Val Kilmer / U2
December 9, 2000

"Dick sees Jane. See Jane run. Run Jane, run."
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But I am changing my layout again because some people just won't shut up. So I'm writing in paragraph form. It's easier to write more this way anyway. In an unrelated comment, I'm surprised they haven't announced the next host yet. What's the hold-up?! And lastly, I'm really fed up that I've had a pretty good web site up for 5 months, and I've only gotten 216 hits. So:

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Classic Sketch of the Week:
[NEWSBREAK] Brian Doyle-Murray and Mary Gross w/ Princess Di, Prince Charles, Joe Piscopo, Bryant Gumbel, Raheem Abdul Mohammed
Original Aired:
December 15, 1981 (Host: Tim Curry)
Performers: BDM, MAG, JOP, Bryant Gumbel, Raheem Abdul Mohammed (EDM)
Notes: Sure, the Princess Di and Prince Charles discussion about Di's pregnancy was okay, so was the Joe Piscopo/Bryant Gumbel discussion on Bryant moving to the Today Show (Geez, it was that long ago?), and the Raheem segment about more sex and violence in the movies. But the main reason I put this sketch in was because of the argument between Brian Doyle-Murray and Mary Gross. This was one of the few times that an anchor team was able to recapture the spirit of the Point-Counterpoints from the 70's. This also had surprisingly good acting from Brian. Good job.
Rating: **** 1/4
Quotes: "You, on the other hand, speak in a slow, thin-timbered, over-enunciated, third-grade teacher's kind of voice, that seems to take you forever to deliver the set-up by the time you get to the punchline the porridge is all eaten up, and Little Bear's chair is broken, and Goldilocks is fast asleep, along with everyone else, you know?" Brian Doyle-Murray
"Okay Brian, we'll work on numbers next week." Mary Gross

OVERVIEW: Val Kilmer / U2
This is one of the few episodes where the musical guests are the most important and the host is really a formality. I've been thinking about it for two weeks, and I still can't figure out why they asked Val Kilmer to host. But I think he'll do well, he just comes across as that kind of guy. Y'know, not the Pierce Brosnan, stiff-looking action star. Just a normal guy. As for U2, a number of people I know are almost having spasms with them being on the show. And given the songs I've heard, they may turn out to be the best musical guests of the season. We'll just have to wait and see

[COLD OPENING] A Message from Al Gore
Live from New York, It's:
Chris Parnell
Performers: Al Gore (DAH), Sidney Shiner (CHK), Joe Lieberman (CHP)
Notes: This probably could have been better. Darrell just had too much expository dialogue, and not enough funny lines. Chris Parnell's Lieberman was forgettable, but Chris Kattan as Gore's lawyer was well-written.
Rating: *** 1/2
Quote: "Mr. Gore approached me after seeing my ad on the Montel Williams show." Chris Kattan as Sidney Shiner

[MONOLOGUE] Val Kilmer
Val Kilmer, Clarence (DAH), HOS, JIF, MOS, CHP, TRM, CHK
Notes: This was a good idea for the monologue. I'm really suprised they've never done it over the last 25 years. Darrell did a good impression of Clarence, and Parnell's and Kattan's parts were hilarious. Also, I see that Tracey barely being on the show is becoming a running gag, like Tim Meadows still being on the show after 9 years.
Rating: *** 7/8
Quote: "Steven Spielberg came to see you2." Darrell Hammond as Clarence

[COMMERCIAL] Wade Blasingame
Wade Blasingame (WIF), Parent (DAH), Doug Blasingame (CHP) Mom (MAR), Girl (RAD), Perry Meigs (ANG), Johnson Young (TRM), House Owner (HOS)
Notes: Nothing special, although Will did a good job overacting, and it was funny to see the dog impersonator was his brother. But other than, it was only okay.
Rating: *** 1/2
Quote: "Am I happy that dog is rotting in hell? Yes. Did a personally inject a steak with poison and feed it to the dog? No." Will Ferrell as Wade Blasingame

[SKETCH] Behind the Music: Rock and Roll Heaven
Jim Morrison (Val Kilmer), Jimi Hendrix (JEM), Janice Joplin (MOS), Keith Moon (HOS), Buddy Holly (JIF), Louis Armstrong (TRM), Jesus (WIF), Fan #1 (CHK), Fan #2 (RAD) Amelia Aerhart (ANG)
Notes: The classic "multiple impersonation" sketch, except everybody who was impersonated is dead, so I can't judge, although Tracy's Louis Armstrong and Jimmy's Buddy Holly seemed accurate. And I have to add seeing the little girl singing "The End" was just weird. No questions.
Rating: **** 1/4
Quotes: "I was like, 'Oh my Dad.'" Will Ferrell as Jesus
"'But offstage things were falling apart' is a registered trademark of VH-1 and 'Behind the Music.'"

[SKETCH] Palm Beach
Katherine Harris (ANG), Jeb Bush (Val Kilmer), George W. Bush (WIF), Al Gore (DAH), Tom Brokaw (CHP)
Notes: I say the thing SNL does best is it's political content, and this sketch proves it. Every character was performed great, and the writing was exceptional. I especially loved the part at the end, when Al Gore doing the maniacal stare, and George W. Bush is playing with a ball of string.
Rating: **** 1/2
Quotes: Katherine Harris: "Al Gore. I thought you were dead."
Al Gore: "I'm Al Gore. I just appear to be that way."
Ana Gasteyer and Darrell Hammond

Lucy Liu? What the heck? Well, I picked her, so that's good. But Jay-Z? Who?

