Kate Hudson / Radiohead
October 14, 2000

Review Number 2 - Woo woo woo.

It's me again, with another pre-game show. I have got to say that I look
forward to this one about a thousand times more than last week. Why, I
pretend that you ask, so I can tie this all together? For two reasons:
1) Kate Hudson was simply amazing (and cute) in Almost Famous, a movie that
I would recommend you run out and go see right now. Go, dammit!
2) Radiohead are on. I'll admit, I only got hooked on Radiohead a few
months ago, but since I bought Kid A it's been the only thing in my stereo.
It's got to be the best album of the year, there's not one boring song on
the album (although I'm leaning towards liking Idioteque the most). From
the latest rumours, they're due to perform Idioteque and The National
Anthem, so I'm psyched and ready.

Okay, I'll admit it: Last week's episode was a total dud. Despite some
great moments (like the Scooby-Doo Court TV sketch, and the Olympic
highlights tape commercial), it was really lacking somewhere. Here's why...
-Maybe it was me taking a little too long getting used to two anchors on WU,
although Jimmy and Tina are both quite good at it.
-Maybe that Airport Bar skit just grinded the proceedings to a halt, and it
never got back up there.
-Maybe it was Eminem, whom I want to punch so very hard.
-Maybe it was the baseball pre-empting it, making it start instead at 11:54.

Whatever it was, I'm ready for Fallon and Fey, there's no baseball, and
it's a good musical guest. Although if there's an "Airport Bar II" sketch,
I'm protesting, and switching over to MadTV. Just kidding.

On a personal note...the Leafs lost tonight. I need cheering up. Well,
it's 11:25, time to make the donuts, as the saying goes. But I'm gonna go
make a sandwich first (peanut better and banana...mmm.)

PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE II - Again! Hooray! Once again, Parnell and Ferrell
are both right on the mark for it. I watched about three minutes of the
real debate, and almost fell asleep, but this is good. Bush pretending to
be smart, Gore agreeing with him. And moving into the game on FOX... Pretty
good. But all of those Nigerian names just wore tired after a while.
GREAT LINE: "He's still no Benny Agbyani."
GRADE: B+ (same as last time)

MONOLOGUE - Wow, Kate Hudson is HOT! But enough with being creepy...Rachael
Dratch's first appearance this season! Too bad it wasn't funny. Although
I'm too young to remember Laugh-In, so I guess I'm biased. Although she did
strip down to a bikini, so bonus points apply.
GREAT LINE: "I raise Dobermans and live with my Mexican boxer husband!" I
don't know why, it just struck me as funny.
GRADE: B (A- if you're horny)

GIRLS GONE WILD - Another horny sketch...I'm loving it. I love the premise
though. Girl on Spring Break goes home, whole town sees TV commercial, girl
gets pestered. Oh wow, this is getting me VERY excited. Why does Grandma
flip to the same channels that they do? She must be psychic. But when
Molly did it, that was insane.

THE X-PRESIDENTS - Yay, the first cartoon of the year! I wish it was Ace
and Gary though. Who else thinks it's creepy when old people kiss? Hey, do
you think Nader gave his thumbs up to this? No more questions, just happy
because gay jokes are funny.
GREAT LINE: "I'll go Willie Horton on your ass!" and Regean saying fu*k.
Old people swearing is funny.

INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO - Ferrell does a great James Lipton, a man who
kisses so much ass his breath must smell like sh*t. And Kate Hudson playing
Drew Barrymore...don't expect Katie to get a callback for "Charlie's Angels
II". That laugh creeps me out. The impressions are all dead on, but too
bad it didn't really go anywhere. And that laugh...that laugh just scares
the hell out of me, parody or not. But those questions at the end propped
it up at the last minute.
GREAT LINE: "Charlie's Angels, which some people have called the greatest
show ever made....by humans."

Yay! Carvey's on next week! *does happy dance*

PAT AND DENISE - They're back with avengeance...and I love them. Sully and
Denise are every obnoxious couple I have ever met. Not to mention that SNL
finally did a Survivor parody. All right. Hudson is hot once again in that
tube top. Horatio is funny as the guy who just wants a small cake. And
NOMAR!!! Does it get any better than my second favourite recurring
characters? Didn't think so.
(wow, I must be soft tonight, I haven't given anything lower than a B)

Kickass. Totally kickass. If this hasn't convinced you to buy Kid A,
nothing will.
GRADE: A+ (but N/A.)

WEEKEND UPDATE - Okay, I'm ready for this one. Jimmy looks weird
though...too smug, I think. Oh well, at least they had an Aquaman
reference. And Tina's joke about George W. Bush executing children was
hilarious. And the Clinton thing was nice... but for some reason, I didn't
love it as much as last. It seems...normal again. And I still hate that
"pleasant tomorrow" line.
GREAT LINE: "Sublimibabable?"

WOODROW - I hate this guy. I don't know why. Morgan deserves better, and
so does Hudson. Although my heart just melts at the song. I know, I know,
I'm a big softy. But still, I can't stand most of it. When I saw Shannon
and Kattan together I thought it would be the sex-addicted couple.

MEET THE PRESS - Ehh...take it or leave it. I can't say much more about it,
other than Ana Gasteyer is great as Hillary...Rodham...Clinton.
Hillary...Rodham...Clinton. Uh-oh! First break of character goes to

TVN - What the f? Sure, the idea of a Japanese sitcom is funny, but this
got weird and tiring really early. But it's fun watching ethnic Lenny and

Once again, a great performance. Go buy Kid A!
GRADE: A+ (but alas, N/A)

VOTING WHILE INTOXICATED - Molly Shannon cracks up. Heh heh heh. This is
the weirdest sketch I've ever seen. Which makes it so very cool. And
Horatio Sanz's "Big Pail" sounds very appealing at 1am. So remember. Vote
sober. Vote Nader.

So yet another episode is claimed by the black hole that makes the last half
hour horrible. I'm used to it, so it's no shame anymore. But congrats to
an amazing Radiohead performance, and congrats to Kate Hudson for being
born. Sorry. But still, someone should do something about the last half

Hope all of you have a safe early morning. I've gotta go watch "Final
Destination". Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Episode Review written by Dave Bennett

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