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October 14, 2000

Hey everybody! I'm Jeremy! I reviewed 2 episodes last night. Remember? Maybe you don't. ANyway, I recommend Meet the Parents, which is DAMN funny! Also Remember the Titans is terrific too. Denzel is going to get an Oscar soon. I hope this year for Titans. I had a good summer. Comedy Central premiered "League of Gentlemen" (YAY!) but also cancelled "Strangers with Candy" (BOO!). ABC both premiered and cancelled the very funny "Clerks: The Animated Series". Also, YES, former SNL cast-member Chris Elliott is on "Cursed" in a few weeks! He is hilarious! He should host SNL sometime, but the guy who should be on SNL full time is Dave Chappell (Half Baked, Screwed). This guy is way under rated. His Sir Smoke A Lot (From Half Baked with a "cameo" by Tracy Morgan) would make a good character. Anyway, on with the review


[INTRO] Presidential Debate
Yet another Debate sketch. This one was better than the first one. With Will saying the Nigerian names. His impersonation is just slightly better than Darrell. But Darrell is terrific and should get a Bill Clinton movie. If they'd only make movies out of impressions *Sigh*


I thought that there would be a spoof of Almost Famous's "Tiny Dancer" scene with the whole cast breaking out into song. But still this was hilarious! The funniest one was Ana Gasteyer. But Rachel Dratch was funny as well. She has a future, man!


[SKETCH] Spring Break Girl Gone Wild
Very funny! This is every sorority girl's nightmare. Will Ferrell is funny in this because he's so innocent. He's like Chris Elliott and it's funny to see what he does in weird situations. Anyway, the best line was: "Yes grandma, I saw it too."


[TV FUNHOUSE] X-Presidents
I really hope that they make this movie. This is f***ing hilarious! Robert Smigel should write more movies and stuff. He is funny! The best part was the spoof of ABC.


[SKETCH] Inside the Actors Studio
This sketch I will never get tired of. I have to see the real show to see if it's really like this. This is the funniest impression on the show. Best Line: "I wouldn't want to burn monkeys". Though it'd be funnier if instead of E.T., he mentioned the movie "Irreconcoloble Differences". A movie that Drew did when she was a little kid.


[SKETCH] Sully & Denise


They're good, I guess.


Jimmy and Tina are WAY better than Colin! This is very funny! They're off to a great start! Best part was the Meet the Parents thing. But Bill Clinton was pretty stupid.


[SKETCH] Woodrow
Most of this was stupid but the song was pretty funny. And did they say mouse tits? EWWW! Tracy should have a better supporting character than this. Something like Pimp Chat. DAMN! Kate Moss can sing good. She should make some sort of album or something.
***(Extra star for Kate Moss's singing)


[SKETCH] Meet the Press
This was kind of stupid but mostly funny.


[SKETCH] Rabin to Shuri
(no stars)


[MUSICAL GUEST] Radiohead.
I forgot. But good techno.


[SKETCH] Voting Under the Influence
FUNNY! More you know parodies are always funny. Especially the one on Family Guy last season. Kung Fu Fighting is the National Anthem! HA! If only life was that sweet.

Episode Review written by Jeremy

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