Lucy Liu / Jay-Z
December 16, 2000

Here's how my Grading Scale works:
A-Potential to be a Favorite
B-this goes to skits that I LOL'ed at
D-okay I guess
F-a waste of time


(OPENING)Bush and Gore at Chi-Chi's
This is one of the best openings Ive seen in a while. My favorite part was Gore having to assure Bush that he was president.

Grade: B

Not terrible, I figured they do a "snl guys hit on female host" kinda thing, but I guess I was wrong.

Grade: C

I fast forwarded.

Grade: N/A

(SKIT)TRL W/Gemini's Twin
Not this again. Strangely it was better the second time around. "Minivan!"

Grade: D

(SKIT)Celebrity Jeopardy
I was all smiles when this started. Wow, yet another great impression from Jimmy Fallon; if I looked away, he sounded exactly like Robin Williams. Lucy Liu did a good asian Catherine-Zeta. (yay, lucy!) And Sean was good as usual. "Anal BumCovers!"

Grade: B

(SKIT)Pretty Living
I HATE this sketch! Always have. Always will. I hope this wasn't the last episode for Molly like the rumour I heard. I don't want to remember her doing Helen Madden on the last one. Actually, I kinda smiled at the "Self-Love Mistletoe."

Grade: D

(SKIT) Jarrat's Room
This is sooo going to be a recurring character for Jimmy Fallon and I think it might be funny if they do it a couple of times, but that's it. Don't wear it out guys! (Its not everyday I see picture of a dog humping Jimmy.) Horatio was hilarious as ever. Oh and did Jimmy look anything like the lead singer of Korn to anyone else?

Grade: B+

The jokes were stale at first...but gradually this WU turned into the best ever. Rachel got me smiling when she was James Madison (is that right?) and she was clicking the pen going "marvelous..." and then Chris Kattan as Baby New Year. LOL. and I about had a heartattack when I saw Jimmy with his guitar. I was hoping he'd do some carols again, and I was waiting for the day he'd do Creed. Just as I suspected, he did it dead on. Pretty good Bono too.

Grade: A+++

(SKIT )Xmas Ornaments
This was more cute than funny. Had a great portion of the cast in it though.

Grade: C

(SKIT)Season's Greetings from Saturday Night Live
Again? Not to sure it was a good thing, but Im loving it. That tune sticks in my head for days, a very good thing.

Grade: A

(SKIT) Robert Goulet
Jay-Z let that S word slip a couple of times, from what I could tell. I love this character of Will's but I didn't recognize the second song.

Grade: B

BEST SKIT: Is Weekend Update considered a skit? If not then, Celebrity Jeopardy
WORST SKIT: Pretty Living
HOST GRADING: B, I didn't see anything wrong with her, she wasn't slutty like alot of other female hosts and Tom Green. My prediction from last week that she'd be making out with all the snl guys was soo wrong. Good effort, and I think she did well.
MUSICAL GUEST: N/ forwarded
FINAL COMMENTS: Good Christmas and have a pleasant New Year : )

Episode Review written by Marie Royce

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