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February 24, 2001

Who's that spartan guessing a host right? Its me! Its me! Hi, Im Marie...and this may be the longest episode review I'll ever write. And before you find out later, Ill admit it...I watch Dawson's Creek. Im not ashamed anymore and I don't care what anyone thinks. But I assure you it was purely accidental. I was flipping through the channels a few years ago and stumbled upon the show. I watched it just so I could make fun of it..and well, the rest is history. So on with the review.

Here's how my Grading Scale works:
A-Potential to be a Favorite
B-this goes to skits that I LOL'ed at
D-okay I guess
F-a waste of time


(OPENING)Message from Bill Clinton
I really appreciated seeing Darrell's Clinton again, I was starting to miss him. (Yes I am serious, I know I barely make it through Presidential sketches cause I don't watch the news, but this was nice.)"Use a coaster, that table is from the white house." Ana kinda reminded me of Cheri a bit on this. Not sure why though.
Grade: B


(MONOLOGUE)Katie Holmes
I love this girl. I see her dress strap broke a little too soon. Will backed her up..which is nice. Not the best monologue of the year, but im impressed nonetheless. Very theatrical...and I dont believe its been done before so that's good in my book.
Grade: B


(SKIT)Peeper's Creek
Ive never laughed so hard in my life. Well, I have ...in fact recently, my mom cut my dogs hair all wierd..and oh..anyway. First of all, she said the same exact lines in the cafeteria as she did on the real show. And Chris Parnell looked alot like Pacey does. Jimmy..Im not sure what was going on with his voice, but he got Dawson's exit down pat. The audience seemed to enjoy when he tried to take that one annoying piece of apple of her brow. I don't know how she kept a straight face with Kattan all over her like that. And that chest nearly fell on top of her. I like how they exaggerated DC's use of music during an episode. (Reviewers Note: I promise I don't talk in sentences that fragmented.)

Grade: A+

(SKETCH) Drew and Tom's Fire
Ah...the long awaited Tom Green impression. First of all, who can Jimmy not do an impression of? Oh wait, I guess Dawson. I must say its not everyday I see Jimmy humping a dog or licking someone's face. But I loved the sketch. (BTW, Flossie is much bigger in real life.)

Grade: A


(TV FUNHOUSE) Backstreet Boys Suck
This seems like something my friend Andrew would have thought of. Cause he once made a hotdog and popsicle make love for a pornagraphic short film...geez, Im getting personal tonight aren't I? =)

Grade: C


(SKETCH) Lovahs...
Jimmy and Katie are paired up once again. Rachel spotting number 1! These two reminded me of Josh and Laura Zimmerman, but still I enjoyed it...I was really wired for this episode.

Grade: B

(Musical Guest) Dave Matthew's Band
Can you believe it? Im grading a musical guest. But just cause I love DMB. Dave kinda reminds me of Tom Hanks, and I love their music to pieces. Especially the second song the performed tonight. Reminds me of "Crash Into Me', their best song. I love Dave's eyebrow movements.

Grade: A, of course


(WEEKEND UPDATE WITH JIMMY FALLON AND TINA FEY) Wow, there's another blooper, the tv came down and it wasn't supposed to. Update was really quick paced this week. While my slow mind was functioning on one joke another had been told. Nah, I got all of them and they were great. I was glad to see another rap by Chris Parnell. This boy does have rhythm..and I love it. (For the record, how many times to say 'love' in an ep review?) And like I mentioned before, Im a stickler for those guys kissing... And this really did look alot like Elton and Eminem from the Grammy's..you know, besides the kissing and chewing of the butt.


Grade: A (for the Elton and Eminem part)


(SKETCH)Jarrett's Room
I swear it was just, like Tuesday or something me and my friend, Joel, said that this would be recurring. And what do you know? This was better than the last one, but I don't see it being recurring for too long. Oh, and some more Parnell..just the way I like it. "Who let the bongs out?"

Grade: C


(Word from the reviewer) I saw a commercial in here and it featured the Blue Man group...when is SNL going to make fun of these guys? And I just watched Hollow Man before this, so they kinda creep me out.


(SKETCH) Tough as Nails
This made me cringe after a while...but only after a while, at first it was rather amusing...just kidding!! Good grief, Cheese and Bisquits!

Grade: B


(SKETCH) Passive Aggressive Pam
I love how Will, Horatio, Parnell and Jimmy sang the theme song for this sketch but would scramble off the set like some fresh eggs. Very nice I thought. Cause there was reality to it...(I think we all know someone like Pam.)
Grade: C


(SKIT) Singles Cruise
I had a dream the other night (Here I go again, being personal..but hey, get to know the reviewer...nevermind dont. Ill bore you with stories about my dog and a certain sarcastic short blond male..) ...that I missed the first twenty minutes of this episode. And wouldn't you know it? I missed the beginning of this sketch due to some @!#$#@! weather! My signal cut out, but I caught the part where Parnell and Maya were discussing how sick they were or something.

Grade: N/A


OVERALL GRADE: A+...of course, cause I GUESSED THIS HOST! and not only that, but I love her!
BEST SKETCH: Peeper's Creek. .....if you don't agree..I don't care. Don't mess with Texas.
WORST SKETCH: Not a single sketch...well if I had to pick something it'd be...damn I can't.
HOST GRADING: A+...Wow, I think this is only the second time this has happened this year. The other time was last week. =)
MUSICAL GUEST: Do I even have to say it?
FINAL COMMENTS: *Sigh* I am probably the only person who enjoyed this episode to the fullest, but that's okay. We all have our kinks. Ive talked so much that I don't really have a final comment. So drive safe everyone and have a Goodnight and Have a pleasant tommorrow! <-- Im so original, I know..you don't have to tell me.

Episode Review written by Marie Royce

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