Mena Suvari / Lenny Kravitz
January 20, 2001

Mena Suvari is hosting. I did not expect this. I saw her in American Beauty, and American Pie. I haven't seen Loser yet, but I bet that it is an okay movie. Since President Bush (doesn't that sound weird) got sworn in today I guess that SNL will do something funny about it. I wish Clinton could still be President, but the stupid constitution limits him to 8 years. That sucks, anyway, here goes the review.

Clinton Farewell Address
This was a nice farewell tribute to him. I am glad that they did something with him. When Bush came on and gave his little America speech, I was laughing a lot. I like Will's impression of him, and I hope that Will stays on to play him. Overall, a good opener to start with, although it is a Bush-election sketch in the beginning, which I still think is getting old. I liked when Bush pulled the talking fish out and started to play it. "It costs 1,000 dollars." Good, Funny Sketch.
Grade: A

I think that Mena looks great today. When I first saw Will in his Spartan outfit, I thought there might be a sketch with no Cheri, but there was not. We saw the first of Tracy in the monologue, and it would not be the last we saw of him either. I liked how the flowers looked on everyone. I wonder if that was Molly's real body or that they just put her head on. Lorne is great at comedy as always. A good monologue.
Grade: A

Gatorade Love Bucket
This was a great idea, I was laughing through the whole commercial. I love when they do this in games, and was happy with the outcome of the commercial.
Grade: A+

Airport Security
At first I hated everything about this sketch. I don't like when they do the ditz black girl sketches. When Tracy and the other black security guy came on, the sketch got a lot better, but I can't really give this sketch a good grade, because it wasn't funny. Even the audience couldn't get into it.
Grade: C

Janet Reno Dance Party
I had heard that Janet was going to be on tonight. Will's impression was still really funny and dead-on. I will miss that character he plays. I was also happy that Clinton came on to dance with Reno. That girl he picked up was hot, too. The real Janet Reno is really ugly, though, did you see her. Anyway, I laughed and thought the whole idea was cute.
Grade: B+


Rap Street
This season has had way to many of these. I liked Mena's Aaron Carter, but it was a little freaky. Horatio livens up the sketch, but I hate the other guy. I think they should just stop doing these sketched. I did like when they were making fun of Little Bow Wow, though.
Grade: C-

X-Presidents Cartoon
Before the cartoon, I had an idea that they might ask Clinton to join or something like that. I guess I was half-right. It was a cute cartoon. I liked how Barbara Bush looked on the cartoon.
Grade: B

Wake Up Little Suzie (Movie Parody)
Tracy Morgan is back again! He was really funny in this one with Will Ferrell. "Who's Edgar Bitch!," was the funniest line in the sketch. I am happy that Tracy is getting a lot of time in this one. So far in the episode, no sign on Kattan of Fallon, I am disappointed in that, but this sketch is good.
Grade: A-

Weekend Update
Am I crazy for thinking that Tina Fey is starting to look good. Never Mind. The jokes were good today. I liked when she spoke Spanish to the housekeepers with subtitles. I was really happy when Jacob S. came on. He appeared in my favorite episode (Christopher Walken), and he was funny tonight, too. I liked when he called Tina a bigot.
I do not like the Jesse Jackson characters. I really hate that new black cast member, whatever his name is. He is not funny. At least there is no Rachael Dratch so far. It was a good update minus the Jackson-Sharpton thing.
Grade: B-

Lenny Kravitz Performing
My two favorite songs of his are American Woman, and Fly Away. Nice work, though.

Veronica and Co.
Why oh Why did they do this stupid sketch again. The ONLY good thing about this sketch was that Chris Kattan was in it, but they didn't give him anything to do. I was really upset with this one.
Grade: D-

DeMarco Brothers Audition
Finally they gave Chris Kattan something to do. I love these guys so much. I like when they hold hands and skip, that is so funny. The whole gay thing I didn't like so much. Anyway, Lenny has been in a lot of the show tonight, and that's good. Finally, the brothers get picked for something. Overall, I liked most of it.
Grade: A-
Lenny Kravitz Performing
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Closing Statements
Overall, a good show. It could have used more Chris Kattan, but it had enough Tracy Morgan. We sure do have to wait a while for the next live episode, though. It's okay, though I have a lot of stuff going on in my life.

Person of the Night: Tracy Morgan (Monologue, Airport, Movie Parody)
Sketch of the Night: Clinton Farewell Address (Wow, a first sketch gets credit)
Worst Sketch of the Night: Veronica and Co. (If you saw it, you know what I mean)

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Episode Review written by David R.

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