Jennifer Lopez
February 10, 2001

Hello, my name is Renee Epstein, and I have an unhealthy obsession with Monty Python. But I'm not gonna get into that now...

I currently have a fever of 100.7 and I'm really really congested and tired, so if I seem a tad incoherent, it's not my fault...

All right, since I obviously have nothing else that's remotely interesting to say, let's move on to the review.

[Pre-Show Thoughts]
All right, so this is, like, the fifth time ever that someone's been the host and the musical guest. Nifty. But I have to say that Jennifer Lopez is a considerably better actress than she is a singer. (Except that "The Wedding Planner" looks like just about one of the stupidest movies released in the last six months...and they're running out of titles, aren't they? That title is just too similar to "The Wedding Singer"...and I'm guessing the premise is pretty much the same, too, right? Basically?) Anyhoo...Jennifer should be pretty good in the sketches, but I don't have high hopes for the music. So...yeah.


[OPENING] Will Apologizes to Jennifer
I liked how Tracy was subbing for Will as Bush...and he wasn't doing a bad job with Bush's facial expressions at first...anyhoo, that was funny.
The ass jokes got really old, though (especially after the bit on the Thursday primetime extra).
I always love it when Lorne shows up...I was kinda hoping he would say "Live from New York..." but, ya know...
Oh yeah, I had another objection: why did they have to screw with the "Live from New York..." line? "Live from New York it's Jennifer Lopez's booty"? I think not.
Is anyone else sick of hearing about her ass besides me? God.

Grade: B


[MONOLOGUE] Jennifer Lopez
This was okay...I guess...nothing spectacularly funny here.
And I HATE that damn ugly Grammy dress with a passion.

Grade: C+


[COMMERCIAL] Cracklin' Oat Flakes...Now With Ecstasy!
This was just as funny as it was the first time.
Hee hee hee hee hee.
Ya gotta love this...not that I condone it at's just really funny.

Grade: A


[SKETCH] Oh hell, it's Mango again...
I used to like Mango. The concept was funny the first two or three times. Now it's just plain irritating.
At least it was a twist on the usual premise.
Mango's rap was slightly amusing...and the Madonna parody was great, I loved that.
I wish we could have seen more of Ana's Celine Dion...
Tracy as Aretha Franklin was kinda funny, too.
This had a bit of a throwaway ending, though, doncha think?

Grade: B-


[SKETCH] Gemini's Twin on MTV Cribs
Yay! I like these characters, and thank god they're not just having them appear on TRL all the time...
This was great. This was funny. I liked it. There's not much else to say.

Grade: A-


[CARTOON] Ray of Light
Oh lordy...
I just died laughing at this one.
My god, this was great.
I'm glad Robert Smigel hasn't abandoned SNL entirely...Comedy Central's TV Funhouse is getting downright irritating to me now, so I've stopped watching it. But I always have enjoyed his SNL work (and his stints as Triumph the Insult Comic Dog on Late Night with Conan O'Brien), and so I'm glad he hasn't stopped it altogether.
Okee, time to move on.

Grade: A


That J. Lo name is gonna get old fast...that's what I'm predicting...
She really has limited vocal skills, doesn't she? I mean, I have a bigger range than she does...she really should stick to acting.
It's a bad sign when the back-up singers sound better than the lead...

(I don't usually grade the


[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey
Here I go: JIMMY!!!
Okee, now that I've gotten that out of my system...
Implying that Eminem's gay...hmmmm...I'm guessing Eminem's not gonna be in any big rush to appear on SNL again after that crack...(it was funny, though...)
The bit with Wilson the Volleyball insulting Tom Hanks was pretty cute...and I just about flipped out when Tom himself came on to take the volleyball away. I love Tom! He's great. He should host SNL again soon...
I still haven't seen "Castaway", though...
Jerry was farking adorable as the 4th grader doing the Black History Month presentation. I nearly died laughing at that (it brought back some fond memories of my fourth grade experiences)...but it had a pretty lackluster ending, and that kinda ruined it.
On the whole this wasn't a bad Update, but they've done better, so...

