Rob Lowe / Eminem
October 7, 2000

[INTRO] Presidential Debate

Weak! I'm not a big fan of political sketches. It was extremely boring
and, in my opinion, no SNL-worthy.
=2out of 5=


I like the new credits design. It's definitely a change for the better.


Rob Lowe did a great job at reading the Q-Cards, but it might help if the
material on the cards was good. The material was weak ­ and, once again,
political. I believe that SNL takes US politics a lot further than they
should really go. Although, the part when the audience member commented on
Al Gore's daughter's being hot and the reactions it got from Rob Lowe and
the audience member were funny. That was classic SNL ­ and added bonus.
=3 out of 5=

[COMMERCIAL] Nail Tip Corn Chips

Great idea, relatively funny, but not taken to the fullest potential. Could
have been funnier.
=2.5 out of 5=

[SKETCH] Monday Night Football

Jimmy Fallon and Will Farell were definitely worth a lot of laughs. Jimmy's
Denis Miller impression was a classic and Will's body actions and talking
were great. Overall, not too bad.
=3 out of 5=

[SKETCH] Who is this Guy?

Classic SNL that I enjoyed extremely. It's good to finally see something
worth watching thus far.
=4 out of 5=

[SKETCH] Pros & Cons

Scooby Doo and Shaggy is all I have to say. Rob Lowe's shaggy impression
was great and the sketch is general was pretty damn funny. Once again ­
classic SNL.
=4 out of 5=


White rappers suck ­ which's all I can say. The whole thing sort of
reminded me of those annoying sounds that people just can't stand.
=0 out of 5=


A change from Colin Quinn's days the past two seasons, but I like the
format. Tina Fey's voice is annoying, but tolerable. Ladies Man was a
classic and gratifying ­ just and added bonus ­ freakin' awesome. Weekend
Update is always a treat.
=4.5 out of 5=

[SKETCH] Blind Date

What the heck was the point of that? Boring! Boring! Boring!
=0 out of 5=

[SKETCH] Dateline

Rob Lowe looks and sounds damn close to Stone Phillips ­ great impression.
Unfortunately, there was no point to the sketch ­ it was lame ­ but a few
laughs. =2 out of 5=


Aaaaah! Not again ­ oh the insanity!
=0 out of 5=

[SKETCH] A Closer Look into Chris Katan
Classic SNL ­ freakin' hilarious ­ I loved it. The best sketch ever thus
far. Too bad the whole show wasn't like this.
=5 out of 5=

[COMMERCIAL] Dream Teams 2000

Not to bad. I had myself a few laughs. It was on the verge of classic SNL.
=3 out of 5=

=33 out of 65= (51% GOOD)

That's it ­ it's over. What's up with that? I can't believe they had such
a terrible show for their season opener. In my opinion, it's one of the
worst I've ever seen. It's nothing compared to Cameron Diaz/Smashing
Pumpkins opener in 1998. Whatever ­ the rest better be better.

Episode Review written by Daniel Humenny

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