Kate Hudson / Radiohead
October 14, 2000

Well, well, well..the only review you need to to read is finally here. It's only taken me about 6 months to find the kind of time I need to write a decent SNL episode review and hopefully this is the first of many. I'm sure I've bothered Mr. Bradley enough asking him questions I've had about how to form my review and format and such. However, I'm here and even though nobody will probably go out of there way to read my little review I'm going to do this faithfully every week. Maybe what I need is a free plug from a great reviewer such as Mark Polishuk, Jordan Davidson, and anybody else who would like to free plug my review. I will return the favor in kind..Now that the brown-nosing has reached full throttle...let's start the review

Kate Hudson star of the new movie Almost Famous, which is absolutely fabulous. Whatever I say in this space could not do this movie justice. Musical guest is the extremely talented and unfortuately underappreciated Radiohead

(Cold Opening) The Irrestiabble Force versus the Emotion Immovable Object part 2
Once again much like last week, this sketch is a reasonably accurate facimile of this weeks debate. After a back and forth blame session last week. The debate took a more decided let's agree on everything then go roll doobies and be hippies....or something like that. I still can't believe that Chris Parnell is Jim Lehrer..Great make-up. I hear the industry giving early Emmy buzz. (Ok maybe not) The side track about the baseball game was funny but kind of pointless. For those wondering I support Bush, if you want to argue that point e-mail me and we'll talk. Anyway good opening, drops a grade cause it wasn't quite as good as last week. So first grade let's say B-

(Monologue) Rowan and Martin's Watching us Laughing at the Loser Kids
Luckily my grandmom was a huge fan of this show so all the impressions made sense, and we're fairly accurate. Plus I'm a fan of the ladies and I saw Kate Hudson in a bikini so I say B+.

(Sketch) Mommy and Daddy's Girl Gone Wild
Tell me you didn't see where this sketch was going from a mile away. The mark of a good sketch however in this instance is making the road there funny and they did. I was laughing out loud throughout this sketch plus we got to hear Will Ferrell yell "Son of a bitch." Good stuff. Lucky Horatio Sanz. "I'd gladly lick whipped cream off Kate Hudson's body for a paycheck. Good first skit....B+

(Cartoon) The X-presidents....a week late
More than worth the week wait. The X-Presidents is one of my favorite Robert Smiegel cartoons. The only bad part is the bad mental image of the Bush's having sex.. Other than that dead accurate...and I hate to disappoint you independent voters but they will wreck democracy. Strong first cartoon....A....BTW when does Smiegel's show start.

(Sketch) How do you feel about improving parental relations??
Inside the Actor's Studio is an excellent show check it out when you get a chance and if you love movies. The skit is so good because Will is disturbingly similar to the host. It's really scary. What else was scary?? Kate Hudson did an awesome impression of Drew. Even had the facial expressions and mannerisms down. Maybe the best one of these although the Norm MacDonald one was good.. Best skit of the night gets an A+

(Sketch) The Bahsten Kids
These are my favorite recurring characters on SNL. Because the people in Boston sound like this. True story about five years ago on a field trip to Boston my friends and I were talking about how cool a SNL sketch the Boston accent would make and here it is. And it is incredible. Also awesome was the apperance of Nomah. He is a great ball player and apparently could have a future in comedy. Plus it took a show and a half but they mentioned Survivor finally. Great...Another awesome sketch....A

(Music Time) Radiohead
Radiohead Rules. Kid A is an awesome album and this song kicks major ass. Easily an A.

(Weekend Update) I Thought They Co-Anchors
Call me crazy but I liked Colin Quinn. However, these two work for me. Plus Tina Fey is a mega-babe. I realized tonight why Colin's updates were not well-liked...Ms. Fey was keeping all the jokes that are socially concious to herself. The Bush joke was funny as was the Garth Brooks bust. Even though Garth has hosted a lot, the joke is prolly true so it's funny in that way. All around great update and I'm gonna miss Darrell Hammond's Clinton buy the headstone's now....A

(Sketch) Write SNL: This Character Must Die
Argue with me if you like but this character is completely unfunny. The less said the better..These skit is a major speedbump in the show. I didn't like it with Britney nor do I now...Grade F....next skit.

(Sketch) Big butts run in the family
I do not care about the New York political race. This sketch is funny cause I actually saw these two debate on CNN..But for the other 99% who don't watch CNN this sketch prolly didn't reach full potential cause they didn't get Jimmy's Lazio impression. It's pretty close....Not bad, not great, avoid New York regional jokes. C+

(Sketch) You thought Squiggy was weird in America
What exactly was the point of this sketch? It made absoutely no sense. Did they run out of ideas for the week and say you know what would be funny? Laverne and Shirley in Japanese. The sketch made no sense neither did the commercial in the middle, however, I did laugh at the absurdity of it all so I'll say B-

(More Music) Radiohead again
Ok once again good but the lead singer kind of scared me when he was going nuts at the beginning. So I'll say B+

(Sketch) Friends don't let friends vote drunk
Maybe it was just my NBC but the feed didn't come in til Hammond was talking. Once again I got to see my other favorite SNL hottie Maya Rudolph. Also what's wwrong with Kung-Fu Fighting? Good old-school funk music. I guess alright....B

Better than last week all around, except for the Tracy Morgan character debacle. Kate Hudson was a great host and only slipped up once. Radiohead was a great musical guest. So overall I'll give the show an A/A-. That Woodrow skit wrecked the solid A grade.
Next week is the first host I've correctly predicted Dana Carvey so now I'm 1 for 3. I need to start piscking up the pace.

I hope to add some things to this review in the future make it more appealing or more entertaining. If you have suggestions drop me a line. Also if you want to know about me or complain about my review or have nobody else to talk to...e-mail me. I'm always willing to talk... Later be back to speak in another week

Episode Review written by Brian Hansley

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