Conan O'Brien / Don Henley
March 10, 2001

Sice the site hasnt been updated for a long time, I am hoping that less people are sending in reviews. This way more people will read mine and a few other people who actually do a decent job and spend more than 4 minutes on it. I cant really remember what nonsense I have written lately on other reviews since I havent read them.

OVERVIEW - Believe it or not, I am getting sick of writing bad reviews for shows this season. I was hoping this highly anticipated installment of SNL would get things going in the right direction. The cast has had a break, and Conan O'Brien is a really funny guy. I dont watch his show that much, but when I do it is really funny.

COLD OPENING - I knew when Cheney went into the hospital, they would do something like this on SNL. Overall, I think Will's impression seemed to be a little off tonight. The 24 hours a week , 7 months a year thing was good. The writing here was pretty good. Very decent opener.

MONOLOUGE - Conan walks out doing almost the same thing he does for his own show. (I thought maybe they would have him host next week - St Patricks Day.) That was funny when he announced the end of the XFL score as if anyone even cared. The XFL has been a big flop. Good when they showed his "highlights" from when he was a writer. I have actually been to Conan's studio. It is way smaller than you would think. It is tiny. I thought this was one of the best monologues of the year. Show off to a good start.

COMMERCIAL / SUBWAY - I have always hated this commercial. This was a pretty good thing to make fun of. That was some make up job to make all the cast members look so fat. They can pretty much run any other commercial for the rest of the year as long as I dont see Corn Chip Nails again.

BOSTON TEENS - Finally. It has been a long time since we have seen this..... I think since the Kate Hudson show if my memory is correct. It seemed though that they might have done it with Katie Holmes or Julia styles next week because of their age; they seem like they would fit well in here. Conan was really good in this one. Funny he was 26 and hanging out with those two. "Not to brag, but I am currently AWOL from the Coast Guard." Great Line by Conan. I for one hope Nomar's wrist doesnt get better. I hate the Red Sox, and I hope signing Manny Ramirez comes back to hurt them somehow. ( I am an Indians Fan.) Then they got a nice joke in about the "Storm of the Century." Another quality line here was when Conan said he had to "focus on his landscaping career." That was a quite a surprise to see Ben Affleck. Horatio was good as Frankie, thats about all he is useful for any more.

MOLECULO MAN - I thought this was plain out dumb and annoying. In a way this was a little like the Superman skit when The Rock hosted last year. That was a little better though. The whole thing with going to Mexico was just dumb I thought. I guess most people thought this was funny though. I guess I dont know that much.

C-SPAN / NAPSTER - I always like the C-SPAN stuff. I personally realy liked the Chris Kattan impression of David Lee Roth, since Van Halen is one of my favorite bands. Worth mentoning again that Darrell does a good Trent Lott. I dont know where they got the idea of having Conan be Right Said Fred. This skit just seemed more of a shot at him if anything. I thought it was funny when Senator Lott called him "Mr. Said Fred." I dont know who Tracy was supposed to be, so I wont say anything about that one. You know when he opened the paper, he was going to say "word up" though. The guy playing Strom Thurmond was about 45 years too young. Will looked hilarious. This whole deal kind of faded towards the end. Horatio was dumb. Overall it was pretty well done.

MUSIC DON HENLEY - Damn it. When they put music on before Update, the whole show gets out of sync. I assume the name of this song is "Everything is different." I dont mind Don Henley as a singer, but as a person I dont agree with him. Mainly because he is a huge Clinton supporter and a big Democrat, which if you have read any of my reviews I certainly am not. Song is decent.

WEEKEND UPDATE - I am going to save my time by not going into a big thing how bad Update is this year. There were a couple of good jokes, the one about Jesse Jackson was good. I have been saying that for years..what is Jesse Jackson's job. He just goes around whipping up trouble. Also the joke about Sporty Spice was good. Pretty short Update. Doesnt bother me. I would think though that they would want a guest on or something.

HORATIO IN A DUMB SKETCH - I couldnt think of any other name. I thought this was really bad. I think Horatio is becoming the worst cast member in a hurry. Maybe even worse than Dratch. Conan wasnt very funny here. The only thing that I could take out of this was, as usual, Will Ferrell was too funny as Mrs. Brown's new husband. The whole thing about taints was kind of dumb. The audiance didnt seem to laugh at a couple of key moments when they were supposed to. Even though Chris Parnell's part was gay at the end, he does great voiceovers.

CARTOON (sort of) FIND THE BLACK PEOPLE - At first I was like what the hell. The thing is though, I have noticed that it is only white people at Knicks games except Spike Lee. This was ok, better than most of the crap cartoons or Adam McKay short films this year.

DIVA THON / DEANRDA WELLS - From the looks of things on the message board, it looked like most people hated this. They did this once last year, I think in the Britney Spears show. It was not funny then. I actually did not think this was bad. It was alot better than the first time I will say. I mean, can people actually say that Will was not funny in this? It was good when she let everyone know Chris Parnell's character was gay. In a side note, Chris Parnell seemed like he was ready to break out and become a star last year. Things have kind of stagnated for him this year. Anyways, I thought the part with Conan as her son was good too. I just think this sketch wasnt as bad as most people think.

DEMOCRACTIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE - This is something you would think that would be the cold opening. This is one thing related to politics I didnt think was funny. I know who Marc Rich is and I know the controversy surrounding him and I like Chris Kattan, but this sketch didnt do anything for me. For Clinton to give this guy a pardon was an absolute joke. Lousy sketch.

MUSIC DON HENLEY - Good to see him play one of his older songs. I actually like this song. I dont think it was as good live though.

50 GREATEST ATHLETES - JAMES CORCORRAN - Nothing but a filler sketch here. I thought it was garbage. Some people I talked to liked it. Good acting by Conan though.

Looking back, this show was better than I first thought when I originaly watched it. I think Conan did a good job hosting and I hope he will be back again, but he doesnt seem like the repeat host type. The show wasnt I expected, but that is the norm for this season. Don Henley was also a solid performer. I usually dont give high marks to shows when Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan dont play big roles, and tonight is no exception. It was good for this seasons standard though. I guess I will give this show mixed reviews.

WORST SKETCH OF THE NIGHT - Taint sketch with Horatio, Marc Rich
ACTOR OF THE NIGHT - Conan. No cast memmber really stood out.

Episode Review written by Ben Keeler

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