Mena Suvari / Lenny Kravitz
January 20, 2001

Rating System

5- Rules
4- Good
3- Not Bad
2- Ehhh...
1- Sucked

Pre-show thoughts: Mena Suvari is a good young actress who is incredibly hot, and Lenny Kravitz is a talented rock star, this should be a good show


<Opening> Clinton says bye-bye

This was funny. I still think SNL needs to open a show without having it deal with politics for once. I loved the part about the singing bass, those things are so annoying their funny.
Rating-- 4



This was funny but got kinda old. Molly Shannon naked covered in roses isnt the best image, and Tracy Morgan's was much worse. But it was still a funny idea, and for once the audience didn't interupt with pointless questions.
Rating- 4


<Commercial> Gatorade Love Bucket

Lame. Not funny. What was the point of this.
Rating- 2


<skit> Broken Detector

This wasn't really funny, it was actually kind of obnoxious. Classic scene Chris P "I'm not getting checked out by this man" Tracy "That's right, Your's getting checked out by this man".
Rating- 3


<skit> Janet Reno's Last Dance Party

This was ok. Not good, Not Bad. Will still does a good Reno impression, but the real Reno was funny.
Rating- 3


<skit> Rap Street

This was the funniest skit of the night, but only cuz Horatio's mustache kept falling off. That saved the skit, Horatio was funny when trying to cover it up. These guys are cool, they need a little more jokes though. Plus I'm gald someone FINALLY made fun of gay Aaron Carter.
Rating- 5


<Cartoon> X-Presidents

This was queer. If SNL is gonna have ANY cartoon, make it the AGD, they're a riot. All their other cartoons are either lame or... lame.
Rating- 2


<fake movie preview> Wake up Susie

This was hilarious. SNL needs more of these. This was the funniest thing of the show, possible the whole season.
Rating- 5


<skit> Weekend Update

These are always good, but this one wasn't as good as others. How come Tina Fey is never in any skits, only in weekend update. SNL should have more of her. Jacob Silj was funny.
Rating- 3


<music> Lenny Kravitz

Lenny's cool, but this song's a little soft, i like his harder stuff better. SNL needs more rock performances.
Rating- 3


<skit> Veronica and Co.

Rating- 1


<skit> DeMarco Bros.

This was rather lame. It had it's moments, but I hope SNL doesn't make these 2 recurring characters.


<music> Lenny Kravitz

This song was ok.
Rating- 3


Overall Ave.= 3.2, not bad


Aftershow thoughts-- Not more Veronica and Co... as a matter of fact, no more Molly would do me just fine, and no more DeMarco Bros. More Rap Street, more Jerry Minor and Tina Fey. Next Live Episode- Jennifer Lopez, that should be pretty good. Well, c-ya everyone, if you have any complaints or comments about my review you can contact me at

Episode Review written by Jason Miller

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