Rob Lowe / Eminem
October 7, 2000

Hey gang. It's me Bob Barron who reviewed a couple of
SNLs last year. My goal is to review every one this
year. I grade on a scale of DUD-*****.


Pre-Show Thoughts-
Rob Lowe has hosted twice before and his 2nd time is
one of the best SNLs I've ever seen. I will miss
Colin, Cheri and Tim and hope Lorne has some new blood
to the show. Message to NBC: Get me my tickets.

Cold opening-Presidential Debate
Good skit to start the year. They overdid the Lock Box
thing but I loved it when Bush said, "Don't mess with
Texas" and pass. They also should've had Bush say
fuzzy math. Wasn't SNL going to air some presidential
special? ***1/2

In the monologue they either sing or take questions
from the audience. Good to see Jim Downey and that
lady who always asks the question. She was in the
Marguiles one. ***

Commercial-Corn Chip Nail Tips
Not funny. Tracey-I beg you. Leave the show. DUD

Monday Night Football-
You have to watch MNF to laugh at this. Jimmy's Dennis
was okay. I haven't Melissa Stark yet so I don't know
if that was funny. **

Ralph Nader meets Rob Lowe-
Good to see Nader back on SNL and seriously they
should let him debate. Overall good use of Nader and I
hope either Bush or him wins. ***

Court TV with Scooby and Shaggy-
Really funny skit where they talked about all the
meddling. Rob Lowe was hysterical as Shaggy. I'm
taking off a point for the Scrappy reference. ***1/2

Eminem with Dido-
Is Dido some whore he hired for the night? Really sick
song. I read in Entertainment Weekly that GLAAD didn't
want NBC to put Eminem on. If they did put him on they
wanted to hear a public service announcement. If I
recall I think they may have aired one with Eric
McCormack later in the show. *

Weekend Update-
Tina Fey is the first featured player to do Update. I
was opposed to a women anchor (they hadn't had one
since 1982) and using Jimmy (he's so talented, he
should do skits) but I really liked this. The
co-anchor thing works and seeing Tim back was awesome.
The rappers were funny and I do think they should do
point-counterpoint. They should come up with a better
closing line though. Overall- great job. ****

Blind Date-
Awkward moments aren't funny. *

Dateline NBC-
I watched ECW for a sec so I missed a little but it
was funny. **1/2

He said shit and head. **1/2

Chris Kataan as athlete-
NBC aired a promo like this before the show. I really
think those are his parents. Is Brendan Frasier here
just to plug his movie? Get's the standard a point
off for Chris. ***1/2

Dream Team V Video-
How did they get away this. Anyway really funny ad and
it's true- The Dream Team sucks. ***1/2

Bottom line-The average skit is a 2.5 which is a
thumbs up. There was a couple of that sucked but there
was a lot of good which is good. Hopefully Kate Hudson
will up that. If they cut out some of the crap this
would've been awesome.

Final analysis- Thumbs Up.

Episode Review written by Bob Barron

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