Kate Hudson / Radiohead
October 14, 2000

Hi! Well, I'm back for my second review. What can I say? Being a New Yorker I will say go Yankees and Mets! I as many New Yorkers feel that a subway series is on the way. Good Luck Mets and Yankees! We New Yorkers Are Rutting for you!

As far as tonight's episode I loved "Almost Famous" and was excited to see how Kate Hudson would do as SNL host. But it was the musical guest I was really excited about. I think Radiohead is the bomb. There new album "Kid A" is one of the 3 great CD's of 2000 (the others are BB King/Eric Claptron's "Riding With The King" and Paul Simon's "You're The One" (No Relation). So all in all I was looking forward to as good if not better a show then last week.

Presidential Debate #2 - When Sean mentioned another debut sketch would be on tonight's show I said oh no a rehash of last weeks opining sketch but wait it was different. I think Will was very funny pronouncing the names. The agreeing between Gore and Bush was not as great. The part about the mets was very funny through and it brought the sketch back. With this Sketch I've decided that Daryl is much better as Clinton then as Gore. Overall a nice try but I've seen better. A few really great laughs thou. - B-

Monologue - The mention of Kate being the daughter of Goldie Hawn was a given. But I didn't see this coming. I thought the best parts were Rachel as the daughter of Ruth Buzzy and Chris K. as the son of Artie Johnson. I also loved when she took of her dress and it said Radiohead is here. If this is any indication of whats in store, the show is gonna be great - A

Sexy Daughter on TV - a big disappointment! After the great Monologue this is just sad. I only laughted about once or twice. Kate Hudson was good on the TV through. at this point I was hoping for a better rest of the show. - C-

X-Presidents - First off you should know that I am NOT a fan of Saturday TV Funhouse. I think this part of SNL is just boring and not very funny. Less of these would be great. This one however was a little better then usual. The part about the offspring at the debates was at least a little better then usual. But that isn't saying much. Please I beg of you put the Funhouse to rest before it's too late - C-

Inside The Actors Studio - Ever since last years sketch with Toby McGuire as Skretch from Saved By The Bell I've been hoping they would do this one again. While this was not as good as the Toby one, It was still very funny. Kate did a Great Drew Berrymore and Will was Great as expected as James Lipton. More of Inside The Actors Studio would be a welcomed part of SNL as it is one of the best Sketches on SNL - A

Boston Teens - As this is my favorite sketch it is almost always a Guaranteed A+ and this week was no exception. Haratio as Frankie is the bomb as he was tonight! And that Boston ball player (I won't try to spell his name) only made the sketch every better. Good Job Jimmy, Rachel, Kate and Haratio. Keep up the great work and More Sully and Denise would be great A+++++

Radiohead - First off I would like to give the SNL person who books the Musical guests there props. This is the best most left of center choice for a musical guest since I started Watching SNL and that was back in the Early 90's. As far as the music goes it was great to see something different for a change. One question who was the guy on the floor every so often and the guy plugging in the switches. (they might have been the same) That sure was different. A+ for SNL for booking Radiohead and A++++ for Radiohead (can't wait for the second song it's gonna be great!)
PS Do your self a favor and pick up Radiohead's great New CD "Kid A" You Won't Be Sorry

Weekend Update - Jimmy and Tina only get better! Jimmy's movie minute and commentary about the Baseball Playoffs were the best parts. Also it was nice to see Daryl bring back his Clinton Impression. (He will be missed when he is out of office in January) Keep up the good work and Weekend Update will only get better! - A

Woodro and Kate - Very sweet sketch about Woodro showing Kate his movie script with them singing a very very funny song that made the sketch. Very funny work even better then last years Brittany Spears sketch with Woodro. I especially loved Woodro talking on his wood block phone. the song they sang will probably rank up there with Rob Lowe's Shaggy impression from the first show and be on my best of Season list- A+

Meet The Press - Okay sketch. Ana is good as Hillary but it was Jimmy as Rick Lazzio that stole the sketch. Not the best of the night but still a great sketch - B because of Jimmy's Rick Lazzio impression!

Japanese Laverne and Shirley - Really Really Funny. Kate and Mya were great as Laverne and Shirley with a Japanese Twist. The Japanese accents were the bomb!
- A+

Radiohead - See Above Review - A++++++
PS If it hasn't sunk in yet Go and get "Kid A" by Radiohead you won't be disappointed. You'll also be educated in what truly great rock is out at your local CD store!

SNL says Don't Vote Drunk - Something Different! Something Great and very funny, A show closing sketch that didn't suck!! In fact it was great. I hope more show closing sketches are like this A+


Overall - I loved last season's shows but If the shows stay as good or get better this season will be even better. Kate rocked and Radiohead (if you've read my review you'll be at record store sometime soon) also rocked big time. Heres something that was not common last year a show with a A+ for an overall rating. keep up the great work. - A+

In closing next week the great Dana Carvey comes back to host! He is the bomb with his impressions and cast of characters so the show should be great. The new Wallflowers CD is also the bomb so it should a great show. See you next week. Can't wait!

Episode Review written by Nicky Simon

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