole shirtless/water squirting thing happened too fast. That was just too much of the DeMarco Bros. exposed for me! But when Kravitz dumped Suvari and gave Kyle and Sean a chance it was actually...inspirational but with a weird/sick & twisted way
Grade: B

[MUSICAL PERFORMANCE] -- "Kravitz Again"
Another Kravitz performance. I don't know the name of the song nor have I ever heard of it before but I guess it has something to do with a 'cab driver?' I do like the beat though. I can't really critque this one since I'm not familiar with the song so I'll let this off the hook but I really disapproved of them cutting off the performance but since they ran out of time(probably because of Weekend Update!) they had to.
Grade: A-

So this is about it. The ending credits didn't really finish. They never do, they always gotta cut it off whenever I'm trying to look for Fallon--who is always somewhere in the back but anyways it's all good. My overall grade for this week's episode is...B-. Wasn't as funny but there hasn't been an episode I've really liked this season but hopefully it's getting better because they always do! So...if you read this thank you for wasting 5-10 minutes of your time with this. I'll catch you later. Bye.

Episode Review written by Rachel Vibar

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