Rob Lowe / Eminem
October 7, 2000

SNL is back, and so am I. For those of you (well, virtually everyone) who don't know me, my name is Wendy Wittwer. I've actually reviewed for Sean's amazing website twice before, but I highly doubt anyone would remember that but me. Anyway, I have a goal this year to review every single broadcast of SNL. It probably won't happen, but I'm sure gonna try. Although I'm no Mark Polishuk or Jordan Davidson, I'm still giving this reviewing a shot. So here I am.
Here are some tidbits of info about yours truly. I was born and raised in Murray, Utah. Yes, Utah. Murray's a suburb of Salt Lake City, whose only real claim to fame is hosting the 2002 Winter Olympics. Contrary to popular belief, most normal Utahns are not hicks. Unless of course, your hometown's name is something like Penguitch or Grantsville. And yes, those are real Utah city names. I personally am not a hick, and I don't even know many people who are. I'm not planning on marrying my brother or becoming someone's polygamist wife number 57. 'Nuff said. I love to act and I love to sing, consequently I have already been in several plays/musicals. My current project is a production of "7 Brides for 7 Brothers," which may interfere with writing reviews for this web page if the evil tyrant director has anything to do with it. Most of my friends think SNL is dumb and dirty, but the select few of us with the more refined taste watch it all the time.
I've seen some of Rob Lowe's stuff, and I had very mixed feelings about his hosting the season premiere of SNL. I thought he would have been better suited for hosting or a cameo after the season's beginning, but I'm not Lorne Michaels, am I. Eminem is a foul man, but still can be humorous at times. So I'm going into this show not expecting much I guess.
OPENING: Presidential Debate
Hammond's Gore impression has improved immensely, so he deserves major points for that one. I've always liked Ferrell's GW Bush. Some of the dialogue was a little dry, and the timing was a bit off, but overall a pretty solid opening. I may sound ignorant, but who was the mediator-guy? I thought it might have been Parnell, but I don't know... This sketch reminds me of the pathetic future the USA has if Gore OR Bush wins the the election. Ugh.
rating: 8/10
quotable quotes: "In my plan, the locked box would also be camouflaged" D.H.
"Strategery" and "Lock Box" W.F. and D.H.
Intro- I really like the new look. The cast intro, the new set, everything. It's just awesome.
Of course, following the standard Q&A with the audience. Some of the questions were funny, but others fell far short of the mark. Lowe can hold his own onstage though.
rating: 6/10
Ok, I thought this commercial was hilarious. I love Tracy Morgan, it's so good to see him in more than one sketch per episode. Nice to see Maya Rudolph getting air time as well. Very clever and well done.
rating: 9/10
quotable quotes: "No they didn't!" "Yes they did!" T.M. & M.R.
This was great. What a kook Ralph Nader is to think he's got a shot at the presidency, we all know we're going to be stuck with Bush or Gore. What a dismal thought. I enjoyed this bit. I saw Mr. Nader on the Daily Show and he was pretty funny, so it was a nice touch to see him on SNL. This sketch reminds me of what I do every time my parents talk to me, so I found it even more funny.
rating: 9/10
quotable quotes "Wait a second, it that a mirror? Why yes it is!" Rob Lowe
Overall pretty good. It's really too bad Jimmy Fallon looks and sounds NOTHING like Dennis Miller. Other than that, he did a great job. The head wobble was so funny- classic Dennis Miller. Ferrell had the best lines, I was cracking up!
rating: 8/10 (lowered for the vulgarity at the end. not necessary.)
I was in hysterics with this sketch. Rob Lowe's impression was so great! It's too bad Chris Parnell wasn't in the show more tonight, he did very well in this sketch. Who was scooby, by the way? This was epoch. Very well done. I will now be incorporating the word "zoinks" into my vocabulary frequently.
rating: 9.5/10
quotable quotes: "Strong poorly pronounced words from a large dog." A.G.
"Like zoinks, I didn't know you felt that way." C.P.
MUSICAL GUEST: Eminem f/Dido
This is a change from the other Eminem crap I've heard. I actually enjoyed it, believe it or not. Yes, it's a record setting evening for SNL. I've given high ratings to sketches, and I enjoyed the musical guest. Somebody give Lorne a medal. Or more ether. Which ever he prefers.
rating: n/a
WOW! I never thought they'd pull it off, but they did. Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey are going to rock this season. Wow. All they need is a little less time between jokes and they're set. Tim's appearance was predictable, and disgusting as usual. I don't care for the Ladies Man, I know I'm probably the only SNL fan on the planet to say so, but it gets too vulgar too fast. But it was still a funny appearance. I loved the Old School rappers- very inventive way to get Eminem in a sketch. I like this new Jerry Minor guy. He should be interesting to watch. The material for update was great. I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of this season's WU.
rating: 9/10
Well, this seems like a poor way to try and get Molly in the show. I believe STRONGLY that her time is up with SNL, but whatever. It was an ok sketch, and it really dragged.
rating: 6/10
quotable quote: "I'd really rather not talk about it right now... no just kidding!" W.F.
Ok, the repetition is not good with me. But Lowe's impression was good, I suppose. And I like trampolines.
rating: 6/10
I can't stand this song anymore. I'm sick of it. It needs to leave my memory forever. Detroit what.
rating: n/a
This was the best sketch of the night. I was laughing so hard I almost fell off the couch. Classic SNL right here. I loved this sketch. I've never given a perfect 10 in my reviews before, but this sketch deserves it. HILARIOUS! Brendan Frasier is awesome- too bad he's not hosting.
rating: 10/10!!
Not quite as good as the Talk Show Olympics, but this was also very funny. The best two sketches of the night were saved for the 10 to 12 (Utah time) slot. We don't get SNL live here because Utah's NBC won't air it, so the WB has to every saturday at 10:30. It's messed up. But the sketch was awesome.
rating: 9.5/10
quotable quote: "You're going to have to do better than that, other countries!" C.P.
It's going to be a wild season, I can tell you that much. You know, as much as I can't stand Rachel Dratch, she probably deserved to be in at least one sketch tonight if she was going to be shafted in not becoming a cast member. I like Tina Fey and Jerry Minor, they'll be a great addition to the show. If Molly would just leave, I'd be a lot happier. But overall, I think everything will turn out great. Not a bad show at all, in fact, it was a great show. It didn't seem that Rob Lowe was in all that many sketches, which is interesting for a host, but I was glad. Great show! I'm looking forward to next week.
Detroit what. (I find it funny that people think that phrase is cool.)

Episode Review written by Wendy Wittwer

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