Rob Lowe / Eminem
October 7, 2000

A dissapointment. It felt empty without Tim Meadows, but I wish the best for him on his new show.

Opening- Debate 2000. This was too freaking long, but it was still good

Opening credits- Finally they changed the opening credits, I like these credits better then last years

Monolouge- It was OK but I think it could have been better

Commercial Parody- Corn chips nails. I couldn't stop laughing while I was watching this sketch, it was so halarious.

Sketch- Monday night football. I think Jimmy did a great Dennis Miller impression, so this was good

Ralph Nader meets Rob Lowe. I didn't understand this so please, someone tell me what the point of this was

Sketch- Scooby Doo on Court TV. This was OK, but who played the prisoner.

Musical Guest- Eminem and Dido perform Stan. Stan is one of my favorite songs off Eminems' new album and I cant wait to see the video to it.

Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey- I think the two old Rappers and Tim Meadows' apperance were outstanding, and I like Jimmy and Tina more then Colin Quinn

Sketch- Blind date at the airport bar. This was so stupid and I didn't understand a single thing in this sketch.

Sketch- Stone Phillips records Dateline NBC. What the hell was this, I have seen alot better sketches then this one

Sketch- SNL Olympics. I think the joke of this sketch was that the olympics were so low rated this year. Anyway it was OK but Brendan Fraser was a surprise.

Sketch- Dream team 2000. This was a good way to end the show because it showed how much the dream team sucked this year.

Overall view. It was a great show and I look forward to seeing more great episodes this season. But did anyone hear Brendan Fraser yelling " Bedazzelled October 20th " at the end?

Episode Review written by Shoguns

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