Rob Lowe / Eminem
October 7, 2000

Hello America! My name is Nelson Antonio Bermudez. I may be new at this whole "reviewing SNL episodes" business, but I was always a SNL fan.....well...I shouldn't say "always". I actually became a fan during the summer of 1999. Ever since, I recorded over 200 episodes on 38 tapes. Am I that of an obsessive

Anyway, I would like to introduce myself before I go on with the episode review. I am hispanic. (You couldn't tell with the name, right?) Probably the only hispanic in the history of the world that likes SNL. (Latinos REPRESENT!) I am also a MST3k fan. (MST3k fans REPRESENT!) I've been a fan of MST3k since I was a little Mexican looking chubby kid back in 1994. (I'm 16, just in case you people wanted to know.) Us MST3k fans do this little thing at called "capping" (Cappers REPRESENT!) which is something I also do, but I would rather not explain the theory of cap to you SNL fans. Next time I'll bring an interpreter ,that way you'll understand, okay? (Want to learn about capping and want to see a couple of caps? Visit my "capper site" at, this is a plug! Who wants a piece of me?!) Plus, I'm not here to talk about MST3k. I'm here to talk about the season premiere of SNL!!...whoopee....

I knew that this SNL season we were going to see some changes. Cheri Oteri is gone. Us SNL fans will miss her dearly. Tim Meadows also ended his long SNL streak. Colin Quinn is gone. He is the best Weekend Update anchor since.....Norm MacDonald.....Not to mention that one of the SNL band members ( I forgot her name.) also quit during SNL's "summer vacation". Us SNL fans will also miss her dearly....I think.....I thought that the other veterans like Will Ferrell and Darrell Hammond (especially Darrell Hammond) would be gone. But they're still here for the ride. I also thought that this season would be a season of new cast members, but no. The only new cast member is Jerry don't count Tina Fey because even though she is new to the cast, she's been working and writing for SNL in the past years.) I'm glad to see that Rachael Dratch is still in SNL. She makes me laugh. Oh my God! Maya Rudolph actually got on her second season with SNL! I did not expect that! I thought they were going to cut her off like they did with those 3 episode, or 1 episode cast members back in '81 and '95.

Finally, after months of waiting and months of enjoyable and excruciating reruns, SNL returns! Happy 26th Anniversary.......The host was Rob Lowe, from the hit TV show, The West Wing. Do I watch the show? ....No.....The musical guest was a rapper that people love to hate but still buy his records, Eminem. Let me tell you something, when I first saw this guy in a music video back in early '99, I laughed. I just thought it would be another "Vanilla Ice Tragedy" or something...I mean, come on! A White Guy rapping? A White Guy, for crying out loud! To me, that's like a nun or a Jehovah Witness singing in a hard core heavy metal band. I did not know he would make it this far until now. Do I listen to his music? ...No......(Wow. A latino guy who doesn't listen to rap that often? How ironic!) Hhhmm...Rob Lowe and Eminem together? Who would make such a combination? Only SNL would! And I think that's why we like the show so much....I think....moving on.....

SNL was such on a delay on Saturday because of the baseball game and the stupid ass news, so I watched the Mad TV Season Premiere. Am I a Mad TV fan too? ...No....not really...Their past seasons were good but I believed that their last season sucked. I knew the season was going to be bad when I saw the season premiere episode last year. Some of their sketches were nonsense and were not funny. SNL last season had a good season premiere episode and a good season overall. Anyway, I saw the Mad TV Season Premiere and it was a great show. It was very funny. Can the season premiere of SNL do any better or do any worse? Let's find out....


Bush-Gore Debate:
I usually hate political sketches because they are so played out in SNL. Plus, I really don't follow politics that much, even though I probably should, but this sketch was funny. Chris Parnell, like always, looks funny. I liked the way Will Ferrell played George W. Bush in this sketch. He made him look totally stupid, which some people believe he is. I also liked the way Darrell Hammond played Al Gore. The whole lock box, pay per view choices and old lady thing was very funny. Probably one of the best political sketches on SNL to date. Grade: B+

(comment on the opening credits: Notice how in the opening credits, they said a cartoon from Robert Smigel would be featured in this episode? Is it just me, or did I miss the cartoon?)

