Charlie Sheen / Nelly Furtado
January 13, 2001

A hoy A hoy faithful readers of my review. Its been a long three weeks since I did one of these reviews so I'll probably be a little rusty. Just like the writers on the show this week. Now as u see this review u might think I'm being a little harsh, but I was in a bad mood. I just saw a terrible movie, Dude Where's my Car. I wanted to see Cast Away but the only thing left with seats was that terrible movie. A word of advice don't waste your money. That movie was worse than a SNL one. Now I know I usually promote my web site at the end of the intro. And I will again. Just to tell u there is a new address to go through so here it is

OK so with no further adieu here is my review.

JIM'S PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS- I actually thought this show had some potential. Boy I was wrong. I thought they would do something with Bill Clinton because it was his last week in office, but of course they choose to do Eric Dickerson's pre-game show. Charlie Sheen isn't that cool I don't really like him that much, but his movies are usually watchable. Nelly Futrado is a one hit wonder. (Not really a hit) But still this show has potential. Doesn't It???

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT ELECT- Well atleast with Dick Chenny Derrel Hammond won't be out of a job. His Dick Chenny is ok but I still really don't know what Chenny sounds like. His speaking at the beginning was pretty boring, but then to save the day comes Dumbuya. Bush was pretty funny but not as good as he was some other times. I liked his comment, Uncle Dick and when he just said words like fart and the other one I don't remember. I don't think portraying Bush as a toddler will ever get old. But with these writers who knows. This opening wasn't as good as the earlier ones so it only gets a B-

MONOLOGUE CHARLIE SHEEN- I'm really tired of seeing audience members get in the monologue. Who the hell is that woman who is always in the audience. She was doing the audience member thing during the cast of the early 90's who is she? If anyone knows E-mail me my address should be at the bottom. Now to the monologue itself wasn't funny at all until Charlie Sheen "compared" himself to Bush. That saved this from Failing but only got it up to a D

HERPES ISLAND-TEMTATION TRAILER-CANNIBAL- These were pretty funny ideas, but the scary thing is FOX will probably do one of them. B

IRON CHEF- What a stupid ass idea. Was the mouths moving at the wrong time supposed to be funny? I don't expect to see this type of type of sketch until the end of the show (I later found out that the whole show was like this) D-

ERIC DICKERSON'S PRE-GAME SHOW- This was really weak. Dan Fouts pointing out the obvious was funny the first time not the second, it was just stupid. Jimmy Fallon's Dennis Miller isn't that good. It has potential but he's going to have to work on it a little more. Why the hell did they bring back a ten year old character Wild thing. I think SNL just did this sketch because NBC was jealous that they are stuck with the XFL. F

BOBBY AND MARTY KULP- This started off very slow when the Kulps were just talking it was pretty boring besides the name calling, Cottage Cheese Ass. The song wasn't as good as it usually is, but maybe I didn't like it because the beginning was so boring. My favorite parts were when they sang Absolutley and Arms Wide Open. C

WEEKEND UPDATE- This WU was also weak. I'm tried of the parts when they do Jimmy Fallon's opinion they do it every time and every time it sucks. The jokes were just average for this time. The best ones were probably the Ricky Martin Joke, The Joke about Rudy, and most of the Bush ones. Katherine Harris- Ana does a really good job impersonating her unfortunately her time is up. The which is dead. OH yea what she did wasn''t that funny. Kris Kattan reenacting Charles fall was just stupid. This was a pretty weak Weekend Update. (Boy I've said that a lot tonight) C-

Nelly Furtrado- This song actually isn't that bad, but I still never grade musical guest besides U-2. N/A

DAYS OF OUR LIVES- Yea a great way to make the show better do a Molly Shannon sketch. Why won't she leave? Her characters are all the same. This one, The pretty living person, and the I'm 50 person all have the same voice, Same body movements, annoying, and most importantly, NOT FUNNY. Now to the sketch. Boy was it bad. It was even worse because I had to see ugly Molly Shannon's boobs. If there was anything lower than an F this would get it F.

37 YEAR OLD BABY- This was a pretty funny idea but in this show everything was F ed up. Man were the writers Rusty for this show. B

ANOTHER CRAPPY SNL RESTUANTE SKETCH- By this time of the show the audience was about to commit suicide, and I was one of them. I'm starting to think the writers were on crack for this show. F

THE PERVERT- And this further proves my theory that they were smoking crack. It all makes sense. Charlie Sheen was the host. F

WHORE- SNL staff meeting

Writer- I got a great idea lets take a 100 year old joke whose on first and turn it around and make it into whores doing it

Lorne- Great Idea.

Jim- Do u actually believe they wrote this crap F

JIM'S FINAL THOUGHT AND GRADE- This was the crappiest show of the season. I didn't even give one sketch an A. I know in the other one I called worst of the season I atleast gave one sketch an A. I usually don't fail shows because I know how hard it is to make people laugh but this was just so bad. Almost as bad as the Freddie PrinceJR., last year at the same time after a 3 week brake. So I guess it was just destined to be sucky.


BEST SKETCH- They all sucked

WORST SKETCH- All of them



Next week they have a really good looking actress on and an OK musical guest so maybe the show will be better. Believe me it won't be hard to make it better. So until next week this is Jim M. signing off.

Episode Review written by Jim M.

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