Kate Hudson / Radiohead
October 14, 2000

Debate: The impressions of Gore, Bush, and Fehrer are great. The Democratic
writers have again found a way to insult George W. Bush in a lowbrow,
immature way simply because he knew the names of about three European and
African leaders. They let Gore off easy by focusing on his more agreable
attitude. Shorter sketch with fewer problems, but fewer good moments as
Rating: 3 stars

Monologue: The monologue made no sense what so ever. The characters played
by Kattan and Ferrell were amusing but their presence made no sense.
Hudson's revealing outfit at the end got my attention but not a good
Rating: 1 star

Girls Gone Wild: A sketch with a script almost identical to about 10 other
SNL skits from the past. And not any funnier! After the first TV incident,
the sketch hit a dead end with blown chances at jokes. The sketch set
itself up well for funniness, but blew every opportunity.
Rating: 1.5 stars

Cartoon: I always enjoy Robert Smigel's cartoons, especially the
X-Presidents. The voices are always good. However, there was no plot this
time and no sense either. The cartoon picked up at the end with Buchanan
and Nader as villains and Reagan's offense to Clinton's joining the team.
Rating: 2-2.5 stars

Actor's Studio: Terrific sketch and saving grace of tonight's show.
Ferrell's James Lipton is hilarious and Kate Hudson was dead on as Drew
Barrymore. The dialogue was good, but not as great as Lipton's interview
with Dustin Diamond (played by Tobey Maguire) last year. What about the
curseword question?
Rating: 3-3.5 stars

Dennis and Sully: Often this sketch is predictable and boring with the
makeout sessions serving as interrupters for boring dialogue. Tonight was
no different. Nomar Garciaparra's cameo helped but this sketch hit its
comedic peak on the episode with Garth Brooks last year.
Rating: 2 stars

Radiohead #1: Radiohead is a terrific, innovative group who has gone
unappreciated in the US until now. In a music biz dominated by teen pop,
Radiohead's Kid A debuted at #1 on the album charts. Hopefully this is the
beginning of a change in music. The performance was terrific as all of
Radiohead's live performances are.

Weekend Update: After last week's terrific debut, nothing could even
attempt to top it. Good thing SNL realized this fact. The transitions from
Fey to Fallon appeared strained this time and once again, SNL insulted Bush
in a lowbrow manner more appropriate for MAD TV. Hammond's appearance as
Clinton was terrific as always. I will miss his impression after January
when Bush becomes the 43rd President. Maybe he can create a new Dick Cheney
impression! Although this week's WU was subpar compared to last week, it
was still better than many of the Updates over the past two years.
Rating: 3 stars

Homeless guy: I like many of Tracy Morgan's characters, but this homeless
guy character is below his ability. The character has a good premise, but
is never able to decide whether to be funny or serious the whole time.
Though the sketch wasn't terrible, it wasn't that good either.
Rating: 2 stars

Meet the Press: The SNL writers decided to once again stoop to Howard Stern
and MAD TV's level by making a Hillary joke based not her attitude,
facelifts, or fake New York attitude, but on her rear end instead. Ana
Gasteyer's Hillary points out very well how manipulative Hillary is and how
she always tries to cover her tracks when asked difficult questions.
Fallon's Lazio was dead-on but once again, SNL can not allow itself to show
Republicans as intelligent people while they depict Democrats as geniuses
most of the time.
Rating: 2.5 stars

Japanese TV: Of course, the sketch was pointless and tried to place all of
its emphasis on the fact that the cast was trying to speak cute Japanese.
But, hey! People think it is funny! It was OK.
Rating: 2 stars

Radiohead #2: See Radiohead #1 comments.

Overall: The show suffered the predictable sophomore jinx after an above
average season premiere. The Debate and Actor's Studio sketches provided
the show its two high points. Weekend Update was down from last week but is
still making progress in its attempt to return to a news format instead of
stand-up. Radiohead was a terrific musical guest. The monologue was again
the low point of the show. The other sketches ranged from disappointing to
mildly tolerable. Dana Carvey will be on next week so I expect to see a
father-son sketch between the two Bushes.
Rating: 2.5 stars

Episode Review written by Reed Burton

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