Mena Suvari / Lenny Kravitz
January 20, 2001

Hello All
Well, here are some more pre show thoughts.
1. Refuse to see the sketch spoilers, I would like to be suprised.
2. Inauguration Day, Clintons Last, so He will be in it at some point tonight.
3. Lets see how many sketches Fallon is in Tonight. It was only 4 last week, maybe less this week.
4. Weekend Update is goong downhill, real fast. The last funny Update was the Jackie Chan episode, and guess who was the anchor. If his name starts with a C. you guessed right!

Well, enough talk, here goes.

(Opening) Bill Clinton's Final address.
I knew it! They would put him in something tonight. Very good for a Clinton sketch. I wonder if he will be used any other time after this. Well, Dubbua comming in was not unexpected. Thanks Bill for 8 awesome, interesting years. His final "Live From NY, It's Saturday Night!!!!!"
Grade: A

(Mono) Mena Servara
Liked this. Thought at first, Will being in a Spartian Cheerleading Outfit meant maybe his signifigent other, Cheri Oteri maybe a guest. But it ended up being part of the mono, which was very good.
Grade: A

(Commercial) Gatorade Love bucket
Best Commercial of season next to Magic Mouth. Of Course, they haven't done that many commercials this season.
Grade: A

(Sketch) Airport Security
This was really well written. Mya's first good character. Hey, I have tacky Burger King jewelry. Not really. Good Line, You put up a fight, your not getting on the flight.
Grade: A+

(Sketch) Janet Reno's Dance Party
This was sad really. NOT, very shocked when Janet Reno punched through the wall. Just Zip it. Liked when he started to cry. It's an onion. CYKE!!! Bill clinton again.
Grade: A-

(Sketch) Rap City
Never got to like this sketch, but i'll give it some credit because Mena did a really good Aaron Carter impression. I don't like Aaron.
Grade: C+

(Cartoon) The X Presidents
I'll start off first by saying i'm really happy for Smigel. TV Funhouse is a success. Love it. It's almost funnier than SNL. but not yet. Anyway, this and Gay Duo are the only two I watch after sex and the country. Liked the Chad part. and Cathy Harris. I thought she was a guy too. Funny line:"Can I become an X president?"- Bill Clinton, "I'd rather eat my own shit"- Ronald Regan.

(Sketch) Wake Up Little Susie
I missed most of it, but what I saw wasn't that funny. But since I missed most of it, I won't grade it.
Grade: N/A

(Weekend Update) with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey.
I have divided this into 3 grades
1. Tina/Jimmy: Not good tonight. If no improvement by 2/10- you guys will be my snack break. Come on. Fire the writers if it's them. Sorry, but you guys get the lowest grade I have ever given Update Anchors, wait take that back. Norm got a worse grade: Grade D+
2. Jacob Silj: Liked hi when he was screaming at Colin last season. He did okay. not his best. Grade: C
3. Al Sharpton/Jessie Jackson: Liked him. Who's Who now Jessie Jackson. Well, anyway, the best part of Update. Grade: B-
OVERALL: Grade for Update: C-

(Musical Guest) Lenny Kravitz
Like Lenny. Sung my favorite Lenny Song. Worth an A
Grade: A

(Sketch) Veronica and Co.
This was Okay, but like most sketches After Update, This one kinda sucked. Ana is okay. Everyone else needs work.
Grade: C

(Sketch) DiMarco Brothers
This sketch again. It's still pretty lame. TOTALLY!!
Grade: D-

(Musical Guest) Lenny 2
Still like him. Sung another favorite so another A
Grade: A

Overall: Best of the season so far. Maybe the writers block is over, but i'm not holding my breath. YET. Here's a review of the show

Best sketch: Janet Reno's Dance Party
Worst Sketch: Tie between DiMarco Brothers and Weekend Update
Best Performer: Will Ferrell
Worst Performer: Jerry Minor
and... Suprise, Jimmy only did Update Tonight. Is this a sign of things to come? Maybe...And monkey's might fly out of my butt! ha,ha.
See yah on 2/10- Host/Musical Guest: Jennifer Lopez.

Episode Review written by Medmaster2001

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