Conan O'Brien / Don Henley
March 10, 2001

Cold Open
This was really funny! At first, it started out pretty slow. Then, when Dubya was comparing the average person to Dick Cheney (avg. cholesterol: 200, Cheney's: 600!) was creative and hilarious. I especially liked Dubya's explanation of 24/7 - 24 hours a week, 7 months a year.

Wow, Conan got tons of applause! At first, it seemed like they'd be showing clips of his past SNL scenes but then it went to an entirely different direction. Walking down to his studio took way too much time. And who was that guy having sex on his desk?!

Subshack Commercial
Perfect! This is just like the Subway commercial but with its own twist. Man, Jimmy's still cute even in that huge body suit.

Boston Teens
Normally, I love the Boston Teens! And I've been waiting for them to be on again but last night, it just wasn't that funny. I think that they hadn't done the characters in a while or something b/c Rachel didn't do that well. And why was Ben Affleck there? He said like 2 things!
8/10 (only because I normally love Sully and Denise)

Napster Trial
Right Said Fred and David Lee Roth are great! I don't see what this had to do with Napster. I think it would have been funnier if they had put in more rock stars that I could recognize. I mean, who's the "guy from Cameo" or Neil Toullant?

Moleculo the Molecular Man
This got really old - fast! But I thought it was funny at the newspaper and he smashed through the wall. The thing in Mexico was a little odd but slightly humorous.

Musical Guest: Don Henley
Don't know who this was and don't care. I couldn't listen to it for more thatn 30 seconds!

Weekend Update
Good this week but VERY SHORT! It was about 3 minutes long. Jimmy and Tina said about 4 things each but they were funny. Tina's "Come to Minnesota where you can rob a bank and not have your cooter poked!" and Jimmy's "Chocolat was so Chocolong and Chocoboring that I want my Chocomoney back" were the best lines.
9.5/10 (would be a 10, but was too short!)

Taint Skit
What the hell were they thinking with this sketch?? It was no funny at all! When Conan mispronounced Brown, I thought that was going to be the "hook" of the sketch but then where did this taint thing come from? I didn't get it. The only good thing about this sketch was Will, who didn't get much airtime this week.

Musical Guest: Don Henley
Again - it sucked!

Mark Rich
There were only 3 laughable jokes in this one. Most of the time, the audience was dead silent. I was so bored that I got distracted by Chris twirling the cigarette in his hand. Yikes. But I like Chris and that was like the only thing he was in all night.


This was stereotypically a 12:50 skit. I didn't laugh at all. I thought it was obnoxious, repetitive, and boring! Maybe I was just tired, I dunno but it was crappy!

Final Score: 5.7/10
This episode was not one of the best. Hopefully, they won't replay it anytime soon!

Episode Review written by Stephanie

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