Charlie Sheen / Nelly Furtado
January 13, 2001

Hello, I'm the Chugman, and this, barring any unforeseen tropical storm or chainsaw-weilding weasel attack (chainsaw-weilding weasel copyright Scott Adams), should be my second posted SNL review. And my nipples are just soooooooo hard about it... whoops, that was for the OTHER internet column that I write. Maybe we should just move on.

Speaking of sexual deviation, tonight's host is Charlie Sheen. Sheen's a funny guy in a deadpan way and shouldn't lose it during any of the sketches, which makes for a good host. Hell, some of the cast members can't even do that. Oh, Molly, I wasn't talking about you specifically. Oh yeah, Sheen had sex with a bunch of hookers, but I'm sure that won't be mentioned.

The Show

Bush also injected something, and then he took the dog up to the roof of the White House to teach it to fly, it was horrible... just horrible
Oh, sweet, dude. Hammond is the master impressionist and I believe that SNL is actually positioning him to be a higher profile than Ferrell's Bush. Which is cool with me, Uncle Cheny's as lucrative an impression as Bush. Heart attack humor rules, man!
Rating: A-

(Monologue) I'm going to take a trip to New York with $100 and a dream
Sheen was candid and cool about his past. Tracy's "drug addiction" is becoming one of the funniest running gags for the show. This was a kick ass monologue, a part that normally drags the show.
Rating: A

Yeah, herpes island has a lot of crabs this time of year
*Dubya mode* Are reality shows popular, I HADN'T HEARD! *Dubya mode off* The three-part Fox lineup of Herpes Island, Temptation Trailer, and the Cannibal would have me glued to the set. On an unrelated note, ABC's The Mole was actually pretty decent and has a good premise. Oh yeah, if Temptation Island pays singles to have sex with couples, isn't that, oh I don't know, PROSTITUTION? Maybe it's me.
Rating: A-

Man, are they stealing an idea from the WWF? And a bad one to boot?
Wow, I'm actually a "fan" of Iron Chef, as I watch it when I get the chance. And, I swear I had this exact idea for a sketch, and yes, I realize none of you care or believe me. This was such a perfect sketch because it nailed all the nuances of the show perfectly. I especially enjoyed the giggling girl that bugs the hell out of me on every show. I'm not sure how this played to people unfamiliar with Iron Chef, but, for me, this rocked! Emeril's breast cancer and the line, "Suck on that, Speed Racer" give this bad boy the coveted A+.
Rating: A+

The Raiders are going to slaughter the Ravens, but still a fine sketch.
Wow, this show's shaping up nicely. Tracy's Dickerson is accurate and funny as hell. Faust is kind of a one-joke guy, but it is a funny joke. Sheen seemed a bit thrown in, but Jimmy's Miller is kick-ass. It seems to have improved since last time.
Rating: A

I'm sure Dr. King would be proud of those honkeys
Culps are the culps. This is really one of the few sketches that doesn't get old. The songs, however, seemed like they were older and less of the current stuff. Is Alta Dina in school on Martin Luther King Day, I thought I went to the only school that didn't get it off.
Rating: A-

(Weekend Update) Jimmy does kind of look like Pee-Wee Herman, without the bowtie, or the pants around his ankles
Nice update. The jokes seemed fresh and the Katten and Anna both had nice bits. Maya's kind of fell flat, the material is weak, we all know that Chavez is a hypocrite and a liar. Isn't that right, Jose, now get back to washing my shoes, k?
Rating: A-

No, I will not make a pun about her name... and yes, it is because I can't spell it
I surfed, she sang, we all went home happy.
Rating: N/A

Maybe this sketch was planted to catch me in an angry rage
First real misfire of an otherwise great show. Shannon is eating up scenery, maybe it's time to move on to a sitcom deal or something.
Grade: C- (Really generous due to the otherwise top-notch quality of the show)

Mmmm... Oreo Daquri
Sometimes a sketch comes along it seems that almost everyone associated with it was doing massive amounts of coke. Kattan cracked me up with his lame put-downs, but Thaddeus Friday was the topper, I don't think Will's been really silly in a while and he's great at it.
Rating: A-

If a 35 year old baby was delivered, one way or another I think Charlie Sheen would be associated
The crack thing for the last sketch goes double for this one. This was out-there, and I likes it. Was Ferrell actually naked, and did the camera catch an accidental peak at Lill` Will? And, if so, were the censors able to blur it out without any warning? Also, do I have too much time on my hands?
Rating: B

Yeah, but have you ever thought about the Cream of Wheat guy WITH Aunt Jemima, uhhhhhh
Pervert was pretty damn funny if you're warped. A pervert who can't find acceptance even with perverts. And on the Charlie Sheen episode. Coincidence? Oh yeah, a Masters of the Universe reference automatically bumps this up a grade.
Rating: A-

I heard Costello wouldn't fit into the whore outfit so they abandoned the bit
This had me rolling laughing. I understand it's essentially the same baseball skit, but Sheen and Dracht had great delivery and the material was very nice. Sheen's a hell of a sport for doing this and a great comedian for doing it so well.
Rating: A+

Wow, that's what I call good show. However, without anything to be bitingly sarcastic about, I feel the review suffered, so from now on, I shall only review bad shows.

Show GPA
3.75, That's the highest I've given out of all... two reviews I've done, but I have a feeling it will be hard to break. And, I am aware this review isn't funny at all. Sorry, I'm an idiot.

Until next time, I'm the Chugman and I want to rock and roll all night, and party every day.

Episode Review written by Chugman

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