Mena Suvari / Lenny Kravitz
January 20, 2001

After a week of long anticipation, I was in Washington for the Inauguration on Saturday, and it was a real good time. It was crazy. There are alot of mad people about the way things turned out. Most of the people that were protesting though were the type of shadeballs that didnt even vote and were just protesting to be anti- society and all that. Everyone else was just being a sore loser. It was cold, but it was fun.

This is the 10th SNL of the season, the midway point of the year. So I have decided to do a little mid season review. Mostly this year so far has been an extreme dissapointment. There have been a few good moments, but not nearly as many as expected after the great season they had last year. I must say the biggest dissapointment has been Weekend Update. Tina Fey is horrible and Jimmy Fallon is not Update material. Music has been just average as well.

BEST SHOW- Calista Flockhart, Kate Hudson
WORST SHOW - Rob Lowe and Tom Green. Cant decide because they both sucked so much.

BEST HOST - Calista Flockhart
WORST HOST - Tom Green

BEST MUSIC - U2, Wallflowers (Honorable Mention to David Gray)
WORST MUSIC - Nelly Fortado

BEST COLD OPENING - "Odd Couple" (Calista Flockhart)
WORST COLD OPENING - "3rd Debate" (Dana Carvey)

BEST UPDATE BY DEFAULT - Calista Flockhart Show
WORST UPDATE - Val Kilmer Show

BEST CARTOON- X- Presidents, Mena Suvari
WORST CARTOON - Sex in the Country, Tom Green

BEST COMMERCIAL - Attorney Against Dogs, Val Kilmer
WORST COMMERCIAL - Corn Chip Nails, Rob Lowe

BEST SKETCHES (no order) - "Palm Beach," Val Kilmer; "Janet Reno's Dance Party," Mena Suvari; "Girls Gone Wild," Kate Hudson
WORST SKETCHES - All Rap Streets; "Lorne and Tom in a Tub," Tom Green; "Court Tv," Rob Lowe.

BEST MONOLOGUE - Calista Flockhart

BIGGEST DISSAPOINTMENTS - Dana Carvey / Tom Green shows and the Tom Green "wedding."

Ok, on to this week.......

COLD OPENING - This was pretty funny. If it is the last time the Clinton impression is done, it is a sad day. I doubt it will be though. I kind of thought Bush should have been a bigger part of this; he did become President on Saturday. Above average.

MONOLOGUE - I never really like when the host goes backstage. It was pretty short also. The American Beauty thing was alright, but that movie is about 2 years old, so it was kind of out of date.

COMMERCIAL (GATORADE) - This was good. It is getting very stupid in the NFL when they do this after every game anymore. My favorite dumping was the wedding one. Will just looked funny.

AIRPORT SECURITY - This was not that bad. But I dont think that it deserved to be the first sketch of the night. I dont want to see this become a recurring sketch. The part with Tracy and that other black guy was funny...who is that big guy who looks like Mo Vaughn? He appears here and again on the show and I have no idea who he is. Mena Suvari was kind of a waste of talent here. Chris Parnell was pretty funny. Surpise appearance by Lenny Kravitz. Push this back a little in the show, and everything would be fine.


JANET RENO'S DANCE PARTY - This is most likely the last appearance for Janet Reno, and it was a good one. This was just all around funny. The appearance of Clinton, the gift of the medicine ball, the Henry Hyde joke,the kids being locked in the basement, the onion, and pretty much everything else. Clinton picking up that girl was classic. I can not believe that the real Janet Reno came on. They have ripped her apart, so she is a pretty damn good sport to come on. This will almost certianly be the cameo of the year. The last good cameo was Nomar Garciappara in the Kate Hudson show. By the way what happened to that sketch, the one with Jimmy and Rachael from Boston? This was one of the best sketches this year to date.

RAP STREET - I havent liked this sketch from day one. Mena's part was decent and I think it saved the sketch from complete disater.

CARTOON (X-PRESIDENTS) You knew this was coming tonight. The day that Clinton becomes and X- President has arrived. I think Clinton will be good for this cartoon as long as he isnt featured all the time. I liked the premise of the "buried ballots" by Jeb that rose from the swamp. George W. Bush's speech wasnt like that at all - I was there so I know. It was weird to see Bush thanking them instead of Clinton. I thought the song at the end by Boys II Men was a nice parting shot at Clinton, because you know he wont go away. Best cartoon this year.

WAKE UP LITTLE SUZIE - Kind of original. I thought this was pretty funny. Pretty good when Tracy tested her love when he asked her to let her arm fall to the bed and Will bought it and called Tracy his son.

WEEKEND UPDATE - Could Update possibly be not funny this week with all the material? Of Course! Update has fallen so far, it might as well run at 12:50. The day of the Presidential Inauguration, the best guests on Update are Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Jacob Silj? I must mention though, of the three Jacob Silj appearances I felt this was his best one. Sharpton and Jackson sucked. The jokes were not funny. The thing with the Texas 7 was dumb. Tina Fey's little speech to Republican Housekeepers was bad also. Update is going, going......

MUSICAL GUEST LENNY KRAVITZ - I really think this a pretty good song. Come to think of it music hasnt been half bad this year, with the Wallflowers, David Gray, U2 and Lenny Kravitz.

VERONICA AND CO - I have said it before, I like Molly Shannon. However, if possible, and it was, this sketch was worst when they did it earlier this season. I still dont get the thing with the robot and Chris Parnell.

DIMARCO BROTHERS TRYOUT - I think this sketch has worn out it's welcome. Chris Kattan has been doing it forever, and I forget who did it before Chris Parnell. This was the longest message they ever have had on their shirts. This one had a different ending than before....they didnt get rejected like they usually do. Still, it is getting pretty unoriginal.

MUSICAL GUEST LENNY KRAVITZ - Cant ever remember a singer getting cut away from in the middle of a song. I can think of a few minutes they could have used more wisely tonight.

This show had a few good moments. I was a little dissapointed after last week's good show. How do you cut away in the middle of a song? Weekend Update still sucks.

SKETCH OF THE NIGHT - Janet Reno's Dance Party

Episode Review written by Ben Keeler

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