Kate Hudson / Radiohead
October 14, 2000

This review is brought to you by James Joyce. Except he can't be with us
here today. Because he's dead.

I'm Tim Louman-Gardiner, and I plan to review every single episode this
season. Won't miss one. Well, except for last week's episode, because the
cable went out, but not the whole cable just the 2 channels that show SNL so
I missed the season premiere because the cable was out and then I got really
angry and did really stupid things, and the terms of my plea-bargain
preclude from discussing them, so I won't.

Has anybody seen "The Ladies Man". Because I haven't. Although I'd really
like to. It looks like your average SNL spin-off, which means it's not
gonna be very good, but for fans of the character it should be worth it.

Well, on to the review, which you've all been waiting impatiently for.....
Wishful thinking, I know. You're just reading to see if I mention your name
anywhere in here. Well, read on and find out!

Cold Opening - Second Bush-Gore Debate
A solid opening sketch. The makeup and costuming department deserve kudos
for that skit. Lehrer looked kinda freaky, considering how different he
looks from Parnell, but it was a good job nonetheless. The impressions are
also greatly improving. I'm really getting to like Ferrell's Dubya. It
started off as nothing more that a southern accent, but he's obviously
worked on it. Hammond's Gore is a bit off, though. Too southern. The skit
itself was decent. The level of the writing failed to match the
impressions, though, as too many jokes fell flat. SNL seems to have lost
their ability for subtle humour, as evidenced by the fact that they
continually repeated the punchline(s). Overall, pretty decent.

Grade: 6.5/10 Got docked .5 for reminding me of the Al W. Bush Gore opening
from a year ago.

Monologue - Kate Hudson
For those of us not familiar with Laugh-In, this monologue was pretty lame.
Seeing as I was not around during that period of televised hilarity, I
failed to get any real laughs out of that "monologue". Didn't laugh once.
Seriously. Rachel Dratch is also getting on my nerves. With the exception
of her Ally McBeal impression, and Sully/Denise, she's becoming as grating
as Molly Shannon. It's just her voice - nothing but loud screeching. As
well, I was scared that she was copying the Christina Ricci monologue from
last year. I do like Kate Hudson's spunk, though.

Grade: 3/10 Got docked 7 for sucking.

Skit - My College Experience
For those of you who don't stalk me, I'm just experiencing my first year at
college. I'm at the University of Ottawa, studying History, and generally
mocking inferior schools. This skip kinda creeped me out, if only because
that's what my arrival home's gonna be like. I mean, I'm getting SO much
action, at least a couple had to have been videotaped. How should I
remember; there's been SO many times, and I can't be expected to check for a
camera every time I get a girl's clothes off! So, yeah............ about
the skit.... I think.... oh, I can't keep on living this charade!
University is NOTHING like that! Unless you're really horny and hot, that
is, in which case anything goes! Kate Hudson also impressed me in the
pre-taped videos; she looked exactly like the girls who star in those tapes
in real life. Not that I know first-hand. I mean first-hand KNOWLEDGE! Of
the tapes, not.... Oooh... you filthy minds. Stop! You're polluting my
review!! Good skit, cute punchline, even cuter actress (not Molly).

Grade: 8/10

TV Funhouse: The X-Presidents
This absolutely ruled! Although the revolting cartoon of the Bushes in the
shower managed to helpme recover from the previous sketch, and their
constant fornication was disgusting, the cartoon was still hilarious. It
was some of the best satirical writing I've seen in a long time. Sure,
they're picking obvious targets, and firing obvious shots, but it still
works. A perfect satire, right up to the end. I love it, I love it, I love
**Laugh Out Loud #1 - Ron Reagan as Britney Spears **
**Laugh Out Loud #2 - The Independents!!!!!! **

Grade: 9.5/10

Skit - Inside the Actor's Studio
A very good skit. I was very excited when the mentioned Gregg Toland, only
to reveal he's dead. It didn't stop Haray Caray! Gregg Toland was a
cinematographer, whose most famous work was with Orson Welles' 1941 classic
"Citizen Kane". His use of deep-focus photography, resulting in multiple
depths of field in focus in a single frame, revolutionized the film
industry, as it allowed for more poetic shots. Note the one in "Citizen
Kane" where the father and banker are arguing in the foreground, the mother
is cleaning in the middle, and little Charles is playing outside in the
background. The juxtaposition is heart-wrenching. As well, in Citizen
Kane, look at the brilliant camera angles, particularly towards the end of
the film, when Kane is in the office of his newspaper, doing the tyrant
thing. Besides Citizen Kane, Gregg Toland also worked on Alfred Hitchcock's
"Notorious", and... wait a minute. This has nothing to do with the skit!
I apologize. The editors responsible for not cutting that have been sacked.
It was a pretty good skit. Ferrell was on target, as usual. The personal
highlight for me, however, was seeing Kate Hudson throughout that entire
skit! She's damn hot! The impression was very, very good, too. And she's
hot. I wouldn't want to burn monkeys, either.

Grade: 8.5/10

Skit - Sully and Denise
Jimmy Fallon must not be getting any at home, because he seems to have
greatly increased the frequency of his makeouts with Dratch. Hmmm.... must
ponder career in sketch comedy. This was probably the best Teens skit,
although the cameo wasn't the best. Had some great lines, most notably "I
will never pour beer on that boob again!", and "Don't look directly at
him!". Kate Hudson, for the nth time, looked hot. Skanky I'll admit, but
still a hot kind of skanky, the kind of skanky that won't appear in a
"College Girls Gone Wild" video. The good kind of skanky. Horatio's
recurring character now has a catchphrase: "Awesome!". I wanted the
EasyBake oven to catch fire, though. Oh well.

