Rob Lowe / Eminem
October 7, 2000

Hello SNL Fans! My name is Reed Burton and I am here to briefly describe my
ratings system for my reviews. I use a four star rating system, from 0
stars for terrible to 4 stars for laugh out loud funny. Musical
performances will receive comments from me, but not ratings because I have
found that 99% of the musical performances have been great. If one receives
a rating, it will be a very low one. Otherwise, four stars is implied.


Opening: The debate was well organized and well performed. Darrell Hammond
has created a terrific Al Gore impression that rivals his Clinton in amount
of great quality. Will Ferrell does a great George W. Bush as well.
However, I feel that the writers must be Democrat because while Gore was
teased for his use of the word "lockbox," Bush was depicted as ignorant,
slow, and out of touch in a very lowbrow, insulting manner. My personal
political views aside, the debate was a terrific start to the 26th Season.
Rating: 3-3.5 stars

Monologue: The writers were trying to appeal to the type of audience who
likes competing shows like MAD TV and Howard Stern. I never thought I would
see SNL resort to immature "nice booty," "Gore's daughters are hot, dude!"
and blowjob jokes. Rob Lowe didn't get a chance to be funny and the writers
of the monologue should be ashamed. Heck, they bash MAD TV in the ratings
so why resort to their level of low class?
Rating: 1 star

Edible corn fingernails: Nothing special. Not good or bad.
Rating: 2 stars

MNF: Hammond, Ferrell, and Fallon do terrific impressions of Al Michaels,
Dan Fouts, and Dennis Miller, respectively.
Rachel Dratch as Melissa Stark and Jerry Minor and Eric Dickerson were well
done as well. However, the jokes fell flat quickly and Fallon, while he
does a good Miller, will never be able to even approach Dana Carvey's
Rating: 2.5 stars

Nader: Sketch was dull until Nader's well-written and well-spoken
monologue. This was Nader's third SNL appearance since 1978 and his
appearance alone earned extra points for this filler.
Rating: 2.5-3 stars

Court TV: Absurd and MAD TV-ish again. Scooby Doo and real life? I'm sorry,
doesn't work for me. Saving grace was Lowe's terrific Shaggy and the big
Scooby. The Yogi Bear reference was predictable since he and Scooby are
Hanna Barbera's two most famous characters.
Rating: 1.5-2 stars

Eminem #1: Dido has a beautiful voice. I have heard her before from the
theme to Roswell. Eminem did a powerful performance of a subdued song. I
realized something: He is obviously hurting in all of his lyrics. He is not
so much angry as he is insecure and afraid as he tries to hide his tears of
pain with rage, anger, and obscenities aimed at other people.

Weekend Update: It was wonderful to see a news show again after 2 years as
the Colin Quinn standup segment of SNL. Fallon and Fey have terrific
chemistry together and for the first time since Kevin Nealon did Update, WU
was truly a news program not a stand-up routine for the anchor. Seeing Tim
Meadows was a great expected surprise and he did a good segment. Horatio
Sanz makes a great black man and Eminem makes a great PG rapper.
Congratulations to Lorne for making such a great risk to return WU to the
Rating: 4 stars

Airport: Nothing Special. The dialogue was monotonous and boring but the
sketch wasn't bad, it just wasn't good.
Rating: 2 stars

Dateline: Rob Lowe does the best Stone Phillips impression that I have ever
seen. Personally, I felt his secons effort at the segment intro was the
best and the word "unbelievably" was not needed.
Rating: 3 stars

Eminem #2: He did another good performance although nothing could have
topped the first performance with Dido.

Kattan: The sketch was truly ridiculous, just like NBC's coverage of the
Olympics this year, so, the writers did their job. Why was Brendan Fraser
there? Good addition.
Rating: 3.5 stars

Dream Team: The US is truly arrogant and selfish in the Olympics. It is
hard to believe that many people didn't know that until Sydney. I would
have liked to see more parody footage by the cast (outtakes, maybe?) but
since I didn't watch the Olympics, the footage made itself into a great
Rating: 3.5 stars

Overall: The show started strong with the Debate sketch but hit the skids
with the monologue, a disappointing MNF sketch, and Court TV. Eminem and
Dido, Weekend Update, Dateline, and the Olympics brought the show back up
though. Guest spots by Ralph Nader, Tim Meadows, and Brendan Fraser were
well done too. Can't wait for next week with Kate Hudson and Radiohead!
Rating: 3-3.5 stars

Episode Review written by Reed Burton

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