Jennifer Lopez
February 10, 2001

Classic Sketch of the Week:

[SKETCH] Nightline
Originally Aired:
February 15, 1997
Performers: Ted Koppel (DAH), Madonna (ANG), Debbie Reynolds (CHO), Courtney Love (MOS)
Additional Notes: This should have been in the Best of 96-97 tape, because this was in my opinion one of the best cold openings of that season. The obvious highlight was Molly's Courtney Love, although it was nice to see Cheri bring back her Debbie Reynolds ("Showbiz!"). Ana's Madonna wasn't very good, but provided some laughs, mostly from Ted Koppel's disdain for her Golden Globe. I agree, the Golden Globes are pushovers; the Oscars are where the money's at
Rating: **** 1/4 = A-
Quote: "Many a lonely night I spent downing a six-pack of Heineken, watching Princess Leia's virginal flesh being slobbered on by the shapeless mass known as Jabba the Hut."
"Um, thanks TedI'll go pass that on to Carrie"
Ted Koppel and Debbie Reynolds

OVERVIEW: Jennifer Lopez
Certain people have criticized me (to put it nicely) for "wearing rose-colored glasses," which in layman's terms means I'm too nice on the show. Even though I do think the high ratings are justified by the quality of the show (not to mention I can do whatever I want in my own reviews), I might have to change my ways for tonight, the 496th episode of Saturday Night Live. The host and musical guest, if you didn't get it by now, is Jennifer Lopez. First off, she's mostly shot as host due to her partly hindered acting ability, which I witnessed myself in "Jack." Granted, she's a better actor than most other musicians, but pales in comparison to most professional actors. And as musical guest, it's not quite as bad a situation. I don't think Jennifer Lopez deserves all of the abuse she's taken from her new CD ("J. Lo"[snicker]). Sure, she has the same trite lyrics as all pop stars, but she has better than average singing ability, and apparently the new album has good direction by Sean "Felon" Combs. Another worry of mine is that they covered much of the current events in the Primetime Extra specials, especially the one airing two days ago. Not much has happened in the last two days, so it'll be interesting to see how SNL handles it. I'll give the benefit of the doubt, but I'm still worried.

[COLD OPENING] Will Apologizes to J. Lo
Host, WIF, LOM, George W. Bush (TRM)
Additional Notes: So this is the sketch that breaks the 10-episode political stronghold over the cold opening. I probably wouldn't chosen this one. This was the same kind of raunchy stuff they had in the Primetime Extra sketch that preceded this. Will was funny just performing, and Lorne was pretty good. But Jennifer seemed to be reading off the cue cards an awful lot (something which got less noticeable as the show went on), and Tracy, while funny as Dubya, ruined the opening line.
Rating: **** = B-
Quote: [dancing] "How's this for a tax plan!" George W. Bush
Live from New York, it's:
Tracy Morgan ("Live from New York, it's Jennifer Lopez's booty!" Oh Tracy)

[MONOLOGUE] Jennifer Lopez
Additional Notes: This brought back strong memories of the monologue from the last host/musical guest, Britney Spears. It was slightly better acted than Britney's, but still not very original.
Rating: **** = B-

[COMMERCIAL] Crackling Oat Flakes with Ecstasy
Husband (WIF), Wife (ANG), Executive (CHP)
Additional Notes: This originally aired on November 11, 2000. I don't care what I gave it originally, I've changed my rating system anyway.
Rating: **** _ = A-

[SKETCH] Mango in: The Battle of the Divas
Host, Director (WIF), Dancer (CHP), Mango (CHK), Producer (DAH), Background #1 (HOS), Background #2 (JEM), Aretha Franklin (TRM), Lorne Michaels, Diana Ross (MAR), Celine Dion (ANG), Shania Twain (MOS)
Additional Notes: They ratttled with the normal Mango format, and that was a bit irritating. The first part was really slow, too. It really picked up in the second half with the Divas concert, but the "Music" thing has been done on so many shows already.
Rating: **** = B-
Quote: "Why does everybody think I'm a homo-gay! Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? I think I know why. Why? Why?" Mango

[SKETCH] MTV Crib: Gemini's Twin
Joanette (ANG), Brittanica (MAR), Lady Speedstick (host)
Originally Aired: I've always enjoyed these sketches, and this didn't disappoint. Jennifer did a fine job as the 3rd member (although not as good as Lucy Liu), and Ana & Maya were very funny while describing the apartment. I just don't know how many more ideas they can do for this sketch.
Rating: **** _ = A-
Quote: "This here's a Russian doll from China." Lady Speedstick

[SKETCH] TV Funhouse: Ray of Light
Additional Notes:
I'm sure the Disney execs were none too happy about this, but screw 'em. My favorite part was at the end when Ray was singing. That sounded exactly like a Disney song. (except the lyrics, or course)
Rating: **** _ = A-

[MUSICAL GUEST] Jennifer Lopez: "Play"
Additional Notes:
I dunno, this wasn't so bad. It had that nice dance beat to it. Jennifer's voice was decent, although nothing to write home about.
Rating: **** _ = B

