Kate Hudson / Radiohead
October 14, 2000

Another week another episode of SNL. I was expecting a pretty good show, but I always do but this time I actually believed it. Kate Hudson has been funny on every single talk show like Conan O'Brien, and she's good looking so what's to lose. I read some episode reviews of last week's episode I think u people were easy on grading that show. Well, Thats just my opinion, so with no further adieu here's my review.

SECOND PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE- Good Another one of the debates that was my favorite sketch last week. Darrel Hammond's Impression was good again but he wasn't really that funny. Chris Parnel (I had no idea who it was last week) was funny as Jim Leyer. But Will Ferrel's bush stole the sketch. When he said those Nigerian names with so much confidence it had me laughing on the floor. I was hoping they would do something with him always sniffling in the debates like Leno did. This wasn't as funny as the first one but it still gets a B

OPENING CREDITS- I usually don't comment on these but why was Jerry Minor missing on the credits He was on later in the show. Did I just die for a second and miss it or did they just skip him?

MONOLOGUE- KATE HUDSON- I really don't like the sideshows on the monologue, and I really didn't know any of those actors sons and daughters. But seeing Kate Hudson in a bikini brought this grade to a C+ (j/k about the bikini part but that wasn't bad either)

TOPLESS TV CONFESSION- I had no Idea what to call this but every single joke was hilarious t was just pure comedy. I loved it when the grandparents called up. A+

CARTOON- X PRESIDENTS- I know all about the presidents so this is my favorite cartoon. I was hoping they would do something like letting Clinton get used to the X presidents. But they did do a little of that at the end. Thats was nasty seeing Barbara Bush and George Bush In the shower but the rest of it was funny especially having Ronald Reagan get mad at his Gay son. A

INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO- This is one of my favorite sketches because Will Ferrrel's impression is so funny especially his facial impressions. Kate Hudson's Drew Barrymore was kind stupid. I didn't really think those jokes were that funny but will falling off his chair and his impression overall gave this sketch a B

SULLY AND DENISE- I usually hate this sketch because all they do is say a stupid joke and then make out and that was all they did really until Nomar came. Horatio was funny as that drugged out loser (I can't remember the characters name) and Kate Hudson looked good and was pretty funny. I loved the joke when Sully said I had nothing to remember u by and Nomar said I'll give your sister two balls. Great finish. A+

RADIOHEAD- I don't like radio head so i changed the channel N/A

WEEKEND UPDATE- I like the first joke but the rest were pretty stupid. Jimmy Fallon's baseball thing was stupid and when they always talk to each other its so corny. I miss Colin Quinn he was so funny as the WU anchor. I think they should just let Tina Fey do the WU by herself. Darrel Hammond's Clinton Saved this Weekend Update. It was great when they called W unelectibble, and all the gore slams. Were really going to miss Clinton as president he's so easy to make fun of.
The overall grade for the WU was a B

WOODROW- The Song was funny. Kate Hudson is a pretty good singer too. But I still thought the sketch was a little weak. C

MEET THE PRESS NEW YORK SENATE DEBATE- I don't watch meet the press so I don't know if Derrel's impression was good, and I live in Delaware so I really don't really care about the New York senate Debate. The whole sketch was pretty borring untill the end when the host started making fun of Hillary's but and Lazzio was sniffing glue. I always I find it funny when Cast members start to almost crack up like Darrell did B-

JAPANESE THELMA AND LOUISE- This sketch was about 15 late what was it doing on the show now I never have seen the show so I can't really grade it because it was pretty stupid but i still will D



VOTE SOBER 2000- they needed something to fill in the 3 minutes left so just because of that I'll give it a D

JIM'S FINAL THOUGHTS AND GRADE- The first 40 minutes of the show were very very funny the rest of the show was just some stuff they threw in to finish off the Show. Kate Hudson was great in this episode she was so funny and so was all the cast. Why does the whole cast support Nader? I hate him because he'll get Dumdass Bush elected president.

BEST SKETCH- (Tie)Toppless TV Confession (The one with the commercials) and Sully and Denise.

WORST SKETCH- Vote Sober 2000

JIM'S FINAL GRADE- A- this will probably be one of the best episodes all season. I seem so positive compared to last week. Next Week might be even better With Dana Carvey (My favorite SNL cast member Ever) and an awesome Musical Group the Wallflowers. The Wallflowers should have been on this show because Kate Hudson is going out with Jacob Dillan.

Episode Review written by Jim M.

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