Jennifer Lopez
February 10, 2001

Jennifer Lopez, the second host I've been dreading (Tom Green being the first)
this season. I've seen some of her earlier movies, like Money Train and
Anaconda. The only good movie I've seen with her was U-turn. I've never seen
any Jennifer Lopez headlined movies though, for obvious reasons. The Wedding
Planner? Give me a break. I am certainly not a fan of her music either,
speaking of which, she was a musical guest on the show last season. I have a
feeling the show won't be that good, but maybe alittle better than the
Brittney Spears episode. I seem to be the only person who did not enjoy that
one. Lets just hope she doesn't play herself in all the sketches. Wait a
minute, I take back that I never saw any Jennifer Lopez headlined movies, I
just remembered that I saw The Cell. The fact that I forgot all about it
should indicate how awful it was, or maybe I was trying to block it from my
memory, or maybe I'm just ashamed that I saw a movie starring Jennifer Lopez.

[OPENING] Will Ferrell want Jennifer's Ass: Part 2
Believe it or not, this is the time this entire season an episode hasn't been
opened with a political sketch. This pretty much took off from where the
Thursday SNL Primetime Extra sketch with Will Ferrell and Jennifer Lopez
ended. I thought this one was alittle better though. I especially got a kick
out of Will's song. Having Tracy Morgan play George Bush was also pretty
funny. Hmm.. I guess Lorne isn't into men anymore. [That was a reference to
the last episode for those of you who are confused by that statement] I
believe this is the first episode all season that didn't have Will Ferrell
playing Bush in any sketches. It was cool having Tracy Morgan open the show,
after being practically invisible for most of this season. I think this is the
first time all season where the show hasn't been opened by Will Ferrell,
Darrell Hammond, or Chris Parnell. Anyway, this wasn't too bad, but not that
funniest stuff I've seen from Will Ferrell.
Grade: B
Funny lines: "Me likes the rumpy rump." .. "I wanna sink my chompers into it."
-- Will Ferrell

[MONOLOGUE] Jennifer Lopez
I liked the fact that Jennifer Lopez actually did the entire monologue by
herself without the aid of audience plants, castmembers, or videos. Sort of
takes the show back to the days when the host would usually do the monologue
by themself, whether they were funny or not. In this case, she was well.. not.
But I did like the fact that it was fairly short.
Grade: C

[COMMERCIAL] Cracklin' Oat Flakes
I have seen this before, but the fact that it still makes me laugh is a good
sign. Also, I noticed that the song played sounds like its sung by Chris
Parnell, I'm probably wrong though.

[SKETCH] Mango the Recording Artist
The return of Mango. While I was never a big fan of this character, this
particular sketch did have some funny moments. This is the first Mango sketch
since Ben Affleck hosted, I think. I'm also pretty sure this is the first time
a Mango sketch has been done without a male host. This might have been a
better idea for next weeks show, with Sean Hayes hosting. Could have made an
interesting Will & Grace sketch. Will Ferrell was funny in this as the
Hollywood director stereotype. Did anyone else think it was odd seeing Darrell
Hammond in a sketch like this? He sure wasn't in the show much tonight. Wow,
this was Horatio Sanz only sketch all night, why don't they use him more?
Would someone mind telling me what was the point of the oldman in the limo.
It's obvious the whole limo ride was a parody of something, but I'm not sure
Grade: C+
Funny lines: "I know every casting director in town and you'll never work in
this business again! Sorry about that, hes my son." -- Will Ferrell

[SKETCH] Gemini's Twin
I still don't really like these characters much, the problem still being that
they really aren't funny. At least they gave the sketch a new format, rather
than on TRL again, preventing it from being almost the exact same sketch.
Grade: C
Funny lines: "This right here, is a Russian Doll from China." -- Jennifer
Lopez .. "The twins remind us that we are 3 very powerful women." -- Ana

[CARTOON] Disney's Ray of Light
Now this was funny, Robert Smigel's really on a role lately. The last live
episode he did another hilarious X-Presidents cartoon. This was just about as
good as his Disney Titanic cartoon, both we right on the money and very funny.
All the Disney stock footage that was tied in here was also really funny.
Grade: A
Funny lines: "Puff Daddy's Fantasia coming next Christmas."

[MUSICAL GUEST] Jennifer Lopez
To be honest, I didn't even watch this.

[WEEKEND UPDATE] with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey
Surprisingly WU was really good this week, I didn't think they'd have much
material left after doing Update just two days ago. That Jane Fonda/Louie
Anderson joke from Jimmy Fallon didn't make too much sense, especially since
part of the quote said 'is finished with men.' Tina Fey's quality 'big fake
boobs' TV programs joke was well done. The part with Wilson the Volleyball was
pretty funny. I haven't seen Castaway, so I could be missing some of the
jokes. The voice Will Ferrell used sounded alot like that Randy Graves
character he did on WU afew years ago. Sex scene? A turtle? Wow, its Tom
Hanks. Wow, he did nothing. Just wait, he'll probably end up getting an Oscar
for this. Jerry Minor's bit on WU was really funny too. Pretty creative way of
sitting at the desk to make himself seem shorter. His minute long blank stare
into the camera and loud crying was pretty funny. Tracy Morgan's line about
the kids mother being in his dressing room was funny, the audience didn't
respond to that joke for some reason, maybe they couldn't hear him. Anyway,
really funny stuff this week. Only one or two weak jokes.
Grade: A
Funny lines: "It was announced this week that Elton John and Eminem will
perform a duet at this months Grammy Awards. When asked if he felt conflicted
about working with the obviously gay performer, Elton John said, I don't have
a problem with it." -- Tina Fey .. "Hanks is a dick." -- Wilson the Volleyball
.. "Later this month, George W. Bush will make his first European trip as
President, visiting Prime Minister Tony Blair in London. Hoping to make a good
impression, Bush has spent the last week trying to learn afew English words."
-- Tina Fey .. "We honor such men like Martin Luther King and Malcolm [flips
to next card] X and Martin Luther King." .. "Get away from me white lady." --
Jerry Minor as Rasheed Jenkins