Like always, SNL would always do this whole "questions and comments" monologue for some hosts. Sometimes they're funny, but sometimes it's not. This one, in my opinion, was not that funny. Grade: C-

Corn Chip Nail Tips commercial:
Tracy Morgan looks funny and Horatio Sanz, like always, looks funny too. That's it. Everything else was just plain stupid. I'm sorry, but I can't count this as a real parody commercial. Why? Because it's not funny. Grade: F

Monday Night Football:
I loved this sketch! Jimmy Fallon does a good Dennis Miller. I also liked Dan Fouts, Eric Dickerson and the recurring plugs of new shows from ABC. Only a channel like ABC would do such a thing. You should probably count this sketch as one of the funniest of the season, even though the season just started.
Grade: A-

Rob Lowe and Ralph Nader at backstage:
This sketch, if you would like to call it, was good overall, even though the ending was crumby. This sketch proves one thing though-Rob Lowe and Ralph Nader just don't mix. Grade: B-

Pros & Cons:
Great sketch idea. Rob Lowe didn't look that much like Shaggy even though he sounded a lot like him. To me, he looks like a clean shaven and stoned Abraham Lincoln. Overall, the sketch was great. Grade: B

Musical Performance-Eminem featuring Dido (dido?) :
Hhhmmm...Eminem performing a soft R & B song that involves love between a man and a woman and doesn't involve domestic violence? I never heard such a thing! But Eminem had to tone it down for SNL, so I understand. I don't like the song or the performance that much, even though Dido was okay. This musical performance was not at all great. In the words of true Eminem fans, this performance was gay. Grade: D+

Weekend Update:
I never thought I would see a guy like Jimmy Fallon become a Weekend Update news anchor, but you never know. Don't worry, thought! Jimmy Fallon is not alone! He is associated by SNL writer and new cast member Tina Fey...ggrrrr.....The jokes were funny. I especially liked the birthday card, quarter, and the Olympics jokes. "So suck on that, Portugal!" Ha Ha....what a classic! It was good to see Tim Meadows, or Leon Phelps, for that matter, back on the show. Damn! He quit the show and already appeared on the season premiere! Well, he had to do what he had to do, and that was to plug his movie. Not to mention "his show". The 2 old school rappers were okay, but I felt they could have done that segment better. A.C.-After Colin began this episode and the beginning so far looks good. Grade: B

Bitchy Woman on a date:
Really did not get the whole point of the sketch. It was quite moronic. Very dumb indeed. Grade:F

Stone Phillip outtakes:
I'm guessing this sketch was making fun of the fact that Stone Phillips only introduces segments on Dateline. It was an okay sketch idea but it doesn't necessarily mean that it was going to "laugh out loud" funny. Grade: D

Musical Performance-Eminem:
Just when you thought Eminem's musical performance on SNL couldn't get any gay, it does with this second musical performance! This song is so played out! Why, the first time I heard it was back in May and the last time I heard it was.....5 minutes ago......Eminem may be too hardcore for SNL, but it doesn't mean that he can't be entertaining. I mean, look at Kid Rock last season. Like Eminem, he's quite hardcore, but atleast he made his performance at SNL one to remember for Kid Rock and SNL fans alike. I did not understand why Eminem could not do the same. Grade: D-

Chris Kattan getting ready to compete in the Talk Show sketch:
At first, I didn't really like the sketch, but with close observation, I found out I did...a little...The way they portrayed Chris Kattan's parents as a transvestite and a monkey was very funny. Some people, believe it or not, believe that those were Chris Kattan's real parents....I wonder why.....The part about Tracy Morgan not being able to compete because of his drug use was funny. This was quite a good sketch. I got to give them that. Grade: B-

Dream Team 2000 commercial:
At the first seconds of this commercial, I was thinking "What are these guys doing?" Then I found out that this parody commercial was a very funny one, especially compared to the first parody commercial of the season. Man, what a disgrace. I liked this parody commercial for a couple of reasons. One of them was to show how our American athletes acted like assholes during the Olympics. This was a very good parody commercial. Grade: B

Overall Grade: B- Right before the season premiere of SNL started, I felt that this episode was going to be hot. I expected a lot more from this episode. Like more funny sketches and good musical performances. 3 surprises however made this season premiere something to think about. I did not see one single trace of Rachael Dratch anywhere. The cartoon from Robert Smigel, which I love always, was nowhere to be found and I actually saw Maya Rudolph twice in one episode of SNL! I guess that breaks her streak. Expect to see more of her later. The point I was trying to make on paragraph 5 (The paragraph about Mad TV and SNL) was that last year, Mad TV had a poor season premiere, which resulted in a poor season. Last year, SNL had a good season premiere, which resulted in a good season. This year, however, Mad TV had a great season premiere, with a very great musical performance from No Doubt. This year, SNL had an okay season premiere with a rather poor musical performance from Eminem. Even though the season premiere of SNL was good overall, it was not as good as the season premiere of Mad TV. Can roles reverse this year? Will this mean that Mad TV will have a good season and SNL would have a bad season overall? We'll just have to find out.

Stay tuned this Saturday for episode #2 of SNL with the cute gal from "Almost Famous", Kate Hudson, and musical performance by Radiohead, who just released their new album, Kid A, last week. Let's hope this would be a better episode than the season premiere, or I would sue SNL, and that's a threat! (jk) Also stay tuned next week for my second episode review! Same Nelson reviews, same Nelson channel! Whoopee........

Classic line from this episode: "So suck on that, Portugal!"-Jimmy Fallon

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Episode Review written by Nelson Bermudez

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