Kate Hudson / Radiohead
October 14, 2000

Usually I have a monologue here. I've decided to skip it in favor of...not doing one. On with the new live awesomeness.

(Cold Opening) NBC Election Special
Exactly like last week, only not as funny. What do you think, Mr. Gore?
AL GORE: I agree.

(Monologue) Kate Hudson
If you remember my review of Corn Chip Nail Tips, you'll remember how I described it in one word. I was going to do that here, but couldn't decide on how many U's to use. I finally decided on four. Here goes...

(Sketch) Girls Gone Wild
Good concept, excellent follow-ups.
Quote: "Well, perfect. I just lied to Grandma." -Will Ferrell.

(Funhouse) The X-Presidents
A good start to the Saturday TV Funhouse season, but where's Ace and Gary?

(Sketch) Inside the Actors' Studio: Drew Barrymore
The impressions are dead-on! Will perfects yet another impression in his repertoire and Kate perfectly dons Drew's voice and new red hair. The material, however, was average. Would have been a 6.5, but...
7/10, cuz Will fell out of his chair! Hiyo!!!!!

Hey, a commercial for bedazzled. It's got Liz Hurley. Could she be.....SATAN?!?

(Sketch) Sully & Zazu submit to Survivor.
It's nice to see that SNL handled the phenomenon in this fashion instead of a "Survivor" parody. I liked the part when Sully and his sister are arguing, and when they say the other is retarded...Sully proceeds to make out with Zazu. But of course, the sketch was saved by, the pride of the Trenton Thunder (AA affiliates of the Boston Red Sox and THE greatest minor league baseball team in the SE Pennsylvania/South Jersey area)...NOMAR GARCIAPARRA!!!!

(Music) Ladies and Gentlemen...Radiohead.
Okay, I'll admit it, I'm not a fan of the band. However, UNLIKE SOME REVIEWERS I KNOW, I'm going to watch it anyway. Nice horn section, but the lead singer looks like U2's Bono and Tom Green had a baby and it had epilepsy.

(WU) Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey.
Let me start by saying that, again, the best quote of the night comes from Update, only this time, Tina gets the mad props.
"You are a constant disappointment to me." -Tina Fey to Jimmy Fallon
Okay, back to the review. Nice Subway Series analysis, nice Phish joke. However, the Update was saved by what may be one of Darrell Hammond's last appearances and Bill Clinton.
Quote: "Our laws are like piñatas. The more you beat 'em, the MORE CANDY YOU GET." -Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton
7/10. Trust me, the update reviews will get better once Tina stops getting up at midnight and starts leaving enough time to do her hair.

(Sketch) The Unwanted Return of Woodrow
C'mon, how many starlets can possibly fall in love with this guy? And why isn't Britney Spears' carcass lying somewhere in the sewer? If you're gonna do Tracy in a recurring role, give us Pimp Chat!

(Sketch) Meet the Press
Is Rick Lazio REALLY a spaz?

(Sketch) TVN: Rabun to Shuri
Yet another sketch that takes advantage of Maya Rupolph's ambiguous racial background.

(Music) Once again...Radiohead.
Okay, people, new rule. If you annoy the crap out of Joe when he's dead tired, YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!

Almost time for the obligatory 12:50 suuuuck!

(PSA) The More You Know: Vote Sober 2000
Nice idea with the SNL25 Big Book of Mixed Drinks, but what about Terry Sweeney's Gay Wine Spritzer?
7/10 Not as bad as expected.


Best Actor/Actress: Darrell Hammond
Best Actor/Actress in a Recurring Role: Jimmy Fallon as Pat Sullivan
Best Quote: See Weekend Update review.
Best Sketch: Sully & Zazu

1. Maya Rudolph proves that she can play any race you need her to.
2. The lead singer of Radiohead proves that he is, infact, stoned. Ralph Nader has no right to debate.
3. Kate Hudson proves that she's more than just Goldie Hawn's daughter...shes's also Bill Hudson's daughter.

See you next week, where, we just might see the triumphant return of the Church Lady. See ya in seven, and remember: A little hard work never killed anyone; I just don't want to take that chance.

Episode Review written by Joe Cassidy

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