[SKETCH] Veronica & Co.
Veronica Givere (MOS), Dr. Marshall Reemes (Val Kilmer), Jeannie Bugle (ANG), Silver Robot (CHP)
Notes: This sketch bordered on Sprockets-like absurdity, epescially with the robot. Also dids anyone else think Molly was playing the same character from the Fashion Awards sketch? Anyway, this may have gotten a higher rating, but I couldn't understand some of Molly's lines. But I did like Val's part, and Veronica ignoring the robot's plea for help.
Rating: *** 3/4

And what everyone was waiting for, U2! The song was pretty good, but all of the effort and work Bono put into performing the song pushed it into the "great" rating.
Rating: **** 1/4

[WEEKEND UPDATE] Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey
JIF, TIF, Al Sharpton (JEM), Jesse Jackson (DAH)
Notes: Well, the monitor was certainly a change of pace, and I better buy my ticket to Canada soon, 'cause I only have 3 _ hours until we're canceled. HELP ME! Anyway, the news portion was at it's usual greatness, but it did seem a little short. Maybe because there was only one group of correspondents, Jesse and Al, who were very funny. "I Have an Opinion" was okay, partly because I like the simple name. J
Rating: **** 3/8
Quotes: "Dr. Frank J. Oland, the man who discovered the link between paque and tooth decay passed away this week at the age of 83. His funeral was attended by 4 out of 5 dentists. " Tina Fey
"New Scientist Magazine reported this week that in the future, cars could be powered by hazel nuts. That's encouraging, considering an 8-ounce jar of hazel nuts costs about nine dollars. Yeah, I got an idea for a car that runs on bald eagle heads and fabrache eggs." Jimmy Fallon

[SKETCH] Iceman: The Later Years
Stewardess (ANG), Pilot #1 (CHP), Pilot #2 (WIF), Iceman (Val Kilmer)
Notes: I didn't see the original "Top Gun," but this still very funny, and Val and Chris turned in great performances. Overall, a well-done sketch. But this sketch did have a pretty live audience, didn't it?
Rating: *** 7/8

[SKETCH] Season's Greetings
Notes: This was just so weird, it was hilarious. Chris just moving his head back and forth, Tracy running in place, Jimmy randomly pressing keys, very funny. And Horatio has pretty good voice, don't you think?
Rating: ****

I've actually never seen a musical guest put that much energy into their performance as Bono did in this song. You could clearly see the set for the next sketch when he ran throughout the studio, he even danced on the table. And does anyone know if Bono regularly messes with the camera when he's on TV? Anyway, nice touch to a good song.
Rating: **** 1/4

[SKETCH] Accented Blind Date
Blind Date #1 (Val Kilmer), Wife (ANG), Husband (WIF), Blind Date #2 (MOS), Waiter (CHP)
Notes: This would have been a sketch Cheri would've been in last season. :sniff: The cast members perked up a weak premise. Molly, Val, and Ana turned in appropriately weird performances, and Will perfected his irritated man persona.
Quote: "Okay, that didn't even rhyme." Will Ferrell
Rating: *** 7/8

[SKETCH] Burt Backarack
Burt Backarack (Val Kilmer), Brenda (ANG) Tom Tyson (CHP), Wesley Tyson (WIF)
Notes: Wasn't Val wearing a Roxbury Guy costume? And is Burt Backarack a real person, or are they making him up? Anyway, this sketch had an enormously long set-up to the final minute. I mean, why so much music?
Rating: *** 3/4

[COMMERCIAL] Corn Chip Nail Tips
Subway Girl #1 (MAR), #2 (TRM), Homeless guy (HOS)
Originally Aired: October 7, 2000 (Host: Rob Lowe)
Notes: I originally gave this a *** 1/2.

Performers of the Night: Val Kilmer, Chris Parnell, Ana Gasteyer
Best Sketches of the Night: Palm Beach, Weekend Update, Behind the Music
Worst Sketches of the Night: A Message from Al Gore, Wade Blasingame
SNL Players Sketch Breakdown: Chris Parnell (8 sketches), Ana Gasteyer (7), Will Ferrell (6), Darrell Hammond and Tracy Morgan (5 sketches), Chris Kattan, Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon (4 sketches), Molly Shannon (3 sketches), Maya Rudolph, Jerry Minor, and Rachel Dratch (2 sketches), Tina Fey (1 sketch)
Overall Episode Rating: ****

This was one of the best shows of the season so far, and for a few reasons. It wasn't plagued by an overacting (Charlize Theron) or jerking host (Tom Green). It's cold opening wasn't the hottest ever, but it didn't have a lackluster monologue (Rob Lowe) or a bad closing sketch (Ching Change). Nor did it suffer from a boring (The Wallflowers, David Gray) or just bad musical guest (Eminem). In fact, Val Kilmer reminded me of Rob Lowe hosting the premiere, not there to promote anything, just being there to have fun. And U2 seemed to have quite a good time, even if they weren't in any sketches. Well, the dream will be over next week, with Lucy Liu as host and rapper Jay-Z as musical guest. Fine, it won't be that bad, but they could've done better. Well, goodbye everybody!

Episode Review written by Mikintosh

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