Val Kilmer / U2
December 9, 2000

Hello every body. Since there was no live SNL in two weeks and the re-runs they showed sucked I was really looking for an episode I could laugh at. I hope everone's two weeks were pretty good because mine totally sucked. I have this damn virus that won't go away and its really pissing me off. I was hospitalized for a day but I'm slowly recovering ( Why do I feel like no one cares.)

Beacause no one cares.

I thought before I got to reviewing I would talk about two topics first. I guess you can guess the first one would be the election. I'm writing this review on Monday and I'm guessing Gore has about one more day to live. Now I'm not going to get into all these topics because I don't feel well and I want this reveiw not to be so long so I thought that u all might like to go to my web site to see another humurous view on the election. I know u can't tell I'm funny by these reviews but I sort of am so I'll write down the URL and u can go if u want. HTTP://

If your borded go u might laugh

PRE-SHOW THOUGHTS- I don't really know any of Val Kilmer's work or movies, because I haven't really heard of him so I didn't know that much about him, except that he regected SNL a couple times. Now about the musical guest U-2 this is the only musical guest I've actually want to hear sing this season. "Beatifull Day" is the best song out now so I really like them. So with no further adeiu here is my review.

GORE'S ADDRESS TO THE NATION- Gore talking started off pretty slow I didn't really find anything he said worth saying again so I was waiting for Bush to come and save the day. It didn't happen, but the fake lawer guy got some laughs out of me. I liked the joke about Gore now looks stiff, akward, and incicir, and the part when he said Gore found him on a commercial on the Montel Williams show. I never say Lieberman in a neck brace maybe its because i haven't really kept up with the election since I've been sick. This was the worst of all of the election stuff, but if this is the worst I'll take it. B

MONOLOGUE-VAL KILMER- The monolouge started off pretty slow until Darrel Came and they did the spoof on A Christmas Carol I underlined that or my engish teacher would kill me. I wonder how many spoofs there are of that story. Even VH-1 is doing one. The jokes were pretty funny in the monolouge. My favorites were the Tracy Morgan weed one and the whole part about Mango. This was a pretty good monolouge worthy of an A

COMMERCIAL-DOG LAWER- Don't give lawers any ideas. This was a great idea. At first I was wondering what the hell is Chris doing and then when they said he was portraying a dog I was spliting my sides laughing. This was the best Commercial they have had this year. (There hasn't really been any competition though.) A+

ROCK STAR HEAVEN- I really didn't know all of these dead rockers because they were before my time. I think if I did I would have liked this sketch more. I do know some about these rockers from my parents but anyway I thought the people or things they used as reincarnations. The only thing I didn't like was putting Jesus in the sketch I don't belive that is appropiate, but the Oh my dad thing did get a laugh ot of me. A-

PALM BEACH- This was the best sketch I had seen in awile. My aunt uncle and the rest of my family were at my house because they just got back from a party and everyone was cracking up major. Even my dad who doesn't laugh at anything. The best characters in this were Katherine Harris and George W. Bush. I was hoping to see Dana Carvey pop up as Bush as he has done other times but not this one. Ana does a great job at Katherine Harris' facial expressions. I thought her jokes were funny too especially about Jeb ruining her makeup and all of those types of jokes. The best was Bush again. Will can't do the voice but he is hilarious. All his jokes were great especially when he came in asking about Tetris, The hunting and executing joke, when he was complaining about being president for 4 years, when he laughed about Gore saying circumvent and when he complained about Gore interupting Rugrats. This is the best sketch I've seen since the Bird sketch with Juliana Margulis. A+

VERONICA AND COMPANY- Who was Molly Shannon supposed to be I missed that at the begining. After that really good sketch this was a big let down. As usual anything with Molly Shannon sucks I hope she leaves. The only part I like was the Fake Ginocologist part. C-

U-2 BEATIFUL DAY- As I said earlier this is my favorite song right now. I usually don't grade the musical guest but I couldn't resist. Bono sounded a little off tune but the song still sounded OK. Not as good as it does on the CD. A+

WEEKEND UPDATE- The election jokes were really fresh and funny I haven't heard them on other shows like I did with last weeks ones. My favorite ones were Bush Recusing Himself in his pants, America chosing which county to go to Mexico or Canada, Recession, and finally George H. W. Bush kicking Jeb in the ass. I didn't like Jimmy Fallon's I have an opinion part that was the only thing I didn't like in this WU. The jokes after that were decent except the one that Clinton would leave that prisoer on death row for George W. Bush as a house warming present. I liked the Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton part. Darrel does a great impression of Jesse Jackson it would be perfect if he was black. This was the best WU of the year I would have liked to see more sideshows though I always like them. A

(I'm really tired now and I've wrote a lot so I'm going to keep the rest of the review short.)

ICE MAN- I haven't seen the movie or whatever it is so I can't really grade it because u need to see the movie to get it. Thats only my opinion. N/A

SEASON'S GREETING FROM STATURDAY NIGHT LIVE- The song wasn't really that funny but Jimmy and Horatio Dancing around made it Ok. I guess that was the point though. B-

U-2- I don't really like this song as much as the other so I checked the score of the best team in the NBA the 76ers and they won wahoo. N/A

NERVIOUS VOICES- I've said it many times this year and I'll say it again any thing with Molly Shannon in it is a pretty lousy sketch. I was as annoyed as Will's character. The only laughing I heard come from the studio was the 3 laughing.

Bert Backeract- The only funny part was Will's screechy voice when the two were yelling. F

COMMERCIAL-CORN CHIP NAIL CHIPS- Read my second review and you'll see what I thought of this sketch.

JIM'S FINAL THOUGH AND GRADE- This was the best show of the season it really cheered me up from being sick. Val Kilmer wasn't really that good. It was the cast that really stole the show. I really enjoyed this show I hope they have more good shows like it


WORST SKETCH- Bert Backeract



I added best and worst cast member to my review. I'm going to get some sleep now. If I can. I think there is a show next week I knoe Luci Lui and a crappy rapper Jay-Z are on next time I didn't catch the date though. So until next time this is Jim M. signing off.

Episode Review written by Jim M.

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