Grade: 9/10

Musical Guest - Radiohead
Not a bad performance. Intriguing that they're now putting the music before
Weekend Update. Good idea, I think. The keyboard guy reminded me of Sydney
Pollock, for some reason. Oh well. The keyboard, synthesizer, horns, and
saxophones were all great, and came through perfectly. The guitar playing
and vocals seemed a bit lacking, however. Then again, it must be hard to
sing while having a seizure. Can't blame him. Decent performance; could
have been better, could have been worse.

Grade: 7/10

Weekend Update
Hilarious! Tina's delivery is perfect for the job. Jimmy seems to never
know where he's supposed to look, and he laughs when he shouldn't, but it
still works. He's still getting used to it, but he'll get better. Tina Fey
looks a lot better than when she did her audience bits. Funnier, too. I
like the "correspondents" being Jimmy and Tina; the banter is hilarious. As
well, the technique of playing video unrelated to the joke (the Yugoslavians
celebrating while Jimmy talking about Mets fans), as well as the general
format, is very similar to "This Hour has 22 Minutes", as noted by a fellow
reviewer (whose University's football team REALLY sucks, I might add) last
week, but works really well. A great Update.
**Laugh Out Loud #3 - George W. Bush dealt with them the only way he knew
how - by executing them. **

Grade: 9/10

Skit - Woodrow
I don't really think this should have been recurring. Although it was cute
with Britney, the identical skit this time just wasn't as good. "Your liver
has a brain tumour". As well, the skit was AAAAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEE HAHAHA
YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry. My review got interrupted by
drunken yelling and screeching. Just like my viewing of this skit.
Grrr.... I hope every Woodrow skit doesn't end like that. It'd be nice to
see him keep the girl for once. Tracy is good at playing the insane
lunatic, though. His eyes have that perfect crazy look, just like when
Jordan Davidson looks at the CIAU football rankings. So-so skit.

Grade: 7/10

I'm now watching the hockey game. It's 3-0 Vancouver, over Buffalo. Bad
day for Buffalo. There's a bird screeching on my floor. Vancouver just
scored. Ed Jovanovski passed over to Cassels at the top of the circle, and
his shot was deflected past Hasek by Todd Bertuzzi. It's now 4-0. Go

Skit - Meet the Press
Not a terribly funny skit. It didn't seem to fit in with the show, for some
reason. I liked the mention of the Buffalo Bills (eech!), the only football
team cats ask for by name. Eech! The sucky suck suck! Boy I Love Losing
Superbowls!!! And this year, they're even worse. Buffalo sucks! The only
team worse than the Buffalo Bills is the Western Mustangs. For God's sake -
They lost to freaking Queens!!!!! But I digress. The quote out of context
was pretty funny. I pity Americans, though, because if they wanna follow
politics they have to put up with TV shows very much like the parody, and
that must really, really suck. I myself don't care about the NY senate
race. As long as Bush doesn't win the presidency, I'll be relatively happy.
We can only pray.... Darrell Hammond lost it at the end. I don't think
I've seen him break character like that ever before. Oh well.

Grade: 6/10

Skit - Japanese TV
Being fluent in Japanese, and having been exposed to unnaturally high levels
of Japanese television, I will assure you that this is exactly what Japanese
TV looks like. Only problem is that they don't all speak in the really
whiny voice that Maya and Kate used. But they are that hyper. And their
"Japanese" was not all real Japanese. There were a lot of times they took
English words and made them sound Japanese. But the Japanese was pretty
much meaningless, although actual words. A pretty obnoxious skit, and Maya
Rudolph is also getting to be obnoxious. In that skit, anyways. Japanese
TV is more entertaining than this skit.

Grade: 5/10

Musical Guest - Radiohead
I have to be honest - I didn't watch this. Instead, I watched the hockey
highlights on CBC, and Felix Potvin celebrate his shutout. That should help
his GAA tremendously. My roommate was full of brilliant insights. For
archival reference, I present a verbatim transcript of his most enlightening
comment: "They're gonna write articles about commercials like that, about
machines having minds, you know, and all that crap, hey!" I kid you not.

Public Service Announcement - Voting While Intoxicated
We have a federal election probably coming up. I think I just might try
VWI. Hell, if the entire country does that, Stockwell Day might just end up
moving into 24 Sussex Drive. But I didn't say that. I could get fired for
saying that. So, I didn't say that. A pre-emptive thanks to the editor for
cutting that line for me. Phew! Maya Rudolph looks like weird in close-up
like that. Oh well. A decent ending. Coulda been better, but the writing
was decent, especially the ending with it being a front for GE. Once again,
Tina Fey shows off her excellent comic delivery.

Grade: 7/10

Well, that's another episode. I noticed the HUGE amount of writers in the
credits; that's SNL's problem! Too many writers on a screenplay is suicide;
the same holds true for sketch comedy. If the writing improved, SNL could
top the airwaves once again.

OVERALL GRADE: 7.8/10. A satisfactory, yet entire unremarkable episode.

As part of my exclusive sponsorship deal with Firestone Tires, I now present
the "Firestone Tires Three Stars"

Honorable Mention: Tina Fey. Only had WU and the ending, but great in both.

Third Star: Will Ferrell. He was good in the opening, and solid the rest of
the way through.
Second Star: Kate Hudson. She was a very good host, and fit into every skit
well. That's not all she fit into well, though.....
First Star: Jimmy Fallon. Great performances all night, and WU was good, if
sloppy. He's really on the upswing at SNL. Really makes me look forward to
next week.

So this is Tim Louman-Gardiner, on behalf of James Joyce and the good folks
at Firestone Tires, signing off!

Episode Review written by Tim Louman-Gardiner

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