Mena Suvari / Lenny Kravitz
January 20, 2001

Bill Clinton Addresses the nation for the last time.
It's great to see one last Bill address sketch. Nothing special here,
but it is a totally enjoyable, laughable few minutes. Bush jamming to
the Marshall Tucker Band was good. Is Darrell leaving after this year?,
he probably is arguementally the best impressionist ever on SNL, (We
miss you Phil Hartman).

Jimmy Minor, I feel bad for Jerry he's been working there long enough
they should know his name.

Mena Suvari is a very cute woman.I actually don't think I've seen any of
her movies all the way through, so I guess that's nobody's fault but my
own. This was a good dig at American Beauty, but if Kevin Spacey hosted
again, (please let that happen!), it should have been saved for him. I
think pulling the Spartan uniform out of the trunks was a nice touch,
but a little odd not to see Cheri with Will too. There is no part of
Molly Shannon we haven't seen, which is good in some respects. Tracy
Morgan is probably one of the most underrated cast members ever.

Gatorade Love Bucket
GOod premise, but I think I've seen that somewhere else. Jimmy And
Horatio enjoyed doused the old lady a bit too much. I noticed the old
guy in that portion was in the Chris Farely hidden camera sketch. Ana
Gasteyer and Chris Parnell are often paired together in sketches.

La Guardia Airport
This sketch was good for a chuckle, but not for the repetitive price.
This would be a terrible recurring sketch, please don't subject us to
it. Maya saying ana's rolex was cheap tacky Burger King Give-away was
hilarious. Chris Parnell saying Dammit was good as well as the huge
black guard grabbing him to search him. Will as the repair man was
good. His name was Doug Drabeck, a Cy Young award winning pitcher with
the Pittsburgh Pirates and Houston Astros. It was a nice touch to se
Lenny Kravitz and his band go through.

Janet Reno's Dnce Party
This sketch is always hilarious, and it will be the last time we will
see it. Will's impression of her is so good it's scary. The workout
was a little creepy, but it was funny when Janet threatened Henry Hyde.
Bill appearing was up to par. THe actual Janet Reno coming out was
good, but she wasn't used at all. The best Janet Reno dance party was
the Kevin Spacey one.

Rap Street
This looks like the breakout recurring sketch of the year. The quality
breakdancing mats was great, No fool it's not just cardboard. Horatio's
moustache wouldn't stay on which was pretty funny. I almost pissed
myself when Mena came out as Aaron Carter. The tour dates were great,
as well as Aaron's song and the subject material of his lyrics. Plus
the titles of his songs.

TV Funhouse presents the X-Presidents!
This sketch is always good. I like the new opening. I'm glad they
inducted Clinton into the X-Presidents, especially since Gerald Ford and
Ronald Reagan are in failing health. The foul language was good, as
well as the Chad monster. The cigars at the end was good but Aw Aw.
The song at the end was lackluster.

Wake Up Little Suzie
This was great. First of all, there wasn't a repetitive line throughout
the whole sketch. But Will saying, "she's in a coma." was great. Tracy
is hysterical. Even his friends didn't understand was good too. But
drop your hand to the bed was kind of taken from the Simpsons, where
homer prays to God and the eat his cookies. The best line of the night
probably who's Edgar bitch!

Weekend Update
This is probably the worst one so far, and it was still better than most
Colin Quinn WU's. TIna's spanish was excelente, I am in my tenth year
learning Spanish and it was right on. The sentenced 2 life jokes were
pretty good. I liked when Tina was just like don't worry about it, go
to sleep. All the jokes seem a lot funnier the second time around.
Jacob Silj is a great correspondant, becoming my new favorite since
Cheri and her studdering lingere shop owner left. Calling Tina Fey a
bigot and a speech nazi was great. The 12 year old erection joke was so
god damn funny, me and my friend always say normal stories have weird
causes. For example, Mo Vaughn hurt his arm, and we say he did it
flogging the dolphin. Well the crossbow joke was great too. Not bad,
but not great. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were good, but not as good
as last time.

Lenny Kravitz performs "Again"
Back a few years, I didn't like Lenny Kravitz. And then I listened to
5. It was pretty damn good. So now I like Lenny. This song, and
video, are great. Good Lorne, keep up the good musical selection.

Veronica & Co.
Not especially funny, but I do think the guests are what make this
show. Chris Kattan could be a good straight man in a sitcom, like Phil
Hartman in NewsRadio. Molly Shannon is really annoying in this sketch
sometimes. Kevin Aquaries the robot is good for a chuckle. This needs
a lot of polishing to be a salvageable recurring sketch. Ana Gasteyer
describing Mena Suvari and other little monsters was probably the
funniest thing in the sketch.

DeMarco Bros.
Every time I start to like this sketch, something totally disgusting
happens, like the American Woman dance. This isn't as displeasing as
the first two times I've seen it, but it's got a ways to go. This
should've been saved for Jennifer Lopez. The best surly assistant has
been Tim Meadows, with his line, "Let's keep this moving before I shoot
myself in the face."

Lenny Kravitz performs "Mr. Cab Driver"
This is a more catchy rock song. Again is a more lasting tune though.
Both were good. I was mad when this was cut off at the end, as well as
the cast sign-off.

I fine show indeed, placing close behind the season's best, Dana
Carvey. Hopefully Jennifer Lopez will be good next week. I just read
Molly Shannon is leaving by the end of February. That's a shame, but
now she's about to become a big time movie star. She should have
finished the season, and left with the rest. Rachel Dratch should be
moved up to cast member status now. Conan O'Brien is hosting in March,
I believe that this could become one of the best show of the season, or
even the current cast. Sorry for the bad spelling in my last review.
Denise Richards should host. Please let Denise Richards host. I also
hope that Weezer performs in the spring when their new album drops.
That's all from here, see ya.

Episode Review written by Mike Morrone

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