Mena Suvari / Lenny Kravitz
January 20, 2001

Agh, this week has been real busy for me. 4 auditions for high school shows
in one week! Plus a load of homework.......well, it can drive you nuts! Oh
well, on to the show.


Mena Suvari, the rose-covered girl from American Beauty and the choir chich
from American Pie. Seems to be talented and versatile. I predict a satire of
American Pie and/or American Beauty. Lenny Kravitz is cool, he'll make a
great musical guest.

OPENING: Cliton's farewell

-Man, I'm going to miss this impression. It's become legendary; to me
-The orgy thing with George W. was really funny.
-He's right about taking a lot of crap but remaining popular.
-"I'm your new president, keep in mind that's for a whole year!"
-Sounds kinda sad when Darrell said "for the last time" GRADE: A

MONOLOGUE: Mena Suvari

-Well, I was right about the American Beauty parody.
-I would like to see a sketch where Craig the cheerleader is by himself. Too
bad Will's outfit was for this monologue only.
-Another appearance of a "recurring character long gone" in Mary Catherine
-Funny joke with Lorne thinking of Tracy in roses.
-Ok monologue, could have been better GRADE: B-

COMMERCIAL: Gatorade Love Bucket

-Funny idea, though I feel I've seen this somewhere before. Don't know where
-Why'd they show the last play of Super Bowl XXXIV over and over again?
-Pretty funny stuff GRADE: B

SKETCH: Security Guards

-Continuing the trend of "Haven't I seen this before?"
-Despite mild audience laughter throughout, I enjoyed this sketch. Maya and
Mena made a great combination.
-Mena did slip up on a line though.
-Jerry's character............sure. Whatever
-"This ain't you, this dude's got a red shirt on."
-Lenny's bit was nice. GRADE: B

SKETCH: Janet's Farewell

-Yet another great impression on its way out.
-I liked the Dennis Miller-type joke.
-Ah, good old Clinton, come to pick up a bimbo. hehe
-"It's an onion! Psyche!" That was funny.
-The real Janet Reno's entrance has got to be up there on the best SNL
cameos. That entrance was just great! GRADE: A

SKETCH: Old School Rappers Are Chillin'

-Doesn't this make you think of the "I'm Chillin'" sketch with Chris Rock
and Chris Farley? I did
-Ah, good old live TV. We get to catch screw-ups. Horatio's mishap was just
too funny. I felt bad for him, but he played off it very well.
-Mena did a real nice Aaron Carter. Looked and sounded very accurate.
-As if things weren't out of control already, Jerry had to slip up and say
"CBD instead of CD." GRADE: D for content, B+ for the slip-ups

TV FUNHOUSE: X-Presidents

-Oh boy, Clinton is now eligible for membership.
-Weren't they usually introduced from Ford-Bush instead of vice versa?
-Hmmmm, lovely machine Clinton has.........
-Great monster in the unounted ballots
-Only Clinton would have a naked magnet
-Good stuff GRADE: B

SKETCH: Wake Up Little Susie

-Hey, Tracy got a featured role in a sketch. Nice
-Save The Last Dance doesn't look like an interesting film.
-Some good lines about the coma, but not much more. GRADE: C

WEEKEND UPDATE: Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey, w/ Will, Darrell, Jerry

-The first few jokes seemed to fall real flat.
-The Texas 7 bit was just real dumb. I don't think Update needs these bits
that are real dumb.
-Jimmy's "Bush dancing" was pretty funny.
-I don't know why I found Jacob Silj funny again, but I did. Gotta give Will
credit for doing this well.
-Good McConaughey joke
-The only soul show that was humorous was "The Temptations Island"
-Marilyn Manson scares me
-The Jackson/Sharpton bit was good. Could've been better. GRADE: JIMMY/TINA:

MUSIC: Lenny Kravitz

-I don't buy his albums, but I like his music. Real nice stuff.
-This is a good song, and a good performance. GRADE: B+

SKETCH: Veronica and Co.

-I didn't like this too much the first time around, so I wasn't expecting
too much from this one.
-Is this a real show?
-I can't really say much about this sketch. It was almost pointless. GRADE:

SKETCH: The DiMarcos

-I know a lot of people don't like this sketch, but I do. They always have
at least a couple of real good bits.
-Their most complex clothing introduction yet.
-The American Woman segment was the best.
-Nice to see a different ending for a change. GRADE: B-

MUSIC: Lenny Kravitz

-Agh, I can never say much about the music.
-Again, good song
-Mena's pic came on the screen with about a minute left in the performance.
We were left in the dark! GRADE: B

BEST SKETCH: Clinton's farewell
WORST SKETCH: Veronica and Co.
BEST PERFORMER: Will was great
WORST PERFORMER: Didn't see Rachel at all
HOST: Actually did real good. I'd love to see her host again in the future.
MUSIC: Great, as is the usual for him.

See ya later.

Episode Review written by Adam Shuler

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