Rob Lowe / Eminem
October 7, 2000

Hey, I'm John and this is my first SNL Review. Before I review the episode,
after I heard what the cast was going to be, I thought that the show was
going to be like what it was 10 years ago: lots of surviving cast members,
and new featured players ready to fill their slots when they leave. Rob
Lowe, is of course, one of the stars of 'The West Wing', the 9-Emmy winning
drama on NBC. I'll admit I have never seen an episode. The musical guest is
Eminem, who won 3 MTV Video Music Awards in September and is known for
pretty much trashing anything he doesn't like.

On with the review...........

COLD OPENING-Bush / Gore debate----
At first I didn't know who was playing Jim Lehrer, but I noticed it was
Chris Parnell after a minute or two. Ferrell & Hammond's Bush & Gore
imprssions are very good as well. I liked how Gore kept on bringing up the
'lock box', and how Bush kept on zoning out. All in all, this was a pretty
good sketch, and the only thing that prevents it from getting a B+ is i
think it ran WAY too long.
JOHN'S OBSERVATIONS:At the beginning, Lehrer (Parnell) talked about other
stuff on TV you could watch, and if my memory is good, Diane Sawyer (Jan
Hooks) did a joke of the same kind twelve years ago in the debate sketch
back then.....

I liked this montage, and the theme had a very strong beat. They have moving
pictures in the opening montage again! Well, there are 9 regulars & 4
featured players, so every cast member should get some airtime, hopefully.
JOHN'S OBSERVATIONS:Rachel Dratch is still featured, huh? Oh well, let's
hope she's a regular in Fall 2001.

The monologue was very funny, especially when Jim Downey asked Rob Lowe
about what room the blowing was in. Otherwise, not really very special, but
a hell of a lot better than the crappy monologue Jerry Seinfeld foisted on
us last season.
JOHN'S OBSERVATIONS:Same monologue set? Hmmmm...guess the opening montage
was quite ambitious.

This was pretty stupid, but still quite funny. I can't really say much

I think I sound sacreligious to SNL saying this, but I quite liked Jimmy
Fallon's Dennis Miller impression, with the laugh & the hair tossing. All
the other impressions were good, but not that special. Ferrell & Hammond are
still dominating the show in their sixth season? Wow, I think we have a
latter-day Hartman-Nealon. By the way, I do like the cast from 1986 to 1990,
I'm just noticing a lot of similarities because the 1986-1990 cast & the
1996-2000 cast are my favorites.
JOHN'S OBSERVATIONS:Jimmy has done impressions of Dennis Miller, Chris Rock,
Adam Sandler, and Gilbert Gottfried. I wonder which other former cast member
he'll impersonate next. My guess is Jay Mohr.

Lorne is really getting old. Well, I liked this, I thought it was very
funny. The way Rob kept on think Ralph wsas from 'St.Elmo's Fire' or one of
his agents, and then Ralph though Rob was some sort of an idiot.
RATING:B+ (I know I'm giving a lot of the skecthes this!)

This was VERY Funny. The whole Shaggy-Scooby idea was brilliant. And Rob can
really do the Shaggy voice well. Chris & Ana were great, as usual, in their
roles as well.

EMINEM & DIDO, "Stan"----
Eminem, I suggest you stay with faster songs. And wow, the musical guest is
the same too? Wow, Lorne must have wanted to really keep extra cash around
or something. Back on the subject I didn't like this song.

I liked the opening segment. It looks just like a news show. And the
chomascreen is gone. The two anchors played very well on eachother, and I
was surprised how well Jimmy can do as an Update anchor. He can really do
the news. By the way, I could never imagine Colin Quinn saying "suck on that
portugal!". The Ladies Man segment was hilarious. God, is Tim gonna pull a
Lovitz this season?? The Woman's News thing with Tina was hilarious,
especially seeing the reaction on Jimmy after Tina talked about touching
Britney's breasts. The rapper thing was stupid, but it wasn't that damaging.
Oh, and by the way, with media under fire for being too violent & raunchy,
who didn't think Eminem wouldn't show up on Update? I'll admit the rapper
thing was a bit funnier when good ol' Eminem came in.
JOHN'S OBSERVATIONS: Jimmy & Tina have a tagline at the beginning and end,
making them the first anchors since Dennis Miller to have that. "Have a
pleasant tomorrow" has returned. Maybe they can try "I'm Jimmy Fallon and
I'm outta here!" next week. AHA! The Miller impression must have rubbed off
on Jimmy to do such a great job at Update!

Was this supposed to be like 'Blind Date TV' or something??? I was glad to
see the talented Molly not being some energetic freak! Will is lowered down
to a skit like this? Well, he got stuck in 1-800-Eat-SH** last year's
premiere so it can happen. All in all, the skecth was OK, and I'm glad to
see that Molly can do real people. Too bad we never got to see Cheri try
JOHN'S OBSERVATIONS: I saw Molly on Rosie O'Donnell in March, and she used
the same expressions when she talked with Will. Also, with Will, Molly, and
Kattan, this skit could have taken place in March 1996. Another comparison
to the '86-'90 cast, in which there were skits in March 1992 that used cast
members all around in March 1987.

Too Repetitive, but they used the host again. You know the host has been
screwed when Ferrell is in more skits than him or her. Lowe got Stone
Phillips dry voice down very well.

EMINEM, "The Real Slim Shady"----
I liked this performance. Eminem has redeemed himself. I like this song,
I'll admit it!

I think they did this just to use good ol' Chris, who can be in much better
skits. What was the point of Brendan Fraser being in this? Oh well, it was
still funny in most cases, especially who his parents are and the gay
charachters joke.

God, we're quite an egotistical country, but we are the best, so suck on
that, Burkina Faso. Chris PArnell is announcing agin, gee, him & Darrell are
takin Don pardo's job from him! That's a good idea for a skit! I liked this,
it was funny.

Well, I was very satisfied, this show is much better than Jerry Seinfeld /
DAvid Bowie & we have Rob Lowe / Eminem. The host & musical guest did very
good jobs, even thougfh ferell is in every other skit (I like Will, I just
think he's too overused, use Jimmy & Chris Kattan more often!) Horatio &
Tracy were under Ferrell just one skit, with 3 skits apiece, including
commercials, so they're being used!!!!!! By the way, Rob was in 4 skits. I
hope to see you for my scond review next week with Kate Hudson & Radiohead.
Hudson is Goldie HAwn's daughter, which makes me think two things: Why
hasn't Goldie hosted & will she be a special guest next week??? I don't know
anything about Radiohead, all I know is they're quite good artists, or so I
hear. And I bet Tim Meadows will be on next week! I give the 2000-2001
premiere an A!!!!! That's my review. So good night, have a pleaseant
tomorrow, I'm outta here, and thats reviews to me!

Episode Review written by John Fitzsimmons

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