Conan O'Brien / Don Henley
March 10, 2001

Preshow Thouhts

Well this has to be the most anticipated SNL of the season. Dana Carvey's was to, but he had done SNL before, but Conan does a great show, and he used to be a writer so it should be great. And it was. Carvey's had more bad sketches.

Over at Conan he was hyping it up, with castmemebers being guests on his show on Fridays counting down. First Rachel Dratch [this is where they talked about the Boston Teens sketch] then Tina Fey [her first appearence on a 'talk show program'. talked about what ideas for sketches] then Chris Kattan [he kept on milking some thing he did, he didn't talk about 'Monkeybone', but they talked about SNL] then a rerun with Haratio Sanz [i didn't see most of it, but Sanz had a gun then he did a song about it].

Conan [or as he calls himself C Ob (like J Lo) even did jokes about NBC promoting the musical guest, and not him the week before he hosted. Late Night is just a great show.


10:30 PM

My Dick Is Hurt - Grade A
Well this was sure to come up. Some funny


Conan's Mono - Grade A+
Another XFL joke. "..sweet on air glory. Conan Time as I called it." Tracy Morgan was funny playing himself. "C O B studio." Japanese tourists, life saving paramedics and Conan's mom. "Yeah you've never seen it before. We're very distant. Get your hands off her, Tracy." "...only me and Leeza Gibbons." Now what could be the finisher? Max Weinberg on top of his wife on Conan's desk with the censoring. Hillarious! Did Conan try to get on top of Max at the end?


Subshack - Grade A+
Hillarious. Fallon actually looks like someone I know. I should go here and gain some weight. "All the red meats in one sandwhich."


Boston Teens - Grade A+
Dratch and Conan talke about it, and it happened. "A moustache and a British accent always work." "You're under arrest for public display of a boner." Then Ben Affleck showed up. Probably one of the best Denise & Sully sketches.


Moleculo: The Molecular Man - Grade A+
"The Molecular Man!!" "The Molecular Man!!" The Molecular Man!!" "The Molecular Man!!" "The Molecular Man!!" "The Molecular M.. oh." "El Ombre des les Moleclois!!" Kinda recyclement from The Rock's Superman sketch. Predictable, but funny.


Napster Court Hearings - Grade A+
Everyone was in this one. Conan as Right Said Fred too funny. No wait Tracy as 'The Guy From Cameo' "Word-up!" Kattan as David Lee Roth. "I became to sexy for my gym membership." Haratio Sanz as "Rico.... Sauve." "Chocolate... doughnuts." "I'm the bee keeper from The Villiage People."


Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey - Grade A
Ooo a Tracy Morgan joke. This one seemed short. They also had no guests. "Black Inches Magzine." Zing. Slam to Jesse Jackson. The cigarette one was predicatable. Then Tina killed with her 'Minneasota Joke'. "Listen ladies, if you don't want your kooter poked then head to Minneasota, Land of 10,000 Lakes."


The Taint Sketch - Grade A+
I was thinking, what is a taint? "The flesh that goes from your rectum to your genitle. It taint your UHH! and it taint your AHH! So it's taint. "We can make you a prostetic one from wood, and it will be bi-onic." Poor Haratio and his taintless body.The Dratch and Farrell come in. "I already remarried. His name Tony Ganden." "Tough look on losing your taint, but don't worry. I sold your dog and I'm sexing up your wife Tony Ganden style. You put the lime in the coconut and mix it all up! YOU PUT THE LIME IN THE COCONUT AND MIX IT ALL UP!" "400 Scoobys." didn't get the laughs I think the writers wanted. Then Conan couldn't pronouce Sanz's name. "Mr.Braauin." "Brown." "No the taint is flesh coloured."


Democratic Thing That Sucked - Grade C-
Kattan was exceptable but it was just a waste of 'Conan Time.'


VH1's Top 500 Diva Countdown - Grade B-
Dehandra Wells again? I know where this is going. "Booboo." An alright sketch.


TV Funhouse: Spot the Black People at a Knicks Game - Grade A
I thought they weren't going to have a TV Funhouse. But this was a good one. It makes a good point. I wonder how many you can spot at a Rangers game? Haratio and Tracy at the end was great.


ESPN's Sport History - Grade A-
Well Conan talked about an Irish related sketch and it happened. This was anlright one, but I would've like a better closer to a great show.


Overall Show Rating - Grade A+
Funniest one of 2001. Not 2000. Conan should host next season! I would've liked to have saw a Conan spoof, but that never happened. Maybe it was one of those 'dirty sketches.


JULIA STILES hosts the 500th SNL next week. I'm smelling dud.

ROWDY 5000 take it sleazy!

Episode Review written by Chris Schiffmann

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