Kate Hudson / Radiohead
October 14, 2000

A'ight y'alls. I'm writing a review of last night's show, if for no
reason other than my own insomnia.

Before the show:
My thoughts going in were as follows:
*Kate Hudson is hot. Almost Famous is a great movie, and she's
fantastic in it. She could be a good host.
*Radiohead is my second favorite musical artist. Their new album is
amazing. They will most likely kick ass.
*The last show was really well done. Maybe this year will be the best
season since eighth grade.

My mood was:
*Happy. I had had a good day
*Excited. Kate Hudson is one of my many love goddesses.
*Social. I had two friends over to watch with me.
*Uncomfortable. I had a sore throat. Still do. Makes it hard to eat
my daily bowl of Fruity Pebbles.
*Disappointed. I had bleached my hair last night, and when I tried to
dye it blue, it just turned it back to the black color it was before I
bleached it. A waste of money and time. :(
*Optimistic. Radiohead live, on SNL... that's going to be interesting
*Flacid. Wait. Did I say that out loud?

At 11:30: Ok. The show isn't starting. Weird. Please don't make me
watch MAD TV.

At 11:50: Ok. The show started 20 minutes late. I hate being on the
west coast.


My Title: Debate II, The Wrath of Khan
What it was: Another debate sketch
Starring: Will Ferrell as Dubya, Darrell Hammond as Algore Trout, and
Chris Parnell as that guy who killed Robert MacNeil.
Methinks: Not nearly as funny as the last one, but that could be because
I missed the actual debates due to the fact that I'm stupid. I am
rapidly losing interest in these candidates.
And So Then: ** (outta five)

Methinks: Jerry Minor was taken out. Is he gone?

My Title: Kate Hudson stands in her Mom's shadow some more.
What it was: Kids of Laugh-In Cast Members
Starring: Kate Hudson as "Kate," Chris Kattan, Ana Gasteyer, Rach Dratch
and Will Ferrell as the ol' gang.
Methinks: Laugh-In was before my time. Oh well, I didn't get it.
Doesn't mean it was bad though... She took her clothes off!
And So Then: [monologue] ** [Kate's body] ****1/2 (outta five)

My Title: The only reason I regret not going to college.
What it was: Coed keeps popping out, er, up on TV
Starring: Will Ferrell as "Pops" Molly Shannon as "Maw" and Katie
Hudson as the girl of my dreams, but it seems my dreams never come true.
Methinks: Cute. Had more potential than it used, but ultimately went
And So Then: ** (outta five)

Title: TV Funhouse.
What it was: The X-Presidents battle those third party jerkoffs
Starring: Bobby Smigel, I suppose.
Methinks: How dare they compare Nader to Buchanan!? Damn them. One of
the better X-Presidents 'toons. Liked the dog.
And So Then: *** (outta five)

My Title: James Lipton continues to be a jackass.
What it was: Inside the Actors' Studio with Drew Barrymore.
Starring: Will Ferrell as The World's Biggest Jackass and Kate Hudson as
Methinks: Kate does a good Drew Barrymore. Very accurate. I love Will
Ferrell's James Lipton impression. He truly brings out how much of a
jackass Lipton really is. How does he get such great actors on his
show, dammit? I could do a better interview.
Quotable: "Drew Barrymore: You've been a good, kind person who is kind
to people and animals... and you smell like flowers." -Kate Hudson as
Drew Barrymore (Badly transcribed from memory)
And So Then: ***1/2 (outta five)

My Title: NOMAAH!
What it was: Sully and Zazoo with a cameo by NOMAAH!
Starrin': Jimmy-boy Fallon as Patty Sullivan, Rachel Dratch as Denise,
Kate Hudson as Sully's sistah, an' Nomar Garciaparra as NOMAAH!
Methinks: Hmm... I think maybe SNL pulled out the NOMAAH! Card a little
prematurely, but these guys are always fun to watch. If any sketch
right now warrants a movie, it's these Boston Kids.
And So Then: ***1/2 (outta five)

