Kate Hudson / Radiohead
October 14, 2000

Couple of pre-show thoughts.
1. VERY disapointed by the Robe Lowe Episode. I think that Cheri, Colin and Tim not being there had something to do with that! Only laughed once and was mad when they announced that there would be a Funhouse Cartoon and it never came on.
2. I think that Weekend Update is not so funny anymore. The begining and end phrase was something they did in the 70's when Jane and Bill were doing Update. And that's pretty bad when even I know that and I wasn't even alive yet!
Well now that I have said my two cents worth, here it is!!!

(Opening) Gore/Bush Debate 2
Funnier than the last Debate sketch. Liked Will's Bush better than Hammonds Gore. I liked when Bush kept pernouncing the names of the Nigerian Leaders. Parnell's Moderater is good. Quote: Since you both agree on just about everything, I'm going to tune into the Cardnals game. It's in the 3rd inning.
Grade B+

(Montage) SNL Season 26
Like this. Reminds me of the 85-95 era.
Sorry my opinion on this is so late.

(Mono) Kate Hudson
Okay. Not the best mono i've seen. Liked the Dratch bit, but she has an annoying voice!!! Kattan's part was good. Glad he didn't decide to leave!
Grade C

(Sketch) Girls gone wild during Spring Break.
Liked it A lot!! A good sketch with Will and Molly (first of the season I might add). First The Video then Cops. Then Molly at Marti Gras! First funny sketch of the season!
Grade A

(Cartoon) The X Presidents
Liked this on too! The thing with Carters Daughter and Ron Jr. was funny. Opps I did it again. What toped it off was the George W. snorting the flowers! A good Smigel Cartoon! Finally!
Grade A

(Sketch) Inside the Actors Studio!
Okay sketch, but not the best of the night. Will was dead on like usual, and Kates Drew impression was very good. However, did not make me laugh as much as the other 2
Grade B-

(Sketch) Denise and Sulley
I always liked this in the last season. This year proves to be no different. Liked the thing Fallon said about his sister fluncking out of Cooking school because she couldn't spell Congratulations! Liked the cameo by Nomar Garciapara. Quote: Don't worry, i'll give her some suvioner balls!
Grade B+

(Musical Guest) Radiohead
Never a big fan of there's but I liked the song.
Grade B

(Weekend Update) with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey.
I can sum it up for both with two words each. NOT GOOD. However, Tina is good. She will more than Likely get the desk by herself. Jimmy is just not right for news. He's too energetic for the desk. My judgement will be finalized next week so guys, prove to me you can handle it! Can't Remember any of the jokes. Havn't been able to do that since the Jackie Chan episode. Which I recall, Colin Quinn was still the Update anchor!
Grade: Undecided, but D

(Sketch) Sewer Guy (Tracy Morgan).
Was never a big fan of this sketch. Cute though. The song and Kattan's Comment on going into a sewer is carrer ending.
Grade C-

(Sketch) Japanise Leverne and Shirley.
Was Kinda funny. Didn't get it at first, but stll laughed more than I did for Update.
so it gets a better grade!
Grade C

(Musical Guest) Radiohead
Missed this one. Was on the phone with a friend.
Grade N/A

(Sketch) Vote Sober 2000
Didn't get it at first. Thought they were being serious. But nice thing for all of the cast to do. Something funny before the Closing.
Grade C

OVERALL: Liked this show A LOT better than Robe Lowe's. However still feels empty without Cheri, Colin, or Tim, but in time I will get over it and overlook this detail of the show. Update has ONE more chance to prove it self worthy of my Viewing again. Colin needs to show them how it's done or something. Best sketch of the Night was the first one, and it usually is. Looking foward to Dana Carvey next week. That's a definate good show coming up!
Grade: C+

See you next week!

Episode Review written by Medmaster2001

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