[WEEKEND UPDATE] Jimmy Fallon & Tina Fey w/ Volleyball and Razeem Shaazar
JIF, TIF, Volleyball (voice of WIF), Tom Hanks, Razeem Shaazar (JEM), TRM
Additional Notes: Well, I guess they just covered news that they didn't do in Primetime Live. The news items were okay. I especially like the one where she named 30 shows where you see big breasts, but like hell I'm gonna quote her. The volleyball part was pointless, except that it did get Tom Hanks on for 10 seconds. I liked Jerry's part, he can play a little pretty well.
Rating: **** 3/8 = B+
Quote: "It has been announced that Kelly Ripa will be Kathie Lee Gifford's permanent replacement on Regis Philbin's morning show. Producers say the women are very different. Kelly Ripa is a long-time soap opera actress and Kathie Lee's a hateful bitch." Tina Fey

[SKETCH] The Return of the Flygirls
Host, Little Spicy (RAD), Veronica (TRM), Joanette (JEM)
Additional Notes: I didn't even know that Jennifer was part of another group. It was a not-so-good premise with so-and-so acting, so see what you get.
Rating: *** 7/8 = C+
Quote: "Did you see the Super Bowl halftime show?"
"Yeah, I saw it too."
Little Spicy and Jennifer Lopez

[SKETCH] Valentine Soundtrack
Announcer (MAR)
Additional Notes: This was very funny, and gave Maya something else to do (at least I think it's Maya). I liked that Fiona Apple was put in with all of the other freaky band names.
Rating: **** 3/4 = A
Quote: "With song by Brain Gorge, Brian George, Pi Eating Contest" Announcer

[MUSICAL GUEST] Jennifer Lopez: "My Love Don't Cost A Thing"
Additional Notes:
Now this wasn't as good as the last one, mostly because it lost the dance beat. The only part I really liked was the part with the creepy monster music. But dammit, that was 70% good!
Rating: *** 1/2 = C-

[SKETCH] Good Morning Brooklyn
Announcer (DAH), Cindy Gonzalez (Host), C-Dog (JEM), Mrs. Rosenberg (RAD), Dominican Lou (TRM)
Additional Notes: I know both SNL and Mad TV have done this sketch before at some point and time. Well, Jennifer did a decent job, and I was laughing at Rachel even when she wasn't saying anything funny. Other wise, kinda weak.
Rating: *** 3/4 = C

[SNL FILM] Adam McKay: The Baby and the German Intellectual
German Intellectual (WIF)
Additional Notes: Ah, Will's always ready to add a few more pages to the "What the Hell" file. I know this sketch was supposed to have some inner meaning, but it wasn't very clear. Anyway, this was much, much, much better than the last Adam McKay film.
Rating: **** 1/4 = B

[SKETCH] Jeannie Darcy
Nurse (RAD), Jeannie Darcy (MOS), Grieving Daughter (ANG) Doctor #1 (JEM), Doctor #2 (CHP)
Additional Notes: I know a number of people who shot out their TV when they heard this was coming on, but this character wasn't so bad, at least not as bad as Pretty Living (see, I don't like all of Molly's characters!). This wasn't as good as the first one, further hampered by the depressingness (is that even a word?) of seeing dying old people. But I guess it was pretty good. Well, 77.5% good.
Rating: *** 3/4 = C+

[SKETCH] Wade Blasingame
Wade Blasingame (WIF), Doug Blasingame (CHP), Father (DAH), Housewife (MAR), Woman (Paula Pell), Girl (RAD), Johnson Young (TRM)
Additional Notes: This originally aired on December 9, 2000. New rating for the same reason. Geez, they should've had a new commercial tonight. Wait a secondthey edited Ana out! My question is why?
Rating: **** 1/2 = A-

Bob Hope (DAH), Lana Thornberry (host), Singer #1 (ANG), Singer #2 (MAR)
Additional Notes: Wow, Ana and Maya really have good vocals. Maybe that's why they're doing the Gemini's Twins. Wait, of course that's why. Good concept, and good carryout. That's the makings of good sketch. Gosh darnit.
Rating: **** 3/4 = A

Performer of the Night:: Ana Gasteyer and Jennifer Lopez
Best Sketch of the Night: Valentine Soundtrack, WWII Singers
Worst Sketch of the Night:: Good Morning Brooklyn
Cast Sketch Breakdown: Host (7 sketches) WIF and TRM (6 sketches), ANG, JEM and MAR (5 sketches), CHP, DAH (4 sketches), RAD (3 sketches) Lorne Michaels and MOS (2 sketches), CHK, HOS, JIF, TIF and Tom Hanks (1 sketch)
Overall Episode Rating: **** = B-

An average show, enough said. Jennifer did a slightly above average job as host, and did a slightly below average job as musical guest. I also noticed the show mostly relied on lower rung cast members (Dratch, Morgan, Minor, Rudolph) while the main ones seemed to be sitting it out (Ferrell and Parnell, who made much of their appearances in pre-taped segments). Well, next week is host Sean Hayes and musical guest Shaggy. That's a perfectly uneven show. Well, good night.

Episode Review written by Mikintosh

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