Charlie Sheen / Nelly Furtado
January 13, 2001

Hey everyone, here's the way i rank the episodes

5- Ruled
4- Pretty Good
3- Average
2- Ehh...
1- Sucked

<Opening> Dick Cheney and George W >

Thank God this wasn't another Bush- Gore opening, but still SNL needs to do something other than the president opening every episode. On a brighter note this was kinda funny, especially when George W kept making fun of Dick's name
Rating--- 3

<monologue> Charlie Sheen

This monologue was one of the best of the seasons so far. That one chick seems to be asking the host a question every week. I loved it when Tracy walked out and bought the bags from that guy that hilarious.
rating-- 4

<commercial> FOX Shows spoofs

These were funny. I love it when things I hate get made fun of, and temptation Island
has gotta be the dumbest show out there right now.
rating-- 5

<skit> Iron Chef

Next to Dog Show and Pretty Living, this downright sucks the most. Molly kept mouthing what the speak over person was saying, and this was not funny at all.
rating-- 1

<skit> Eric Dickerson

This was not very funny, and Fallon's Dennis Miller impression isn't that good. Will Ferrell, as he does in pretty much every other skit, saved this one from a 1.
rating-- 2

<skit> The Culps singing

All of these are funny. Especially when they sing rock or rap songs. The DMX song they sang sounded hilarious. Jerry Minor at the begging was pretty funny.
rating-- 4

<skit> Weekend Update

These are consistently funny every week. Chris Kattan's terrible re-enactments are hilarious, i hope he keeps doing them. I loved the "don't pull my string, fag" joke.
rating-- 4

<music> Nelly Furtado

I just don't like pop, sorry
rating-- 1

<skit> soap opera

This sucked. This kept getting worse and worse. Molly is the most obnoxious character on the show. I was gonna give this one a one but once again WIll saved the day.
rating-- 2

<skit> 37 yr. old baby

This started out really funny and got worse. Will was the only funny character in this one.
rating-- 3

<skit> T.G.I. Fridays

umm... No, Sorry
rating-- 2 (that's generous of me)

<skit> The pervert

Adam McKay is pretty kool. I can see him being the next cast member, or "featured player" (what's the diff anyway?). As for the skit, it made no sense really.
rating-- 2

<skit> Nicknames

This didn't suck, it was actually pretty funy. Rachel Dratch is the funniest female character on the show. This kinda got old but it was still funny.
rating-- 3

Afterthought: my totals rating- 36/65, which is a 55%. I hope next week the show is better than this one. But i never even heard of the host of next weeks show, so i don't know what to expect. If anyone has any concerns/comments regarding my review, email me at

Episode Review written by Jason Miller

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