Julia Stiles / Aerosmith
March 17, 2001

Top o' the mornin' to ya, fellow reviewers. This is EJK with another SNL review! Alrighty...pre-show thoughts: Julia Stiles is a talented little gal who was in "Save the Last Dance" and "10 Things I Hate about You", and probably some other things. I've never seen "Save the Last Dance" but I have seen "10 Things I Hate about You" which is a hilarious flick if I do say so myself. Aerosmith will be performing as musical guest, and they kick ass. I thought it would be a decent show. Was it? To find out, read my review, or, if you don't feel like reading, scroll down to the bottom and see my overall grade. Either or, it doesn't matter. Onward to the review!

[OPENING] Martha Stewart: Living

Martha Stewart promos are always great, and this was no exception. Ana's impression is so freakin dead on it's scary. I liked the "making out with a green tongue stranger"-stick out green tongue-wink part. A fantasgreat sketch to start the show.

Grade: A+

[MONOLOGUE] Julia Stiles

Tracy is always funny as hell, and the audience seems to love him nearly every time he's on so I don't know why he isn't in more skits. His dance moves were a knee-slapper and uh...................................................Tracy's dance moves were a knee-slapper.

Grade: A-


See my Sean Hayes / Shaggy review from February 17, 2001.

Original Grade: A+

[SKETCH] Wake Up Wakefield!

The idea of nerds running a television show from an A/V room had great potential, but it didn't quite fulfill that. The sketch was soooooo boring, save two things...1.) Horatio's "funky fresh" guidance counselor and 2.) the blank stares from the jazz band. Otherwise the sketch bombed.

Grade: D

[SKETCH] Airport security gal now a U.S. Post Office gal

DAMMIT! I knew they were going to repeat this sketch. It was good the first time, but the writers made a mistake in bringing this character back. The catchphrases sucked, and it just wasn't funny! I never want to see this sketch again...it's already ruined! Wait, maybe not totally ruined. I still find Jerry Minor's character amusing.

Grade: D


Aerosmith kicks ass. While "Jaded" is not one of their best songs, I still think it is a good one. A great performance from one of the greatest rock bands ever.

Grade: N/A

[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey

The pictures and Weekend Update sidebars were screwed up for a bit, but I didn't really mind. I thought it was funny. My favorite joke this week was about Pamela Anderson's stalker a.k.a. Tina Fey. Thinking of her and Pam together makes me all tingly inside. Darrell as Arnold Schwarzenegger was alright, but Darrell really needs to work on the voice. David Copperfield as the cue card guy was pretty cool.

Grade: A-

[SKETCH] Suel Forrester, director

Either that was Suel Forrester, Sr. or during his two-year abscence, Suel traveled back to 1922. I never minded this character, but he wasn't one of my favorites. The sketch was pretty good, and I wouldn't mind seeing Suel one or two more times before Kattan leaves the show.

Grade: A-

[SKETCH] Bepe and Vushka, the cleaning ladies

I bet I didn't spell their names correctly, but who the hell cares?! Besides, the sketch sucked anyway. The only time I laughed was when Vushka found a sandwich in the garbage and ate it.

Grade: D-

[FILM] The Doberman!

I know that there will be many viewers who didn't even bother watching this, just because it's by Adam McKay. Now, Adam may not be the funniest writer on SNL, but his brand of humor is sometimes quite amusing. He co-writes a lot of the TV Funhouse cartoons with Smigel and people don't seem to mind those as much as these digital shorts. I admit this film could've been better, but it wasn't that bad. I mean, Will Ferrell squealing like a little schoolgirl is always funny, right? Well, I think so anyway. I hope these films don't ever get cut, because it brings a different kind of comedy to the show...and the intro kicks ass.

Grade: A-

[SKETCH] Amatuer Night at the Apollo

The parents were pretty funny, and Jerry reminded me of Will Ferrell the Spartan cheerleader when he was dancing. Otherwise, it was too long, and pretty boring.

Grade: C-

[COMMERCIAL] Willy Sluggs' Eye Poppers...BWA HA HA!

I thought it was pretty good for a sketch so late in the show, but this one also ran kinda long. My favorite part was when Willy said Julia's character's lines for the third time or so and yelled "DAMMIT!" For some reason, people yellling "DAMMIT!" at the top of their lungs is so funny to me. It worked for Shirt-in-a-Can, it worked for the airport security sketch, it worked now, and that's about all I can remember right now. Anyhoo, the sketch was pretty good, although pretty lengthy.

Grade: B


Pretty good tune, I s'pose. I liked the addition of the SNL Band.

Grade: N/A

[SKETCH] Schnitzelhorstenglobenschlabendeudlemeunch a.k.a. the German show

This was rather disturbing, but I laughed at the fact that it was broadcast on a kids network.

Grade: C

[MISCELLANEOUS] Happy St. Patty's Day from Guiness and Van Morrison

I didn't laugh much, but Jimmy has the voice of Van Morrison down perfectly.

Grade: B

Despite three really shitty sketches, this wasn't too bad of a show. Julia Stiles was a pretty decent host, even though I expected a little more out of her. I was hoping Aerosmith would be in a skit, but that didn't happen. Crap, I just realized SNL isn't on for another two weeks, but on April 7, Alec Baldwin will be hosting. He's always funny. I have no idea who Coldplay is. Well, until then, this is Eli Krenik saying.............words.

Martha Stewart: Living
-------------------------------------------> [A+]

Bepe and Vushka
-------------------------------------------> [D-]

Overall Grade: B

Episode Review written by Eli Krenik

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