What it was: A song.
Starring: Radiohead.
Methinks: Thom Yorke is amazing. He's insane, and he's depressing, but
he's amazing. The best music on the show since Beck's "Mutations"
performances in 1998.
Quotable: "I don't deserve it..." -Thom Yorke, chanting under his breath.
And So Then: ****1/2 (outta five)

My Title: Weekend Update with the TWO CUTIES!
What it was: Weekend Update with the TWO CUTIES!
Starring: Jimmy F. as Cutie #1, Tina F. as Cutie #2 and Darrell H. as
Bill C. ...Wait, that's too obvious, let's call him B. Clinton.
Methinks: Cute. Didn't live up to last week... Jimmy still needs work,
but Tina's got da SHIT TOGETHAH!
And So Then: *** (outta five)

My Title: Fun in the sewer.
What it was: Woodrow makes his triumphantly unoriginal return.
Starring: Kate Hudson as Katie, Tracy Moah-gan as Woodrow, Chris Parnell
as the director, and Molly Shannon and Chris Kattan as some other people
that didn't matter.
Methinks: This character is dying a quick death. I like Tracy Morgan,
but Woodrow's only been around twice and already both sketches were
basically exactly the same. Only my Katie had the guts to kiss Trace.
And So Then: *1/2 (outta five)

My Title: Hillary and that other guy.
What it was: Meet the Press with H. Clinton and Lazio.
Starring: Ana Gasteyer as Hillary, Jimbo Fallon as Lazio, Darrell
Hammond as the host guy, whatever the fuck his name is.
Methinks: Well done. Unfortunately, none of this stuff really applies
to me, since I'm not from NY, but I liked Darrell and Jimmy a lot in
this one.
And So Then: *** (outta five)

My Title: Stay tuned for "Domo Arigatou, Mr. Kotter!"
What it was: Japanese "Laverne and Shirley"
Starring: Maya Rudolph and Kate Hudson and Jimmy Fallon and Chris Kattan
and Chris Parnell.
Methinks: Clever! I especially liked the commercial... something about
a beetle and a biscuit, or something... but it was funny. Maya Rudolph
is starting to prove herself to me.
And So Then: ***1/2 (outta five)

Title: Idioteque
What it was: Another Song
Starring: Radiohead
Methinks: Even better than the first. Thom Yorke is like some fallen
angel of death. It's going to take a lot to beat this performance this
season. Maybe they'll come back when their next album comes out next
spring... Can a musical guest appear twice in a season?
Quotable: "Were not scaremongering. This is really happening."
And So Then: ***** (outta five)

My Title: Where's Stevie Wonder?
What it was: The Cast telling us not to vote drunk.
Starring: Everybodah! Even Jerry Minor. Is he in the cast or no? 'allo?
Methinks: I've already forgotten about it. Short, simple, mildly amusing.
And So Then: **1/2 (outta five)

More uneven than the season premiere. A couple of high points, but
fluctuated a bit. Here's how I break it down:

Host: ***1/2
Cast: ***1/2
Music: *****
Writing: **
Total: ***1/2

Best Castmember: Darrell Hammond
2nd Place: Jim-may! and Maya Rudolph did good too.
Most Screen Time: Jimmy Fallon. Damn, that's a lot of Fallon.
2nd Place: Darrell Hammond
Least Screen Time: Horatio Sanz. Damn, that's not a lot of Horatio.
2nd Place: Jerry Minor, I guess. Then Maya.

Which means the shows now rank:
1. Rob Lowe, Eminem: ****
2. Kate Hudson, Radiohead: ***1/2

The success of the show is mostly due to Radiohead. Kudos to SNL for
booking them. The writing was weak this week (heyyy) but you can't win
em all. Next week is promising: Dana Carvey (woo!) and The Wallflowers

I love you all.

Episode Review written by MarkMarcMark

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