Kate Hudson / Radiohead
October 14, 2000

Well I'm just going to jump right into the review since i just got home
from taking the PSAT.

The Second 2000 Presidental Debate
Thankfully, this sketch was shorter than the first. Will Ferrell's Bush
naming the Nigerian government was funny. Again, Hammond's Gore was
right on. I especially liked how Parnell's Lehrer checked the score on
the Cards game. The debate was good overall in the end.

Kate Hudson's Monologue
This was funny, but I still rather have the host do their monologue with
as little help from the cast and writers as possible. All the laugh in
players children were good impressions, but a little lost on the younger
kids like me. Seeing Kate in a bikini was nice, extra points.

Girls Gone Wild/Family Watching TV
This was funny, but a little predictable. Again I liked it, and Will
Ferrell makes that sketch that much better. Grandma and Nan calling
made this sketch get the extra yard.

TV Funhouse-The X Presidents!
I love any TV-F and the X Presidents are one of my favorites. An
excellent cartoon, with all four of the PResidents 'kids' getting in on
the debate. The Independants was an nice Touch too. The Brittany
Spears dancing, Pat Buchanan using the cross as a weapon and the X
presidents kids make this an...

Denise and Sully
I like this sketch all the way around, with points going to Sanz's
character. AWESOME. Nomar showing up was an excellent cameo. The tube
top-headband, 15 wt light bulb-semi sweet chocolate chips, getting
wicked pregnant and more I forgot make the sketch an...

Inside the Actor's Studio
Sorry I reversed these two^^. This was good, but doesn't have a shot
against the instant classic in which Tobey McGuire played Screech. Will
Ferrell=Funny, Good. Hudson's Drew Barrymore was funny, but a little
lacking. If you haven't seen the Schreech sketch, you should borrow the
tape from someone, and watch it; its marevlous; ah ah ah ah.

Radiohead performs "the national anthem"
One of my favorite songs off of the instant classic Kid A. I've been a
fan of them since the Bends came out in '95. This is an excellent song,
but I don't understand why Thom was having seizures onstage.
A+ anyway.

Weekend Update
This one was decidely better then the first, but I like them both. I
can se they are gonna make Jimmy look like he has ADD, which isn't
necesarily bad. Tina is going to be doing this job for a while. I
liked the NY MEts Yankees piece, since I live near Phila. (go Eagles)
I tend to think of most New Yorkers as loud and destructive, primarily
because whenever I head down to the Vet there is always a posse of Mets
fans drunk off their ass cursing at the PHillies pitcher. I hate the
Mets, and can only tolerate the Yankees. Anyway, the Meet the Parents
Review was exceptionally funny. Your gonna meet me! Hammond's Bill
Clinton was only on par, nothing more, nothing less. Overall...

I do not like this character, but I always laugh at what he does. I
don't know what it is about Tracy Morgan but he can make anything
funnier than it was. This sketch fell flat compared to the Brittany
Spears one, but still it's an...

Meet the Press
My dad watches this show most of the time, so I thought the authenticity
of the whole thing was great. Making fun of Hillary is good. Lazzio
doesn't talk like this, I hope that guy wins.
"I want to come down hard on soft money."
"really hard?"
"really Hard."

Japanese Laverne and Shirley
This was a great sketch, almost comparable to the Japenese game show in
'94. I loved Lenny and Squiggy, played by Kattan and Fallon. The whole
thing was an excellent parody. The Japanese pastry commercial was the
best thing in the last 45 minutes of the show, I didn't 'hear' what was
being said in the second half of the sketch until I rewatched it.

Radio performs'Idioteque'
Not my Favorite song off Kid A, But it's a great song none the less. If
you buy it, i think Optimistic, Everything in it's right place and The
National Anthem are the best tracks.

Vote Sober 2000
This was good. What was with Will's hiar? I can't say much more about
this, but I will hit upon it next paragraph.

Overall, an excellent, somewhat surprising show. I loved every minute
of it. Whoever runs the live video feed shit quit or be fired, the
begining of WU and the vote sober were cut in some way. Dana Carvey
will make an excellent show, the Wallflowers aren't that bad.
C ya, I got to go sleep the PSAT's wiped me out.

Episode Review written by Mike Morrone

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