Kate Hudson / Radiohead
October 14, 2000

This is my second SNL review. I changed some things in the format of how i
do it, I'll probaly change the format every week.

All I know about Kate Hudson is that she's Goldie Hawn's daughter.
Otherwise, no idea
who she is. As for Radiohead, I know nada 'bout them, so I'm
probably living under a rock.

COLD OPENING: Debate Sketch (Again????????)
I thought last week's debate skit ran too long, same for this one,
but George Bush misprounouncing the words was a gem.
I liked that alone so much Hammond's Gore (which i dont really think is
accurate at all) didn't really matter.
John gives it a A.

I thought this monologue was funny and I never saw "Laugh-In".
As a matter of fact, outside of
Artie Johnson, I had no idea who most of these people were.
John gives it a B+.

SKIT: Spring Break Parents
The reaction of Will & Molly was hilarious.
And Will & Molly are in a decent skit this week.
This was still a really good sketch, especially the
Mardi Gras part.
John gives it a B+. (I give like half of all skits B+,
I've noticed)

CARTOON: The X-Presidents
God, I hate this sketch sooooooooooooo much.
It's just such a stupid premise. I know Rob
Smigel can do much better cartoons. I didn't smile
once during this at all. In other words,
quoting Damon Wayans & David Alan Grier---Hated It!
John gives it an F.

SKIT: Inside The Actor's Studio
I've never seen this (cause my cheap cable station
doesn't carry Bravo), but, James Lipton
must be some odd guy. The Drew impression from Kate
was real good. This skit was "magical".
The best part of the skit was when the host kept on laughing
and when he fell out of his chair.
John gives it an A+.

SKIT: Sully & Denise meet Nomar
All I can say about this skit coming back is FINALLY.
In my honest opinion, this would have to be one of the
best recurring characters ever in the history of SNL. Kate
played Sully's slutty sister real well. And Rachel is
really talented, make her a regular!
That down-under joke was real funny, and Horatio's lines
were real funny (as usual).
The Nomar cameo was real appropriate with the playoffs
around and all. Kate Hudson kinda
looks like Britney Spears in this skit, dosen't she?
John gives it an A+.

God, there sure were a load of screaming people. I thought this
perfromance was well, interesting.
John gives it a B.

WEEKEND UPDATE with Jimmy Fallon & Tina Fey
Is Tina's hair suposed to be so messed-up looking?
It's odd how messy hair is considered
fashionable. The sex bars, space station
& urban legends jokes were really funny. I still
see some awkward reactions from Tina and Jimmy. Kinda odd
how they use the co-anchors in the roles
other cast members would have done for Update correspondents.
Did they do this with the other co-anchor teams?
The Clinton commentary
was kinda stupid, the Alan Cumming one was much, much better.
John gives it a B+.

SKIT: Woodrow
At first I thought this would be another crappy Molly
Shannon post-update skit, but I was wrong.
The song part was really good, as well as the script.
This show is really good so far, but its kinda hard to beat the
Rob Lowe one, seeing how i gave it an A. As for this
skit, it was good.
John gives it an A.

SKIT: Meet the Press
That Lazio impression was dead-on. His nose is so wierd
and big, and he has that idiotic looking grin.
But my vote would still be for him anyway. The Hillary
jokes were real good. If you aren't from NY, you probably
din't quite understand this sketch. I am, so I kinda
understood it. Most of this skit was pure
crap though.
John gives it a C.

SKIT:Laverne & Shirley from....Japan?
I think this was just an attempt to use Maya. This
sketch failed miserably. By the way,
involving Laverne & Shirley, who the hell would drink
Milk & Pepsi together???? I wouldn't.
I saw a skit on MADtv with thugs drugging Laverne &
Shirley and trying to take advantage
of them, and it was much funnier. This skit was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.
John gives it an F.

Really an interesting band, but not exactly my cup of tea.
John gives it a B.


SKIT: Voting while Intoxicated
They used the whole cast in a skit. God, I don't think they've
done something of that sort since
the Steve Martin 1991 & Dolly parton 1989 episodes.
Otherwise, this skit was
really stupid. Kinda makes ya think the writers were intoxicated,

John gives it a D.

This episode was great. It's only a hair under the Lowe episode.
John gives this episode a B+.

PERFORMERS OF THE NIGHT: Rachel Dratch. I missed her last week,
and that's why.
Kate Hudson. With the exception of that
god-awful Laverne & Shirley sketch, she was great.

SKITS OF THE NIGHT: Sully & Denise, Inside The Actor's Studio

CRAP OF THE NIGHT: Laverne & Shirley from Japan, The X-Presidents

Thats all for now. Next week is Dana Carvey, cast member
from 1986 to 1993 who is one
of the most talented SNL castmembers of all time.
Let's hope he brings back the Church Lady!

Episode Review written by John Fitzsimmons

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