Rob Lowe / Eminem
October 7, 2000

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This week:

Rob Lowe with musical guest EMINEM


Candidates Debate:

Players: Darrell Hamond, Will Ferrell, and Chris Parnell

A surprisingly good sketch. Derrell Hamond is always dead on with his
impressions he's a great asset to the show. Will Ferrell has really
found a good person to impersonate this time ( hopefully Bush wins so
that Will can develop his impression of him ) . The visual effects on
this sketch were very believable and it looked like the the debate
except for the camera men behind Hamond and Ferrell who kept stealing
some air time when they would switch shots but I understood why they
kept showing up. This was what I thought the best sketch of the night
and made me think I was in for a treat. One word for this sketch:
STRATIGISM and this sketch had it.

Memorable moment: Bush is asked a question and responds "Pass."

Grade: A

( Monologue )

Rob Lowe:
In this monologue Lowe promotes his show West Wing and is asked
questions about political issues.. The questions were stupid and not
real funny. I don't know about you but I'm sick of these question and
answer monologues they don't go anywhere. Writers putting themselves in
the audience to ask stupid questions, it does get obvious when you see
the same people ask questions in many different shows. ( and introduce
themselves once ). They should look at Robin William's or Norm
Macdonald's monologues for help on how to write a monologue.

Memorable moment: Rob Owe says "We have a great show for you." I
remember that cause I think he should take it back.

Grade: D

( Commercial )

Corn Chip Nail Tips:
A great idea for a commercial it was catchy and it had a song which is
always good. If there's one thing that makes me remember something it's
a song. Tracy Morgan makes another great black woman he is very
versatile. Do you know when you see a good sketch that you get really
attached to as it goes along but then one person or joke ruins the
progressive flow of the sketch? Well Horatio Sanz did that in this
sketch as a bum on the subway who eats the dirty flavor chips. It just
didn't fit in the commercial. This is what I will refer to now and
forever more as a DERAIL!

Memorable Moment: when you find out what the product was.

Grade: B

( Sketch )

Monday Night Football:

Players: Darrell Hamond, Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, Tracy Morgan, and
featured player

In this sketch Darrell Hamond, Will Ferrell and Jimmy Fallon play the
anchors of Monday Night Football just before game time. I don't watch
this program so I can't tell you who anybody except Jimmy was playing.
Although I like Dana Carvey's impression of Dennis Miller better I still
thought Fallon was a good Dennis Miller as well. ( I really shouldn't
compare they were at two different times in Miller's life). The featured
player woman I couldn't stand she was unfunny and I hope that was only
written bad and it wasn't her. This sketch had more potential to poke
fun of Miller but didn't. Overall it was pretty good.

Memorable Moment: Will Ferrell explaining to the viewers of MNF how you
win in football by having the most points at the end of the game.

Grade: B-


Lowe meets Ralph Nader:

We've seen it before a small little stunt to promote someone or
something and this show is full of them. This sketch starts with Lorne
Michaels speaking to Ralph Nader back stage as Robe Lowe comes off stage
to go for the next sketch. Rob is left alone with Nader who rambles on
and on while a inner- monologue of Lowe is heard and then the same for
Nader. Although I love to see as much of the studio as possible and I
love it when they put Lorne into sketches I couldn't stand this
in-between sketches sketch it went nowhere.

Memorable Moment: Rob sees a mirror and starts complementing himself on
his looks while Nader rambles.

Grade: C-



Court TV:

Players:: Ana Gastyer, Chris Parnell, Rob Lowe

This sketch was my favorite sketch of the night. In this sketch Gastyer
plays the host of a show who interviews the lawyer ( Chris Parnell ) of
a convicted criminal who dressed up in costumes to scare people out of
an amusement park. On the other side of the debate is Shaggy ( Rob Lowe
) and Scooby Doo. The debate was whether Scooby and the gang had the
right to "meddle" in other people's business. The sketch was very
creative and made me wonder if that was Rob Lowe doing Shaggy's voice or
not. Also the costume designers have to be commended on the great puppet
costume for Scooby Doo. I love these kind of sketches where they take
cartoons and make fun of them. Such great examples of these sketches are
Charlie Brown splits his head open, a peanuts farewell to Charles Shultz
and the Behind the music of Fat Albert. All the cartoon sketches are
exceptional and this too the list.

Memorial Moment: Scooby and the gang are told that they have been
charged with Vehicular "Meddling".

Grade: A+




EMINEM featuring Dido:
Song: "Stan"
Good considering it's one of the only clean songs that he can change
the words to and have it still make sense. How many times are we gonna
here the lyric "I drank a fifth of vodka. Dare me to drive?" It's in
like all his songs.

Grade: B -

Update with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey:
Ok guys good try. Wait let's emphasize TRY. This was so disorganized it
wasn't funny, who was gonna say what and when. Where were all the
stories? They've had a break for four months and all they can think of
is petty jokes about the candidates and some stupid breaks in between
stories where Fallon and Fey talk meaningless chatter. Jimmy stick to
the comic acting you are to good to be sitting behind a desk. All the
anchors of Update started like you. Don't wind up like Norm and Colin
they didn't start behind that desk but they ended it that way. I
wouldn't want to see Fallon go to waste when they don't put him in
anymore sketches except for a over the speaker telephone conversation
with someone like Colin did. That's all Colin did after he was put
behind the desk. Remember Leo the Lion? Now that was when we saw great
things from Colin.. Hopefully Tina Fey can write both their ways out of
this mess for the sake us all of us. You want to hear my opinion for an
anchor? Chris Parnell. He's got that news person look to him and voice.
But I wouldn't wanna lose him either.

