Kate Hudson / Radiohead
October 14, 2000

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Opening Sketch
I can't give this one a grade because I missed most of it. Sorry!

I think this one would have more sense if I had seen Laugh-In more than once or twice when I was like 5. Ana and Will cracked me up.

Bad Girl Home for the Summer
Eeeehh....this was ok I guess. Not very good for a first sketch of the evening though.

The X Presidents
The shot of George and Barabra Bush in the shower was great. The rest was just stupid though.

Inside The Actors Studio
I LOVE THESE!!! This week's was lacking something. Will's impression alone is hilarious though. Kate Hudson as Drew Barrymore was so perfect. I still think that the first one with Norm McDonald as Clint Eastwood was the best.

Sully and Denise
Something was seriously up tonight. The usually great sketches were just.....not very funny. Horatio is so great in these though.

I'd never heard these guys before so I was really looking forward to this. I didn't necessarily like their music but it's nice to know that it's fans accept the fact that it's lead singer has some kind of mental retardation.

Weekend Update
I'm SO glad that Colin is gone. Man that guy sucked. Jimmy and Tina have worked pretty well together so far. I wasn't very impressed with the Clinton thing. I'm so glad that Jimmy is still in other parts of the show too.

Kate Befriends the Bum
Good ol' Tracy Morgan. Anything this man does is funny. The only thing I didn't like about this sketch was the people Kate was having lunch with. However, loved the fake phone call, loved the bad script, loved the silly song. I did notice that Tracy was gettin a little too friendly with the cue cards. "See, you just made me piss my pants." So funny.

Meet The Press
Jimmy's Lazio was funny. I like the idea of the sketch but something just didn't seem to work that well. "I don't trust Jewish people."

Yeah, great dancing there buddy....or something.

Laverne and Shirley
My favorite sketch of the whole show. I the whole thing had me practically rolling on the floor. I like Maya Rudolph and look forward to seeing more of her in the future. Jimmy and Chris were SO perect for Lenny and Squiggy. The little commercial was kind of weird. Oh man, just thinking about this one makes me laugh. "Carmine, cold shower, cold shower!"

Vote Sober:
I liked this. I hate those stupid "The More You Know" commercials. What did Will do to his hair.

This episode was weird. It seems that the show usually goes downhill after Weekend Update. In my opinion though, that was definitely not the case with this episode. Kate Hudson was good. I think I noticed the cast members using the cue cards more than she did. Radiohead.....well, they were there and uh.....they performed.

Episode Review written by Brian Whiteman

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