Val Kilmer / U2
December 9, 2000

Saturday Night LIVE, finally. Even after three weeks of good repeats that I already have on tape anyway, it still feels good to see a new episode. I hanged out with my two friends Kevin and Greg. G for this episode, which turned out to be a tad disappointing. Anyway, on a happier note, Lucy Lui is hosting next week, which is the second Ally McBeal (my favorite show) cast member to host this season. Also, Christmas is coming, so I am getting all psyched for that. I am really stressed now, though, with about five research reports to do, TV to watch, and life to deal with. SNL is a nice distraction for a while.
Anyway, on with the show!

Opening: Gore Statement

I wonder when they will stop having a Gore/Bush opening? Chris Kattan's lawyer character had a striking resemblance to an administrator with no personality at our school called Dr. McDonald. Chris's character was funny, however the Gore thing got a little old after a while, I think that they have run out of jokes for a while. Overall, a little good, a little bad.
Grade: C+


Val Kilmer bares a similar resemblance to Jim Carrey, but maybe that's just the hair. I didn't really like this sketch. The whole Mango thing was really funny, as was the Tracy Morgan selling weed to the audience. Nevertheless, it wasn't laugh out loud funny, so another minus for the night.
Grade: C-

Dog Lawyer Commercial

I thought that this was funny. Chris Parnell running around as a dog man was funny. Tracy Morgan again brought comedy to the sketch, just by talking. Horatio was funny (his reaction) when he saw Chris Parnell on his lawn. So far, this was the best thing of the night.
Grade: A

Behind the Music

This was a little funny, but nothing like the Blue Oyster Cult Behind the Music they did during the Christopher Walken episode with the cowbell. Tracy's Louie Armstrong was good, as was Horatio and Jimmy Fallon's impression. I didn't like the little girl singing at the end, though. It was pretty good, but they had to put that damn Rachael Dratch in a sketch, I do not like her. Anyway, good sketch, could have been better.
Grade: B-

Palm Beach Soap Opera

This was actually a funny sketch. I loved the way they overplayed George Bush's stupidity. Bush's comments about appointing the Rock, was hilarious. Also when Bush said that Gore interrupted the Rugrats was priceless. Also, when Bush was patting around the ball of yarn, at the end was so funny. I am happy that they overcame the Gore opening with this sketch.
Grade: A

Veronica and Co.

What in the hell was this? A fashion model show/sketch of some sort. Anyway, it sucked. I think that more commercials would have been better than this. I didn't really pay attention to this after a while. What I saw was really bad though.
Grade: F

U2 Performing

This band is pretty good. I actually listened to them perform, and I was impressed. I was never a really big U2 fan, but I still enjoyed the musical guest over other groups they have had on the show this season.

Weekend Update

The Update this week was pretty short. I liked the new segment Jimmy did "I Have An Opinion," was funny. Also, the Jesse Jackson impression was good, but not that funny. It really didn't tie into the whole situation a lot in my mind. Tina is looking good as always, so anyways a good, but short update for this Saturday. There was a commercial after Update for Levi Jeans, where people are singing Downtown, which I thought was pretty good, just pointing that little tidbit of info out.
Grade: B-

Top Gun Sketch

Another bad one, that was not funny. Where are all the good characters tonight? I want some recurring and familiar faces to deal with, not this crap sketch. I really don't have a lot to say about this sketch either.
Grade: F

Christmas Song by Cast

This was the best and funniest thing of the night, hands down. This sketch is the reason I am keeping this episode on tape. The look on Jimmy and Chris's faces were priceless, along with all the dancing. Tracy was so funny dancing, also those little notes that Horatio was playing was so great. This was so funny and I will remember it for a while, probably throughout the year, until next Christmas.
Grade: A+++

U2 Performing

Again, another great performance. It was cool, when the lead singer came into the camera, and the audience. It was a good idea, and I applaud him for it. One side note, before this sketch, in the commercial they did a B OING commercial that was pretty funny. Check it out sometime, if you have the episode on tape.

Val and Molly at Dinner

I thought this was a cute sketch. The voice they made for each other, was clever writing, except that this sketch didn't really go anywhere. Anyway, I still think this was a good sketch, so late at night. I liked it.
Grade: B

Recording Studios

This was another sketch, not to go anywhere. They played their instruments most of the sketch, and Val was basically not in it at all. It was a decent finisher to a mediocre night, though.
Grade: C+

Corn Chip Nails

We've seen it before, only Tracy is funny in it.
Grade: C

Closing Statements

Again, a mediocre show that could have been better. The Christmas song was memorable, as was the dog commercial. Everything else, will soon be forgotten. I look forward to next week's episode with Lucy Lui, that will be a great one, even though I have a Christmas party the same night, I will be sure to watch it.

Best sketch: Christmas Song
Person of the night: Tracy Morgan (song, Louie Armstrong, Monologue)
Worst sketch of the night: Veronica and Co.

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PS-Thanks to Greg and Kevin, and Billy suxs (inside joke)

Episode Review written by David R.

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