[SKETCH] The Fly Girls
This started out okay and seemed like it was going pretty good, but started to
wear thin after awhile. I had no idea Jennifer Lopez was a Fly Girl on In
Living Color, but then again, I had no idea who Jennifer Lopez was back then
either. What exactly was the point of the Fly Girls on ILC? Alot of SNL fans
criticize that show, but I can remember quite afew funny things they've done.
Back then I thought Jim Carrey was the funniest man alive. It's odd that they
still dress up the black guys on the show as women, now that they have Maya
Rudolph, but then again, she hardly ever plays any black characters anyway,
but she probably would have been pretty good in this. The scar on Tracy
Morgan's stomach was kind of funny, I didn't really notice that, until they
started dancing at the end. I think this is the first time Jerry Minor played
a women on the show too, is Eddie Murphy the only black guy on SNL who was
never suckered into playing a women?
Grade: B
Funny lines: "I don't dance no more, I hurt my back in a sex accident." --
Jerry Minor .. "Me neither, I'm a full time mom. Those are my kids sitting out
on your car. Their daddy's one of the Wayans brothers." "Which one? "All I
know is not Marlon." -- Tracy Morgan and Jennifer Lopez .. "What about you
Spicy? I heard you were a choreographer." "Yeah, did you see the Superbowl
Halftime show?" "Yeah" "Yeah, I saw it too.." -- Rachel Dratch and Jennifer
Lopez .. "Heres the thing, I had typed it all on the computer at Kinko's, but
I didn't have no disk." -- Tracy Morgan .. "Now remember that night when we
promised each other that if one of us made it big, we would buy houses for the
other three?" -- Jerry Minor

[COMMERCIAL] Valentine: The Soundtrack
Basically one joke in a two minute sketch, wasn't terrible enough to get an F
Grade: D+

[MUSICAL GUEST] Jennifer Lopez
Once again, I did not watch. Sorry

[SKETCH] Good Mourning Bronx
Again, nothing great here, but had some funny moments. Slightly similar to the
Good Mournin' Brooklyn sketches with Jay Mohr. I somehow knew Tracy Morgan
would end up here since hes from the Bronx, I never guessed he would be in
this as Dominican Lou though. That was one of his funniest bits on WU. Jerry
Minor was also good in this, he tried his best, but the audience didn't really
respond much. For some reason I kept expecting to see Horatio Sanz in this,
but it never happened. Rachel Dratch was good too, but I was kind of lost with
all the Bronx references she made, the audience seemed to know what she was
talking about though.
Grade: B-
Funny lines: "Es cole. Es vetty cole outside." -- Tracy Morgan as Dominican
Lou .. "Your not gonna mess up my chance to be the Puerto Rican Connie Chung."
-- Jennifer Lopez

I really seem to be the only person who likes Adam McKay's short films. While
I didn't enjoy this one as much as the others, it still wasn't all that bad.
The only things really wrong with this was that it seemed to drag on after
awhile and the title kind of gave away the story. I think this is the first
Adam McKay film that didn't feature Horatio Sanz. This wasn't bad, but I'd say
this was the weakest of all his films, mainly for the fact that it seemed to
drag on and on.
Grade: B-
Grade: "On the count of three you will grow up. One, two, three. GROW UP RIGHT
NOW!" -- Will Ferrell

[SKETCH] Jeanie Darcy at the Old Folks Home
Man oh man, does every single sketch done by Molly Shannon have to turn into a
recurring bit on the show? Although, this was much more tolerable than alot of
the other stuff Molly Shannon has done lately. I also thought alot of the
reaction shots were quite funny. The fact that she doesn't use a loud,
obnoxious voice for this character helps too. But that DONT GET ME STARTED
catchphrase got annoying very quick.
Grade: C

[COMMERCIAL] Wade Blasingame
I've seen this before too.

[SKETCH] Lana Thornberry
Well its about time Darrell did something tonight. Not a bad Bob Hope
impression. Does he really speak out of the side of his mouth like that? This
was pretty good for the last sketch of the night. Ferrell, Kattan, and Parnell
were all good in this. Will Ferrell and the guy next to Chris Kattan had some
funny facial expressions too. Believe it or not, this was sadly Chris
Parnell's biggest part all night.
Grade: B-

Not a great show, but better than I expected it to be. There were some fairly
good sketches tonight, nothing really awful though. It was good to see some of
the less used castmembers used more though, except for Horatio whos been
pretty much wasted all season. Hopfully he'll get some airtime next week. Sean
Hayes is hosting next week, I've never seen Will & Grace, so I'm not sure what
to except. Sorry if this review doesn't seem too good, I've been dead tired
all week.

Episode Review written by Emmanual Goldstein

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