Lucy Liu / Jay-Z
December 16, 2000

Hello! This is my first review so it may not be that good but ill do my best!

First I would like to say i really like Lucy Lui! I was really glad when I heard she was hosting! I love her on Ally Mcbeal and she was so good in Charlie's Angels! I dont really care for Jay-Z too much but I watched the preformences and thought the were rather good. So here we go!!

Cold Opening- I thought this was really funny but everything about the whole presidental "thing" is really funny! It was funny how W couldnt tell time and was like "You said you would be here when the big hand is on the 12 and the little hand is on the 1." He said he would start a war because wars are executions supersized. and how he said that Dick Cheney would be one tough boss. and pretty much every thing else was good. especially the "Ballot/Boob inspector" hat. overall, very funny.
Grade: A-

Monolouge- Oh man! This was good!! All of the steriotypes of asian people were great! Like the pictures taking, the massage, (Tracy saying "Yea. Keep it up girl. Me love you long time." was great!), the ironing, the ricshaw ride to Kattan, the cockerspaniel meal and doing Loren's nails. This was overall hilarity!
Grade- A+ Commercial- It was funny the first minute or so but after a while it got really old.

Gemini's Twim on TRL- I really liked this on the Charlize Theron episodealso but I thought Lucy did a better job than Charlize and I liked Lucy's Hair better. I thought the video was better also. Lucy's voice was really good and my favorite line was "I just wanna give a big up to my moms cause you know she Had me." The song at the end was ok but i love it how Jimmy says "Im a massive tool." because Carson is a gigantic tool.

Celebrity Jeoperdy- I was wondering if they were ever going to do this again. It was a riot last season. It was funny how he was trying to avoid Sean Connery. I liked it how Catherine Z-J was making up catagories like tv shows and their stories about my wedding for 300.But I have to say, hands down, no contest the funniest part of the whole sketch was anal bum cover (originally an album cover). and ill give you 2 guesses as to who said that. If you said Sean Connery you are a winner!!!!!! This is one of my favorite sketches on this entire program ever except for the Boston Teens and that one sketch with Mike Meyers and Nicole Kidman when their the little kids at the playground. You know! he's the hyper-hypo. that is the best sketch of alltime.

Helen Maden the Joyologist- I usually like these ones but this was just stupid I thought. So im not going to say anthing.
Grade-D- (I hate getting Fs so i wont give one)

Jarrett's Room- I thought this was pretty good and I have to say that Horatio Sanz is the best stoner ever. just the way he looks and acts is the greatest. His shirt was good. the fact that he didnt get that "Funkin' Gonuts" was like "Dunkin' Donuts" was great. When Jimmy asked him if he was burnt, his face just looked so hilarious I couldnt help but laugh. Lucy's hair looked really cool. I liked the little shout out to Yeoge thing cause that a funny name. The way they were abbreviating every thing like they were talking on line was great. The other room mate was great how they shaved his pubes and glued them on his face was funny. The best line of this sketch was when Jimmy said "The snot froze in my nostirls what do you expect me to do I couldn't breath!" Over all good.

Weekend Update- I dont know what other people think But I like these 2 on the WU. (I think the fact that Jimmy Fallon is the hottest guy on the show and he is a master impressionist has a lot to do with my liking it so much) The have agood chemisty and are both funnny. My favorite part was the ending when Jimmy did the song parodies again because I have loved them since they first started. I thought this was very well done.

Jay-Z- This song is pretty good. I thought He did a good job.

Decorating The Tree- I dont really have much to say about this sketch. It was good but all i can say is that I thought that Lucy's Costume was cute.

Robert Gulae (major spelling) and Jay-Z- I thought this was funny but, I was wondering, what were they somking? Just cigs or was it pot? I dont know but i dout it was weed. It was funny how Jay-Z didnt know the words to Hard Knock Life and how he got ashes on himself and was like "oh shit." that was funny.

Weekend Update Greetings- I was just happy to see Jimmy again but that guy was funny and them saying "Who the fuck are you?". It was short and sweet.

Jay-Z- I thought this was a pretty good song. Side Question: what is up with that hand gesture, the diamond thing. What does that mean?

Greetings Song- I really liked this one last week but this weeks words were funnier. like Christmas and Sants rule andI dont care what the calander reads, I dont care what day it es. plus Jimmy and Chris are hotties!!!!

Overall- I really liked this one! I like Lucy Lui even more now that she has done this and overall it was really funny.

*Overall Grade* A-
*Best sketches* monolouge, celebrity jeoperdy, weekend update & greeting song
*Worst sketch* i really love Molly shannon but it was Helen Maden the Joyologist

I am looking forward to all the laughs tha Saturday Night Live has in store for us in the weeks and years to come. Good bye!!!!!!!!!!!

Episode Review written by Neely

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