Grade: ehhh...B+, I guess...


[SKETCH] Fly Girls Show Up at Jennifer's House
In Living Color was a funny show.
It's too bad I can't say the same for this sketch.

Grade: C


[COMMERCIAL] All the Damn Artists Who Contributed To The Soundtrack Of That Crappy-Ass Looking Movie "Valentine"...
This was too long and painfully unfunny.
And that's all there is to say.

Grade: C-


This song always gets stuck in my head, and it's better than the last one, but once again, I have to say that the back-ups sang much better than Jennifer herself...


[SKETCH] Good Morning Bronx
This was a good premise and could have gone somewhere, but it really didn't.
Rachel was slightly amusing. I cracked a smile.
And I was thrilled by the return of Dominican Lou! Yay!
Yeah, and he was pretty much the only thing I laughed at in this bit.

Grade: C+


Oh hell, not again.
I went off into a long rant about how NOT FUNNY Adam McKay is the last time he contributed a digital short, so I'll spare you from that again.
Jeez, why the hell do they allow his crappy unfunny films to appear on TV? What the fuck?! This wasn't nearly as bad as his last one (The Pervert...good lord, that was terrible), but it did suck. A lot. (As my friend Beebee said, "It sucked ass.")
The baby was cute, but Will just got on my nerves.
Bottom line: NOT FUNNY.
Damn it, writers, if you can't come up with enough material to fill a show, don't leave it to Adam McKay to provide something to eat up, this was bad.
Don't ever let McKay near a camera EVER AGAIN.

Grade: D


[SKETCH] Jeannie Darcy Performs at the Hospital
Oh god. Not again.
Why did they give this character a full sketch when it bombed on Weekend Update a few months ago? I know the whole point is that she's not funny...but it's not carried out very well at all...and it just comes off as really really dumb.
The whole thing with the woman dying during the performance was kinda stupid, too.
And Molly broke character YET AGAIN, goddamnit!!! I hate that so much it's not even funny! I'd only justify her laughing this time around if she was laughing at the fact that the sketch was so bad. But I doubt it. She breaks character far too much.
It's not a nice thing to say, but I'm glad she's leaving the show. She was far too overrated, and Mary Katherine Gallagher should NOT have been made into a movie. (I'm surprised Bruce McCulloch would stoop so low as to direct that piece of crap...)
Anyhoo, back to the subject: this was just not funny.

Grade: C-


[COMMERCIAL] Wade Blasingame, Esq.
This was more amusing the first time it aired, but whatever.
Chris Parnell was hilarious as the human behaving like a dog.
Funny stuff.
Poor doggies, though...(I hate hearing about dogs being put down...)

Grade: B+


[SKETCH] News From The Front--Bob Hope/Lena Thornberry
Darrell didn't do a bad Bob Hope...
This sketch just proved once and for all that I can sing miles better than Jennifer can...but whatever...
Okay, nobody cared about that, so let's move on...
The microphone blocked half of Jennifer's face, and that was kinda annoying.
And I'll bet you the show got phone calls about this. Veterans will not find this humorous at all. And for that matter, neither did it. I was kinda perverse, the way they were trying to make light of World farking War II. I mean, what the hell?!
This sketch was just in poor taste. Bad judgment on the writers' part.
I wasn't wild about this one, and I'll bet I'm not the only one who objected to it...

Grade: C-


And that's about it. Whew. I'm done. Yay!!!

Next week the host will be Sean Hayes of Will & Grace fame with musical guest Shaggy. Something tells me that Sean will be pretty good on live TV...we'll see if I'm right...

Okee, that's it. I'm tired, I have a fever, and I need to sleep. Until next week...


Episode Review written by Renee Epstein

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