Mena Suvari / Lenny Kravitz
January 20, 2001

This is my second SNL review. I was credited as "San Rafael" on my last review for some reason, and I might still be for this one. Either way, I just want to let whoever reads this know that that was me. And if MrSean could credit me as Peter A. that would be appreciated. Thank you. This week we had Mena Suvari (the American actress from American Beauty, American Pie, and American Virgin) and Lenny Kravitz. Let's see how it went...

A Message From the Former President, Bill Clinton-This was a great way to start the show. It doesn't take a genius to see that we haven't seen the last from Bill Clinton. We're going to hear about everything that happens to him until the day he dies. Will is as usual very funny as George W. Bush, as was Darrell. Great job. A-

Montage-Apparently, I'm not the only one who noticed the "Jimmy Minor" error. Good job Don.

Monologue-I've read a few of the other reviews for this episode, and nobody seemed to much like Mena's monologue. I thought that it was very funny though. I'm one of the few people who hasn't gotten around to seeing American Beauty yet, but I've seen enough of the ads to get the joke here. A-

Gatorade Love Bucket-Not all that original, but better than other commercial parodies that I've seen. B-

Airport Security-There are some sketches that make me wonder how anyone could've thought that they would be funny enough to show. I felt kind of the opposite here though. It must've looked good when they were writing it but the execution was a failure. All of the cast members put forth their best effort, but the sketch just didn't work. C-

Janet Reno's Dance Party-Apparently, this has been done before, but I guess I missed that episode. Still, not all that funny or creative. The cameo at the end by the real Janet Reno saved it from being a complete failure though. C-

Rap Street-This wasn't as funny as it was in the Tom Green episode, but still enjoyable. Mena's impression by that little Satan worshiper Aaron Carter was the highlight of the sketch. Horatio's feeble attempts to keep his mustache on were almost as funny as the sketch itself! They should keep this Rap Street sketch going, because I really think that they might have something here. B+

X-Presidents-I've never thought these sketches to be all that funny, but Bill Clinton made this out to be the best one that I've seen. Good job Smigel. B

From the Makers of Save the Last Dance-This was a great concept. Tracy Morgan was hilarious. Very nicely done. A-

Weekend Update-This could be high in the running for one of the best Updates so far this season. Jesse Jackson and his advisor were the highlight of this sketch, and Jacob Silj was funny as always. A-

Lenny Kravitz-I've decided that I'm not going to review musical guests for as long as I'm writing episode reviews. I've never liked having to break from the show to hear music that I can get almost anywhere else.

Veronica & Company (Worst Sketch of the Night)-The only good thing about this is that Molly Shannon will be gone forever in a few weeks, and I'll never have to see this again. The spot in the Val Kilmer episode was more than enough, and I was amazed to see that they actually did this again. D

DeMarco Bros.-Not too different from anything else we've seen from them, but still not bad. B-

Lenny Kravitz-No grade.

Overall-Not a bad show, but not a great one either. The Val Kilmer episode still remains to be the worst so far this season in my opinion. Mena Suvari is a very good and beautiful actress and she was a pretty good SNL host as well. I have to say that I was expecting more from this episode though. Again, not bad but not great. C+

Episode Review written by Peter A.

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