Rob Lowe / Eminem
October 7, 2000

Thank God the first episode of the season finally arrived...I was having withdrawals. This is my first episode review, I hope you like it. Before I begin I wanna stress how sad I am that Cheri Oteri has left. She will be terribly missed and I do hope she comes back to host someday. Anyway, on with the review.

Here's how my Grading Scale works:
A-Potential to be a Favorite
B-this goes to skits that I LOL'ed at
D-not funny whatsoever
F-a waste of time


(OPENING) Gore/Bush Debate
Comments: Well, its not surprising that the opening bored me. Im not saying that its not funny...Im just not into the whole presidential debate thing.

Grade: C

Comments: Same old thing, monologue is no longer a monologue when a member of the audience asks a always.

Grade: C

(COMMERCIAL) Corn Chips Nail Tips
Comments: This one is really funny now that I think about it. Tracy is awesome.

Grade: C

(SKIT) Monday Night Football
I think I worked too long today...Im being a total crab about these grades. Anyway, This one gets points for another great impression by Jimmy Fallon. He had Dennis Miller's mannerisms down. (yes i do realize that i potentally spelled that wrong, I also find it hard to capitalize "i". )

Grade: C (c is not bad people!)

(SKIT) Nater speaks with Lowe
This was entertaining while I watched it. Not something Id like to watch over and over, but definetly smile and chuckle worthy. : )

Grade: C (hmm..maybe I need a knew grading scale)

(SKIT) Court TV
I was afraid this was going to be a little too "news"y for me, but when I saw Rob Lowe as Shaggy I knew it was going to be good. He sounded just like him. Great Job Rob.

Grade: B (im gonna go ahead and tell will be rare for a skit to get an 'A')

(MUSICAL GUEST) Eminem featuring Dido
Im not an Eminem fan but this was really cool. The chick had a cool voice.

Grade: B

I was a little nervose about the weekend update. I like seeing Jimmy do alot of skits and Im afraid it will cut his skit time out. I will say that unlike Colin (whom I happen to be a fan of) Tina and Jimmy kept me interested despite the fact that Im never watch the news nor care. And I think the best thing for the whole episode was the guest appearance by Tim Meadows. I miss him already!

Grade: B+

(SKIT) Blind Date at Airport Bar
Geez...watching this skit made ME uncomfortable. I loved the skit simply because it had 3 of the leftover disected cast. (or something like that.) It could have used a better ending though.

Grade: B

(SKIT) Dateline
Overall, the skit was not that good, but when Rob started saying the trampoline opening 3 times in a row I couldn't help but bust out laughing. I think he said some things backwards too. Hehe.

Grade: B

Same old thing.

Grade: D

(SKIT) That Chris Kattan Thing
Ahh...Finally. Too bad it was more a teaser than a skit.

Grade: B+

(COMMERCIAL) Dream Team 2000
What the....?

Grade: F


BEST SKIT: The weekend update was most entertaining
HOST GRADING: B...I think Rob did really well
FINAL COMMENTS: Maybe it was just where I live, but the show was delayed and why did it say that there was going to be a cartoon by Robert Smigel and there wasn't? The thing that urked me the most was that Rachel was no where to be found. And they should have had some recurring characters in there. Maybe a boston teens or a not asking for much here. But like I mentioned, Keep in mind Im in a bad mood. Anyway, I can't wait for next week...I love Radiohead!

Episode Review written by Marie Royce

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