Kate Hudson / Radiohead
October 14, 2000

Had a chance to catch this week's "SNL" with Kate Hudson and Radiohead.
I was actually at a friend's house and convinced him to turn it on (he
used to be a big fan of SNL but hasn't watched in awhile). So here we
go with week #2, hopefully a little more stable than week #1:

COLD OPENING/DEBATE: Looked like deja vu all over again...there's
another presidential debate and another new SNL this week....anyone want
to guess what the opening sketch will be on next week's show? Overall
it wasn't a bad sketch, Ferrell and Hammond are really getting their
impressions of the candidates down, but couldn't this sketch have been
place after the monologue just to avoid to repetitiveness factor?

MONOLOGUE: Just a quick note on the opening music--I still haven't
gotten used to it. As for the monologue, I'm going to show my age again
because one of the first TV shows I can actually remember watching as a
3-year old was 'Laugh-In'. I was too young to get the jokes, but I
loved all the dancing and wild camera zooms. Great concept for a
monologue given that Kate's mother Goldie Hawn started as a 20-something
on that '60s political satire. Chris Kattan's Arte Johnson and Ana
Geysteyer's Joanne Worley were dead-on hilarious! I find most of the
monologues pretty boring and predictable, but this one worked well--only
thing missing that would've made it even funnier was a cameo from Goldie
GRADE: B-plus.

FAMILY WATCHING TV: I agree with other reviewers that sometimes the
simplest of sketch ideas can be pretty funny. Will Ferrell was at his
best again.
GRADE: B-plus.

TV FUNHOUSE / X-PRESIDENTS: Hey, they had a Robert Smigel cartoon as
promised this week! The x-presidents are my second-favorite cartoon
(can anyone top Ace & Gary?) because they spoof the old 1970s Saturday
morning cartoons so effectively. It was a pretty funny concept with all
the children of the former chief executives popping in on the debate,
although this wasn't their best effort....it'll be interesting to see
how they work Clinton into this cartoon once he becomes an ex-president.


INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO: My friend has never watched the Bravo program
and did not know who James Lipton even was, but he still found the
sketch kind of funny, albeit very weird, so what does that tell you?
Ferrell's impression of Lipton is great, Kate Hudson's impression of
Drew Barrymore was right on the money!
GRADE: B-plus.

BOSTON TEENS: After not seeing Rachel Dratch at all last week, it was
nice to see this sketch come back (and they even mentioned the town of
Lexington, Massachusetts on the air). Dratch and Fallon are a good pair
in this sketch, and Hudson was a nice addition as Fallon's sister. And
how about the Nomar cameo? Although it was bound to happen eventually,
I'm glad I didn't see it coming this week (and that I didn't have time
to read Sean's sketch spoilers before the show). As a suffering Red Sox
fan and watching Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter battle it out in the
American League playoffs earlier in the evening, I was glad to see the
'other' great AL shortstop get on TV (although I would've rather seen
him play). It almost looked like he wasn't reading the cue cards,
pretty impressive for a ballplayer.
GRADE: B-plus (almost makes 'A' status with the Nomar cameo, but I'm
trying to save the 'A' grade for the sketches that cause
fall-on-the-floor laughter).

MUSICAL GUEST RADIOHEAD: Like last week, I do not follow this group and
my friend changed the channel anyway, so I won't be giving a grade
here. I will say the timing of their appearance was good given that I
read their current album is near the top of the charts. It also appears
they are going back to the pre-1995 format of having a musical number
before Weekend Update.

Michaels saw in these two was more evident this week. Guess they
dropped that 'if we're together it's news' opening which I didn't mind
but evidentally all the other reviewers hated. It was kind of funny
when it looked like they were going to introduce a guest on the set,
then went to the other co-anchor. Hammond as Clinton wasn't bad, and
although you'll never hear him say it, that's probably how Clinton
really feels about the candidates.

TRACY MORGAN AS UNDERGROUND SINGER: I almost forgot this was a
recurring character until I looked at another review this week. Neither
my friend nor I even got this sketch...no redeeming qualities
whatsoever. Interesting to note that up to this point we've only seen
Chris Kattan in one other sketch. You would think with the departures
of Oteri and Meadows from the cast Kattan would be one of the more
featured players, but not so far in the first two weeks (on the bright
side, at least no Mr. Peepers or Mango sketches, they were starting to
get old).

LAVERNE & SHIRLEY "TURNING JAPANESE": I'm sure we all go into the last
half hour of SNL with very few expectations of laughing, but sometimes a
sketch will appear from out of the blue that is not only funny, but ends
up becoming a recurring sketch. (Anyone remember that the first
'Wayne's World' sketch came on at 12:55 as a throw-away, then wound up
spawning two movies and turning Mike Myers and Dana Carvey into
household names?) The L&S sketch falls into the category of a pleasant
surprise that made me laugh. I seem to remember that Maya Rudolph
played the wife of Jackie Chan in last season's Calgon spoof--she looks
like she can play Asian characters pretty well. Kattan as Squiggy
wasn't bad either. Hope this doesn't become recurring like 'Wayne's
World', but how many of us expect to laugh after 12:30 anymore?

RADIOHEAD: See above.

PSA: Didn't really enjoy this much, even though all the cast members got
in it and the premise was ok. Maybe it fell vicitm to the 12:55
GRADE: C-minus.

OVERALL GRADE: B. Much better than last week's premiere. Kate Hudson
is a pretty versatile actress (and very pleasant on the eyes), and now I
can't wait to go out and see "Almost Famous", which I've wanted to see
for awhile anyway. All but two of the sketches had laughs in them, but
I was a little disappointed there was no filmed commercial this week
(I'm not going to count the PSA as a standard SNL commercial parody).
Dana Carvey hosts next week....anyone want to wager there will be a Bush
father-son sketch in the show somewhere (maybe as early as the
opening)? Or how about a 'Reege-off' between Carvey and Hammond? That
would actually be a funny idea for a 'Looking for Regis' new co-host'
sketch, but I think they've already done that.

Episode Review written by T-Boz

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