Memorable Moment: Seeing Britney Spears in that flesh colored out fit
from VMA all over again and then hearing Fey comment on how Britney's
breast feel.

Grade: D

Commentary from the Ladies' Man:

Yet another publicity stunt which if done differently I think would
have paved the way for a successful opening for Tim Meadow's movie. The
Ladies' Man comments on what is and is not appropriate for movies today
which leads into him saying that the best movie to go see this season is
"The Ladies' Man". Tim breaks character on purpose when asked why he
came back, Tim says he missed his friends and the show and to promote
'The Michael Richards Show". The first time I have ever considered this
character to be not amusing. I think if they should have held the best
of Tim Meadows special until the night of the premiere and showed it as
a publicity stunt like they did for "A Night At The Roxbury" when they
showed The Bad Boys of SNL special. Then the season premiere with
Cameron Diaz included the final Roxbury sketch in the show. They should
have done the same for this movie and did the final sketch during this
season premiere.

Memorable Moment: The Ladies' Man pulls out a giant poster for his movie

Grade: C-

Commentary from rappers:

A commentary I could easily forget. I already have cause I don't
remember the names of the rappers that Tracy Morgan and a new black male
featured player portrayed, but they talked about the way rap used to be
like putting your hands up in the air. In the end EMINEM joined the
rappers in an "old school" rap.

Memorable Moment: can't think of any

Grade: C-


Blind Date:

What the hell was this supposed to be? Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon
are two people who meet each other for a blind date in a bar at an
airport while Chris Kattan is the bartender that takes their orders and
checks on them. And that's where it ends folks ! There is not one single
line or moment that I found even remotely funny and it made all three
actors look bad. It seemed like all three were approached by someone and
were told "We don't have enough sketches to fill the time. Here's a idea
that popped into my mind right now and I want you to improv it on air.
And I don't want to hear the audience laugh!" That's what it seemed
like. I was disgusted and almost went to bed.

Memorable Moment: This one goes in the books as the biggest sketch flop
ever to go on air. I've laughed at funnier things on Mad TV and that's
hard to do.

Grade: E


Song: Real Slim Shady
This song has run its course and now needs to die and get locked in
EMINEM's basement with Dr. Dre. Oh wait trailers don't have basements!

Memorable Moment: EMINEM points to the camera as he sings the line about
Fred Durst.

Grade: B


Dateline NBC:

Players:: Rob Lowe, and Will Ferrell

In this sketch Rob Lowe plays I think it was Stone Phillips, and he's
rehearsing the head lines for the week's shows. They get to Tuesday and
Phillips keeps rehearsing the headline for Tuesday's show about
trampolines. He does it like 15 times and in between takes Will Ferrell
plays the stage manager who kisses Phillips' butt. I thought that this
was gonna be a redo of the old "Gerald Ford shot today..." sketch that
Dana Carvey did years back. It wasn't. Very unoriginal.

Memorable Moment: Um...

Grade: D



Chris Kattan:

There is hope after all. This sketch showed the goofy originality that
SNL is made of. Kattan plays himself entering the acting space ready to
"compete against the other players" like in the Olympics. The whole
sketch is based on the way the Olympics spotlights a athlete and gives
some background info on them before they compete. A little disappointed
that they prepare us for a sketch about books or something but they
don't do anything with it. I love the part about the flooding of his
apartment and his father being a monkey.

Memorable Moment: The announcer says that fellow "teammate" Tracy Morgan
could not "compete" tonight due to testing positive on a drug test.

Grade: A-


America's Dream Team:

This commercial was "selling" videos making fun of our dream team and
other athletes who embarrassed us at the Olympics. More of a message to
me than a joke. But still I got it I chuckled.

Memorable Moment: continuous replays of Amy Van Dyken spitting into the
opponent's lane.

Grade: B-


Will Ferrell was dressed for a sketch we never saw and Tim Meadows got
another word in for October 13.

I do the final grade for the entire show mathematically as follows:

D-=1 C-=4 B-=7 A-=10
E=0 D=2 C=5 B=8 A=11
D+=3 C+=6 B+=9 A+=12

All grades for each sketch are averaged using this system to add and
divide. Numbers do not get rounded up. 9.9999999 is still a B + for the
final grade.

Entire Show Grade: C

I wish I could give it lower but I'm being fare using my system. This
was a terrible opener. Worse than last year's Jerry Seinfeld episode as
an opener ( Even that had recurring characters in it ) Since Tim Meadows
isn't part of the cast his recurring character doesn't count anymore nor
does impressions on people. This show had no characters nothing you
could relate to. I was upset.

Well it's been fun writing this for you. I hope you've had as much fun
reading it as I have had watching these shows and now reviewing them.
There might just be a job in this for me after all. But well see what I
can do on SNL in a couple of years first !

If ya wanna chat or write to me: E-mail-
screenname: canteenboy30

I'm always willing to talk to anyone whos willing to talk to me!

See Ya all around or on TV!

Episode Review written by Jon Young

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